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Sectors of the Polish economy - Chinese version

Publications from 2013:

PAIiIZ presents reports on selected sectors of the Polish economy. In addition to general characteristics of sectors, the publications describe several detailed topics: from the largest companies operating in Poland, through labour market and foreign investments to future development prospects. Report are available also in Polish and English.

1.Chemical Sector in Poland
Chemical Sector in Poland - Chinese version
size: 4871.10 KBnumber of downloads: 1991date of adding: 05-02-2014[download]
2.Energy Sector in Poland
Energy Sector in Poland - Chinese version
size: 5072.14 KBnumber of downloads: 1982date of adding: 05-02-2014[download]
3.Aviation Sector in Poland
Aviation Sector in Poland - Chinese version
size: 6407.50 KBnumber of downloads: 1699date of adding: 05-02-2014[download]
4.Automotive Sector in Poland
Automotive Sector in Poland - Chinese version
size: 3359.78 KBnumber of downloads: 1676date of adding: 05-02-2014[download]
5.Food Sector in Poland
Food Sector in Poland - Chinese version
size: 8516.55 KBnumber of downloads: 1629date of adding: 05-02-2014[download]

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