October 9th, 2014,
 Issue 403


Special Economic Zones - new draft law
The Council of Ministers adopted the draft law made by the Ministry of Economy amending the law on Special Economic Zones.

A draft law allows large companies to apply to the Minister of Economy to provide investments under SEZ regulations on plots that are not covered by the SEZ yet. The law will also introduce unified rules of the amendment of an authorization, regardless the date of its issue. Under new regulations, the list of SEZ management’s tasks will be extender and will include cooperation with high schools and universities for adapting their education programmes to meet the needs of employers. Since introducing new regulations, development of cluster structures will easier.

Ministry of Economy also plans to changes is procedures of covering certain land by zones. In districts with the unemployment rate equal or lower than the national average, the minimum eligible costs were reduced by 20%, while in other areas to the level minimum eligible costs went down by 30%. This change allows SMES which make the investment on a smaller scale to benefit from SEZ and develop their business there. (Ministry of Economy)

75 brands for Poland
On 2 October, on the occasion of 25th anniversary of gaining freedom by Poland, „Brief” magazine honoured 75 brands with the greatest potential in building the image of Poland as a modern, creative and economically strong country. PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska gave the award to the producer of trains PESA and took part in the panel discussion on issues related to “Polska” brand.

The awards ceremony was proceed by a debate on building “Polska” brand. According to PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska, one of the most important aims of building the positive image of Poland is attracting foreign investments to the country. It also impacts on the increase of export of Polish goods. “During the past years, we have made an impressive progress in brand communication of our country. What makes us happy and proud is the increasing number of Polish products abroad. There is no better ambassadors for our country than Polish companies, which very dynamically enter foreign markets”, argued Mrs Piątkowska. Despite the fact that that many products “made in Polska” are present all over the world only few of them is sold as a Polish brands. “We need more economic patriotism as well as building simple connotations between our country, a specific group of products made in Poland and their high quality”, she added.

“We need more economic patriotism as well as building simple connotations between our country and a specific group of products made in Poland and their high quality”. (Author: Leszek Szymański)

Among best brands awarded by Brief there were: brands awarded by there were: 4F, Asseco Poland, Atlas, CD PROJECT, DICE, Dr Irena Eris, Fakro, WSE, Vortex Inglot Cosmetics, KGHM, Lotos, LOTTO, Oknoplast, PESA, PKO, Platige Image, LOT Polish Airlines, PZU, Reserved, Solaris, Verva, Wyborowa, X-TB, Żubrówka.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141003/75_brands_for_poland. (PAIiIZ/PAP)


Drutex - new chapter of development
Polish company Drutex operating since 20 years, opened the European Woodwork Centre.

A newly opened production facility allows the company to double the production capacity and as result to strengthen the competitive position in the key export markets as Germany and Italy. Also due to new investment new range of production will be implemented. The company also plans to improve the existing offer. The new production hall offers a modern, robotic machinery systems and for production of PVC profiles, windows and doors.

The company's success in foreign markets bases on the combination of high quality, high-efficiency and advanced logistics services. The company is able to offer one of the shortest delivery of its product - to 7 days - across Europe. In 1H 2014 the company recorded a 19% volume sales. Due to the European Woodwork Centre, the Drutex expect to increase the production to 2 million windows this year. (Drutex)

Łódzkie SEZ with 21 new business permits
21 companies received business permits in Łódź Special Economic Zone.

One of the Polish leading producers of paediatric medicines and vitamin supplements Medana Pharma will invest in the zone for the third time and create at least 15 new jobs. The value of investment will reach PLN 222m. Another permits went to Superdrób - Zakłady Drobiarsko - Mięsne. The investor plans to spend PLN 140m and employment 650 new people. Union Industries producing materials for manufacturers of hygiene medical products will invest PLN 132m in Radomsk and create 40 new jobs. Newcold invest in fulfilment centre of frozen food by spending PLN 120m and creating 30 new jobs. More than PLN 100m will be invested by Pini Polonia. Under the project the construction of a meat processing facility will be arranged. 200 people will be employed there.

The business permit also went to: SFB Poland (PLN 5m; 10 new jobs), MGL Sp. z o.o. (PLN 5.5m, 106 new jobs), Delia Cosmetics Distribution (PLN 12.5m, 15 new jobs), Waran Sp. z o.o (PLN 3 m; 15 new jobs), De Heus Sp. z o.o (PLN 25 m; 30 new jobs), Interprint Poland (PLN 33.5 m; 15 new jobs), Sirmax (PLN 12m; 10 new jobs), Drahtzug Stein (PLN 828,000; 14 new jobs ), Sisa Polska (PLN 4m; 15 new jobs), HTL Zone (3 permits; PLN 26m; 32 new jobs), Ima Solutions (PLN 45m; 250 new jobs), Nordkalk (PLN 20m; 30 new jobs), Press-Glass (PLN 50m; 200 new jobs), Berg (PLN 30m;30 new jobs).

In the first half of 2014, Łódź SEZ issued 36 business permits. The total value of all new investments reached PLN 1.5bn. All investors declared together the creation of 2,378 new jobs. (ŁSEZ)

Investor from Norway in Słupsk SEZ
Nowary-based Tritec Polska will open an office in Rędzikowo subzone of Słupsk SEZ.

Tritec is a producer of metal construction for maritime and offshore sector. This is the next investment of the company as Tritec Polska is operating in the zone since 2002. Such companies as AJ Fabryka Mebli from Sweden and TG-Dnalop from Canada has already invested in Rędziokwo subzone. In the nearest future Euroledlighting - a producer of led lightening and BranQ company will open business there. (SSEZ)

New investment in Goleniów Industrial Park
Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych, the company operating in Goleniów Industrial Park will invest €1m in the development of its plant. 100 people will be hired there.

TTS not only will increase the production capacity, but it also will implement the new rang of yacht hulls that will be fully equipped in Goleniów. The investment will be competed 2015.

TTS is one of the leading global producer of luxury sea yachts hulls. Every year the company produces about 600 hulls that are sold mainly to: Germany, Spain, Australia and Turkey. (The City of Goleniów)

Zawiercie with new business support centre
A business support centre has just been opened in Zawiercie. This is the next, after Bytom and Częstochowa, investment of Sales Concept in Śląsk province. The company is owned by Loyd Capital Group.

Even 200 new jobs will be created in the centre. The company is focusing on hiring unemployed or disabled people and those who are over 50 year old.

Last year PAIiIZ signed the cooperation agreement with the city of Zawiercie to support the city in acquiring new foreign investors and supporting the projects. (Zawiercie Province)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Poland-Zambia Economic Forum
On the occasion of the official visit of the Zambian delegation, on 20 October, at the Regent Hotel in Warsaw the Poland-Zambia Economic Forum will be held.

The event will focus on issues related to conducting business and investment opportunities in both countries. After the Forum, the B2B session between Polish and Zambian companies will be arranged. Companies interested in participation in the event should register on-line until 15 October www.paiz.gov.pl/Polska-Zambia.

Media accreditation by the deadline (15.00, on 17 October): www.paiz.gov.pl/Polska-Zambia. (PAIiIZ)

Project Investor
The second edition of the conference entitled “Project Investor” will be held on 14-15 October in Poznań. The events is one of the biggest meetings of investors with representatives of all parties engaged in investing process. PAIiIZ took patronage over the event.

The first day of the debate will be dedicated to a panel discussion entitled: "Regional cities - Poland B or foundation? Invest where it is safe! Participants will discuss the issues related to investing in the Polish regions, as competitiveness, risk and cooperation with the local governments.

On the second day a meeting with the mayor of Poznań - Ryszard Grobelny and director of the Investment Department in WSSE Invest Park- Beata Rzemyszkiewicz will be held.

More information: www.projektinwestor.pl. (Projekt Inwestor)

Outsourcing Fair - the Business Support
PAIiIZ took the patronage over Outsourcing Fair - the Business Support. The meeting will be held between 16-17 October at EXPO XXI in Warsaw.

The trade shows aims to present IT outsourcing services dedicated to companies that are looking for IT solutions for their business. This is the second edition of the event. It will consist of panel discussions and speeches by representatives of the ITC industry. Call centre, financial and accounting services as well as industry’s legal issues will be discussed there. On the second day the conferences dedicated to tax advising and transfer centres will be held. More information: www.outsourcingtargi.pl. (Outsourcing Targi)

“Teraz Polska Promocja” MA thesis contess
By 17 October 2014, authors of the MA thesis on various aspects of promotion of Poland can submit their access to competition „Teraz Polska Promocja” for the best master's thesis on the promotion of Poland. The winners will receive cash prizes. Moreover best MA thesis will be published and their authors will be invited to internships and trainings.

The competition is open to authors of MA thesis on all issues related to the promotion of Poland including: tourism, branding, economy, agri-food, sports, culture, science as well as foreign promotion of the country.

„Teraz Polska” Foundation together with Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Polish Tourist Organization and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development organise competition for the eight time.

More information (Polish version only): www.terazpolska.pl/pl/konkurs-teraz-polska-promocja. (Fundacja Polskiego Godła Promocyjnego)


The recovery in the eurozone ahead
Experts of EY and Oxford Economics lowered the average GDP growth forecasts for the eurozone in 2014 from 1.1% to 0.9%. According to them, the recovery in the zone can be noticed no sooner than the end of this year.

Investments, as well as growing domestic demand were defined as the driving force of 18 eurozone economies. Next year, growth can reach 1.5% y/y, while in 2016 it is expected to be 1.7% y/y.

The decline in unemployment is one of the positive signals for economy recovery. At the end of July 2014, the number of unemployed in the eurozone decreased by 725,000 compared with the same period last year. In addition, by the end of 2016, the unemployment rate should fall from the current 11.4% to 10.9%. Also the net exports is another factor that can positively affect the recovery in eurozone. According to forecasts, foreign sales in the eurozone will grow by about 3% in 2016, reaching 4.3%.

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Meanwhile, among the countries of eurozone the return to the path of growth is still uneven. The ambitious labour market reforms and substantial cuts of labour costs in Portugal, Ireland and Spain have improved the competitiveness of those economies and strengthened the growth of exports. In Germany and Spain in 2014, the value of investments should grow to 2.5% and 1.1% respectively. In contrast, in France and Italy, companies continued to limit their spending. In turn, this year's economic growth is expected to reach in 1.3% in Spain 1.5% in Germany and 2.8% in Ireland. The economy of Greece, Cyprus, Finland and Italy will be more infected by internal and external shocks.

The experts also stress the importance of the military conflict in the Eastern Europe as it may have an impact on the economies of the Baltic countries that are heavily dependent on exports. What is more this political crisis can also affect Cyprus, where 25% of last year’s tourists were Russians. (EY)


Greeks interested in Polish food
Will Greece open for Polish products, including food from Poland? The promotion of food and looking for new markets by exporters from Lubuskie province is the main goal of the study visit of Polish delegation to Greece.

So far, Western European countries have been main trade partners of Greece. However, now Polish exporters mostly represented by the food industry are intensifying researching new markets for their products. Also Greeks who suffer due to economic crisis are looking for new suppliers offering competitively prices. There are other opportunities to develop bilateral trade, especially for Polish furniture sector which can equipment hotels in Greece.

The visit study was arranged by Marshal Office in Lubuskie in cooperation with the Investment Promotion Section in Athens. (Lubuskie)


Bike - doomed to success
Modern design, innovation and ecology - these words describe an innovative bamboo bicycle made by Polish designer Marcin Badowski. This product has a chance to become one of the most innovative Polish export goods.

Erboo bikes are designed with great attention to details simplicity and functionality. Every single bike is built with hand-made bamboo frame. Besides its no-ordinary look it is primarily very user-friendly. The bike is designed for individual customer needs. Anyone can choose the colour, size and geometry. Currently, Erboo is working to implement a new, cheaper version of the bike. In the future, the company plans foreign expansion to Germany, Scandinavian and Benelux countries.

Two-wheeled vehicle have two crucial advantages. First of all, the bicycle is one of the most effective means of transport in big cities. Moreover, biking means a healthy lifestyle. (Erboo)

Bamboo bicycle (Source: Erboo)

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