August 8th, 2017, Issue 548


Access to 8,500 contracting parties in Vietnam for Polish business
Polish Trade and Investment Agency (PAIH) Office in Vietnam established the cooperation with National One-Stop Services and Investments Organisation (NSO) which is managing the biggest Vietnamese information platform about local companies and industrial districts. “NSO is a proven partner, helping the international business to enter the market of Vietnam” - said Piotr Harasimowicz, head of the Vietnamese branch of PAIH.

For over twenty years, the National One-Stop Services and Investments Organization has been supporting the development of business environment and the industrial zones in Vietnam. The organization manages information about over 8,500 companies operating in Vietnam, as well as about 113 local industrial parks and 53 administrative districts.

Due to the agreement with NSO, PAIH will be able to transmit the business data from the platform to companies operating in Poland and interested in establishing contacts with Vietnamese counterparts.

“Every Polish company not only gains the access to the base of Vietnamese contracting parties, but it also gets information about a vast range of conferences, trade-shows and educational programmes”.

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About €2 bn more in PAIH FDI portfolio and the revival of Asian investors
At a half-way point of summer holidays, Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) is working on the implementation of 181 investment projects in Poland. In total they are worth over €6 bn. This is about €2 bn more than during the last summer. PAIH portfolio is powered by Asian investment projects that have been growing fast, recently.

The biggest group of FDI projects supported by PAIH is represented by business service sector. These are 62 investments. If all completed, they will bring 19,400 new jobs to BSS industry that is said to be one of the fastest segment of the Polish economy.

About 15,000 new jobs can be generated in the Polish automotive industry, due to 38 FDI projects that are currently run by the Agency. "Every third investment PAIH supports will be implemented in the automotive industry”, comments Krzysztof Senger, Executive Vice President of the agency. "Together they are worth as much as €2.3bn. It means that our automotive portfolio has doubled during the last twelve months”, Mr Senger adds.

When looking at PAIH portfolio in terms of the country of origin of investments, the leading position is held by the US. The second place is occupied by Germany. On the third place there is Japan (14 FDI with a total value of € 704,8m). To win the podium, this Asian country had to doubled the number of FDI projects and increased its total value six-fold, in just one year.

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Mission to the Polish-Kazakh Economic Forum
The Ministry of Development, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Polish Chamber of Commerce invite entrepreneurs, members of business environment institutions to take part in the economic mission to Kazakhstan. Polish-Kazakh Economic Forum on 6 September 2017, in Astana will be the crucial highlight of the mission.

The Forum is a key element of Poland's presence at the International Exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana. The event will be attended by the most important representatives of state authorities of Kazakhstan.

The mission is dedicated mostly to entrepreneurs representing the following sectors: RES, energy, modern mining technologies, mining machinery and equipment, clean coal technologies, energy, market digitization as well as energy clusters and companies specializing in construction and revitalization of post-industrial areas. Companies representing the industries put directly into the subject of Astana EXPO 2017 including: food sectors, agricultural machinery, chemical, pharmaceutical sectors as also welcome to take part in the mission.

Within the Forum discussion panels and B2B meetings for Polish and Kazakh companies will be arrange.

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Opportunities for European industrial suppliers in Costa Rica
Between 19 and 22 September the government of Costa Rica, Eurocámara and the trade promotion agency PROCOMER invites suppliers of agri-food products and equipment to the trade mission to the capital city of Costa Rica, San José.

The invitation is addressed to European suppliers for industries in food processing, fresh produce, packaging, automation and others (see list below). All participants will have free access to the 5500+ business meetings at the Buyers Trade Mission (BTM) event in San José.

The Costa Rican Eurocámara and the trade promotion agency PROCOMER will be happy to cover 4 nights hotel for one participant from your company, food and local transport from/to airport. With almost 20 years consistently growing this event, PROCOMER has made the BTM a trademark event for making business deals in Costa Rica. You are also welcome to the free cocktails and dinners to network with more than 400 Costa Rican companies and 300 foreign companies.

The strengths of BTM are the customized business agendas with Costa Rican companies, according to your interests, by sharing your profile with the supplies you offer combined with the local supply requests. This means you will arrive at BTM with a previously made agenda for investing your time in what you are really interested.

BTM is a multi-sector event so you will see also have the chance to see at the exhibit the exportable offer of Costa Rica such as food processed products, fresh produce, private brand, ready to eat, frozen, packaging, among many others.

List of supply companies suggested:

  • Sorting machines/equipment
  • Process automation technological equipment
  • Machinery for irrigation and fertilisation control with specialised software
  • Agrometeorological systems (stations that measure wind speed, relative humidity, brightness level, etc.)
  • Freezing systems (IQF- Individual Quick Frozen)
  • Irrigation systems/ metering pumps with timer
  • Dosing- and- packing machine
  • Mixing equipment: food and feed mixers
  • Drying ovens
  • Tablets for sterilisation and disinfection (cooling/heating tanks)
  • Conveyor belts with optical readers to sort by size, colour and other characteristics
  • Fresh fruit sorting systems (sizers)

Participating companies will only have to pay for their airfare and personal expenses. The Costa Rican government will cover the specified room and food expenses for a limited number of European companies selected according to the registration criteria. For more information and program of the event, please visit, or contact EUROCÁMARA in Costa Rica at

Agri-food B2B in Sandomierz
Investor Service Centre in Świetokrzyskie Province has a pleasure to invite companies to the Castle in Sandomierz for the conference and B2B talk with the local food and food processing sector. The event will be held on 25 August with the participation of the authorities of Świętokrzyskie province, as well as representatives of representatives of embassies of Ukraine, Armenia, Algeria, Kazakhstan and other countries.

On the first day of the economic mission, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the potential of the fruit and vegetable production in the area of Sandomierz. On 25 August, B2B sessions will be held with foreign partners.

To join the event, please contact:

Tomasz Gałucha
Centrum Obsługi Inwestora i Przedsiębiorczości,
Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Świętokrzyskiego.
tel: +48 41 365 81 81

V European Labour Mobility Congress
European Labour Mobility Congress is the largest conference in Europe dedicated to the posting of workers within the freedom to provide service. The event will be held on 22-23 November in the Congress Centre ICE Krakow. This year's edition is co-organized by the Polish Ministry of Economic Development. Opening speech will be addressed by the Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Traditionally, organizers have invited Marianne Thyssen, EU Commissioner responsible for revision of the Directive on the posting of workers.

The congress is an excellent opportunity to learn about the rules concerning the posting of workers in particular EU Member States. Among the speakers there are renown political decision makers and public administration representatives. There is also a space in the agenda for workers’ and employers’ representations, experts, scholars and lawyers specialized in the field of service provision in the EU. Programme also includes workshops led by lawyers practicing labour law and social insurance in countries to which workers are commonly posted (e.g. Germany, France, Belgium).

Contact person:
Magdalena Zgłobica,
tel. +48 799 704 139


NBP: growing competition among Polish companies, but not spending on innovation
In the opinion of Polish companies active on domestic and foreign markets, the first half of 2017 was good for their business. They also expect the improvement of the situation in the third quarter of 2017. However, Polish business will have to face with the rapid growth of competition on the local market - National Bank of Poland reports.

In the second quarter companies operating in Poland noted both an increase in production and a decrease in demand barriers. The improvement was felt by most of the industries surveyed by the NBP, including exporters and companies oriented to selling exclusively on the domestic market. A good assessment of foreign sales is influenced by the growing demand in the biggest markets of UE where Polish products go.

The study also shows that production costs are increasing, including the prices of raw materials and labour. According to experts, price increases, however, are hampered by high competition in the internal market. The rise of costs is a deciding factor when introducing innovative solutions in the company. In such situation, Polish companies are more likely to cut costs for R&D than to invest in development of innovations including purchasing more efficient technology or more modern machines to increase profitability. (NBP)

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