January 22nd, 2015,
 Issue 417


Innovative programme for ¦l±sk
“During 3 months, we will try to create a long - term programme for ¦l±sk”, declared deputy minister Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik during bilateral talks between representatives of Polish government and authorities of ¦l±sk province. The meeting was held on 21 June in Bytom under the committee for strengthening the industrial potential of ¦l±sk established recently by Polish prime minister Ewa Kopacz. PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman was also engaged in the negotiations.

Negotiations of the committee for strengthening the industrial potential of ¦l±sk

The long - term programme for restructuring ¦l±sk region focuses on new opportunities for increasing the investment potential of the province. Under the programme, the government plans to change the structure of local industry and develop those sectors that should deliver new jobs to ¦l±sk. Activities dedicated to the increase of effectiveness of using EU founds are also expected. The government has also prepared a list of activities that should strengthen the investment attractiveness of ¦l±sk. Among them there are: inventory of the investment areas, equipping and adaptation of plots to the investors’ needs, increasing the innovativeness of mining sector as well as identifying investment projects that would lead to the technological progress in the region. Also retraining of miners as well as modification of the education system in mining schools and adjusting their offer to the local market needs is essential. “The process of effective retraining should last no longer than 24 months”, added deputy minister Antoniszyn - Klik.

Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik: During 3 months, we will try to create a long – term programme for ¦l±sk

“Katowice Special Economic Zone would like to join the process of retraining of mining staff in ¦l±sk”, declared KSEZ’s CEO Piotr Wojaczek. As he argued, former mining administration employees could be able to work in billing centres. “There are 159 ongoing projects in PAIiIZ portfolio. 14 of them will be located in ¦l±sk. In two years, due to them, even 1,700 new jobs should be created there, including 1,300 in the production and 400 in service sector, added PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman. “Even 15-20% of new jobs can be dedicated to those who will leave the mining sector in the nearest time, however, they have to be retrained”, said Katowice SEZ CEO.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150121/innovative_programme_for_slask. (PAIiIZ)

The best of BSS sector in 2014
“Thanks to over 650 Polish and foreign companies operating in BSS sector, more than 150,000 people have been employed in Poland. Therefore, outsourcing has become one of the biggest sectors in the country regarding employment”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman while opening Outsourcing Stars 2014 Gala. The award meeting was held on 13 January in Warsaw.

PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman during the conference (source: Pro Progressio)

“Business service sector is the fastest developing industry in Poland. In terms of the value and the employment it records the increase by 20% y/y”, said Mr Majman. “The sector offers employment opportunities mostly to young people with higher education that are fluent in foreign languages”, he added.

“During last 10 years of the sector development in Poland, companies have usually invested in Warsaw, Wrocław and Kraków. They are also interested in the offer of Piła, Sandomierz, Toruń, Szczecin and Grójec”, argued Mr Majman.

"Thanks to over 650 Polish and foreign companies operating in BSS sector, more than 150,000 people have been employed in Poland" (source: Pro Progressio)

During the Outsourcing Stars 2014 Gala, the best and the fastest developing companies and cities in Poland in terms of BPO/SSC/R&D/Call Contact Centre were awarded. The awards went to:

  • In Archiving category: Archidoc
  • In BPO category: STTAS
  • In Finance and Accounting category: Process Solutions
  • In Car Fleet Management category: LeasePlan
  • In Real Estate category: Colliers International
  • In Developer category: SKANSKA
  • In IT Contracting category: Sii
  • In HR/Recruitment category: Work Service
  • In HR/Employee Leasing category: Adecco
  • In location/City category: Poznań
  • In Call Contact Centre category: Call Center Poland
  • In Sales Force Outsourcing category: ASM Group

Winners of the Outsourcing Stars 2014 (source: Pro Progressio)

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150114/the_best_of_bss_sector_in_2014. (PAIiIZ)


First business permits in Pomorska SEZ
In the middle of January, the Management Board of PSEZ has issued first business permit. Now, Prima-KL Polska can operate in the zone.

Prima-KL Polska will build a factory of steel and aluminium doors. New investor has declared to create 30 new jobs and spend about PLN 17,8m on the investment. (PSSE)

Suwałki Special Economic Zone summed up 2014
In the previous year, Suwałki SEZ issued 16 business permits. 220 new jobs were declared by investors. Also first steps towards the extension of the zone was made: 8 new sub-zones would be established and three would get bigger.

In 2014, 15 companies which received business permits in SSEZ represented Polish capital. There was one foreign investor - originated in Denmark. The list of major investments includes: High Tech Project representing the electronics industry (with declared maximum value of investment reaching PLN 195m), printing company Impress Decor Poland (investment’s value of nearly PLN 150m) and Porta KMI Poland from wood industry, which plans to invest about PLN 52m.

At the end of the year, the procedure to expand the zone began. Currently, the zone covers 375.6 hectares. Due to planned extension, Suwałki SEZ should grow to more than 583 hectares. This would allow to develop 3 already existing sub-zones: Suwałki, Białystok and Grajewo, as well as to create 8 new ones in: Szczuczyn, Bielsk Podlaski, Siemiatycze, Czyżew, Hajnówka, Narewka, Nowogród i Sejny. 91 companies has been already active in the zone and the total value of all investment has reached PLN 2.1bn, while the total number of employment is 6,500.


  • Exchange rates (as of 22.01.2015):









Source: www.nbp.pl


GoAfrica - summarisation and new opportunities
On 29 January, PAIiIZ invite to the conference dedicated to summarisation of the ongoing governmental programme Go Africa. The meeting will be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting representatives of PAIiIZ, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will talk about results of the programme. Also plans for further development of the project will be presented.

The conference starts at 11.00 at PAIiIZ headquarters (Bagatela 12 St, Warsaw).

Online registration is available until 28 January, 15:00 by www.paiz.gov.pl/GoAfrica2015.

Media accreditation: www.paiz.gov.pl/GoAfrica2015.

Outsourcing Awards - BiznesPolska
PAIiIZ took the patronage over the third annual “CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards”. The grand Gala will be held in Warsaw at the Hotel Intercontinental on 5 February.

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with Poland as the strongest location in the region is well know as a world-class destination for Shared Services Centres and BPO investments. Global outsourcing firms, business services projects and sector professionals will be presented with awards of acknowledgment - by an independent jury from the industry - for their contribution to the development of the business services sector in CEE for 2014.

The awards gala will be preceded by a half-day of discussion panels

More information: http://ceeoutsourcingawards.com. (BiznesPolska)


The unemployment rate in Poland
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy has published data on the unemployment rate in Poland. The registered unemployment rate at the end of December 2014 was the lowest since 2008 and reached 11.5%.

After 5 years of constant increase of unemployment, at the end of 2014, for the first time, the unemployment rate reached the level lower than at the end of a previous year. In 2014, the number of unemployed fell by 332,100 y/y (decrease by 15.4%), while in 2013 it went up by 21,100 y/y. Compared to November 2014, in the two provinces (Dolny ¦l±sk and ¦l±sk) the number of unemployed decreased, while other 14 regions recorded an increase in unemployment.

According to experts, the decline in the number of unemployed in 2014 was due to the economic recovery in Poland, which was reflected in the higher rate of growing GDP. (MLSP)

Family business and its position in domestic market
According to recent KPMG survey entitled "European Family Business Barometer", conducted among family businesses in seventeen European countries, those type of companies find their economic situation as very good. They are also planning new investments and said that there are no problems with the access to financing new projects. However, the access to the labour market seems to be the biggest challenge for the family business while the most expected change is simplification of tax law.

The results of research show that the situation in the sector of family businesses is stable. 57% of Polish and 70% of European family companies expect that the economic situation of their companies in the next few months will be very good or good. The share of family run business with negative approach towards their financial situation decreased at the end of 2014 and amounted to only 7% for Poland and 5% for European countries. Similar trend has been noticed regarding income and employment forecasts. The share of companies that have reduced the level of income and the level of employment declined in favor of those companies, which increased or maintained the income and employment at the same level. In Poland nowadays, only 15% of family business’ income is falling, while six months ago it was a problem of a quarter of such companies. Then, the reduction in employment occurred in every tenth company.

© Marzky Ragsac Jr. - Fotolia.com

One of the parameters in which Polish family owned companies differ from European ones is doing business abroad. Only 45% of Polish family businesses operate outside the country, while in Europe 72% of family owned companies are global players. According to experts, such difference is caused by the lack of knowledge regarding foreign markets and the possibility of selling specific products and services abroad. Also a kind of fear towards global expanison has been notices. Many Polish family business feel much more confident in the domestic market.

Still, the labour market seems to be the biggest challenge for family businesses. 63% of Polish companies are worried about high labour costs (that‘s the increase by 8% comparing to previous research). As Wojciech Feet from KPMG Poland argues, hiring staff with appropriate qualifications is becoming a huge problem in the family business. This factor clearly shows an unfavourable change in the local labour market. (KPMG)


Polish design at IMM Cologne 2015
The masterpieces of word’s best know designers from Poland are now presented at the Spirit of Poland exposition arranged at IMM Cologne 2015.

Between 19 - 25 January, under ”Pure Talents” show promoting companies and designers that stand out with the combination of innovativeness and high artistic quality, one can watch works of such famous Polish brands as Ćmielów Design Studio, Malafor, Zięta Prozessdesign, Kafti, Tabanda or Kosmos Project or Vzór. The chair - RM58 - manufactured by Vzór was presented at PAIiIZ last year’s autumn edition of “Designed in Poland” exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria. „The Spirit of Poland” presented now in Cologne, had been previously shown in London, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Brazil.

Also companies representing furniture sector from Eastern Poland are presented at IMM Cologne 2015 under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme provided by PAIiZ. (MFA/PAIiIZ)

New export hit from Poland
Polish scientists from Warsaw University of Life Science - SGGW and Jastrzębiec branch of Polish Academy of Science invented the technology of production of low fat, 40%-less caloric and healthy pork full of antioxidants.

This recent invention won the medals during the Words Exhibition on Inventions, Research and New Technologies “BRUSSELS INNOVA”. Moreover, soon healthy pork can become a real export hit made in Polska, as the scientists declared that they will provide a free access to the breeding technology for Polish farmers. The project is now in the process of commercialisation. (www.ighz.edu.pl)

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