January 27th, 2011,
Issue 211




Another permission in the EURO-PARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone

In the area of EURO-PARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone Subzone Głogów Małlopolska producer of drawing articles "Leniar" plans to conduct a new investment project. It will be a new production plant, in which office accessorizes, office products and drafting equipment will be made.

The planned investment project will be located in the undeveloped real-estate made up of land plots no. 1243/2 and 1243/3 of the total area of 1.0169 hectares, which will be bought from the Głogów Municipality.

Thanks to this investment around 13 people will find employment. It is estimated that the company will invest 4 864 000 PLN. The completion is expected in the end of the first quarter of 2014.

"LENIAR" is the biggest manufacturer of aluminum articles for drafting in Central-Eastern Europe. At the moment the company has a large assortment of drafting equipment, as well as products for left-handed and artists (easels, paint pallets).

„Leniar” has a distribution network in Poland and abroad - in the USA, Russia, Western Europe countries, RPA and Japan. Export makes for 50% of the companies sales. (MSSE)

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Żywiec Zdrój in Radziechowym Wieprzu

On the 18th of January 2011, the management board of the Katowice Special Economic Zone affirmed the results of the tender in which Żywiec Zdrój will become the owner of 4-hectare land in the Radziechowy-Wieprz Municipality and will receive permission to conduct business there.

The company plans to invest around 30 million zlotys in building a production plant with technical infrastructure, store and social and office surface. It will apply the newest technological improvements e.g. decrease of the CO2 emission. Thanks to this investment around 30 people will find employment. The completion is expected in the end of the first quarter of 2014.

According to AC Nielsen’s data, Żywiec Zdrój is the leader in selling bottled water, both in the amount of sold items as well as in its quality. It holds respectively 21,7% and 31,6% shares in the market (whole Poland and petrol stations). At the moment the company employs around 500 people, has 3 production plants and sales network within the entire Poland.

The new investment is part of the company’s development plans and its way to building dominance on the constantly developing and competitive market. (KSSE)

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Future plans of the Kraków Special Economic Zone

The Kraków Economic Zone plans to expand its territory in Zator, Oświęcim and Bukowno. Zator is the youngest, but at the same time very dynamically developing subzone. It now amounts to 7 hectares.

The broadening is planned to increase the Karoków SEZ by 20 hectares. According to Krystyna Sadowska, director of promotion and marketing at the Krakow Technology Park - It will be our second Niepołomice. We have great hopes and expectations for Zator.

Krakow Technology Park

Soon a complex territorial development will take place in the area. Zator Municipality received money for the zone’s economic activity within the MRPO. Furthermore, the very active Mayer of Zator, managed to receive funds for enterprises support within the Swiss Financial Instrument.

The Zone in Oświęcim will be broaden by 9 hectares and in Bukowno by 8 hectares. (KSSE)

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  • Polish economy in 2011 is to grow by 3.9 %

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in a report published in the Regional Economic Prospects, provides that the Polish economy in 2011 is to grow by 3.9 %.

In October last year the EBRD provided 3.3 % and 3.5 % respectively. Poland, along with Estonia and Slovakia is the fastest growing country in the region.
The Bank foresees that countries closely cooperating in areas of trade and investment with Germany will benefit in 2011 from the second year of recovery in this country. The main risk for the region is the lack of a credible fiscal adjustment strategy in the medium term. Also in Poland, "a more assertive fiscal strategy is elusive" EBRD experts have written in the report. (EBOR)

  • Exchange rates (as of 27.01.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Economic Forum 2011 in Toruń - the countdown begins

The XVIII Economic Forum, which will be held between the 3rd and the 4th of February 2011 in Toruń is one of the most important economic conferences in Poland. In a week the capital city of kujawsko-pomorskie voivodship will host key representatives of the political and business world.

The main topic of the Forum is “Trans-European system links”. As every year during the meeting discussion regarding Polish economy in the globalized world, problems facing integrated Europe, as well as regional problems of voivodship cities takes place.

During the inauguration session, which will be moderated by Józef Oleksy, the panelists will concentrate mainly on issues regarding Eastern Partnership. The following panelists confirmed their participation in the debate: Krzysztof Kwiatkowski - Minister of Justice, Olgierd Dziekoński - Secretary of State at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Rafał Baniak - Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Economy, Jacek Bartkiewicz - President of the Management Board of BGŻ, Tomasz Mironczuk - President of BGK, Jan Rączka - President of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Sławomir Majman - President of the Board of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Robert Soszyński - President of PERN "Przyjaźń", Krzysztof Komorniczak - President of the European Centre for Counselling and Tax Documentation ECDDP, Sławomir Hinc - Vice-President of PGNiG.

- This year we are expecting over 1000 participants, therein leading figures form the business and political world and not only from Poland. After our accession to the EU, Poland became a link between West and East, therefore Eatern Partnership is especially essential for our country - says Jacek Janiszewski - Chairman of the Integration and Cooperation Association, main organizer of the Forum. - In relation to the Forum’s motto “Trans-European system links”, we will have the honour to host representatives from Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan - adds Janiszewski.

The Economic Forum in Toruń is one of the biggest economic events in Poland. During the conference current problems of Poland and Europe are discussed, with special emphasis on Eastern Partnership. Every year leading figures from the political, business and science world both from Poland and abroad, take part in the Forum. Throughout the two days sessions a wide range of theme panels take place, as well as banquets and cultural events. (Stowarzyszenie Integracja i Współpraca w Toruniu)

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Salaries in 2011

Will the beginning of the year bring something more than only new challenges and goals to accomplish? According to the new data in the Wage Report conducted by the Advisory Group TEST Human Resources, part of employees can expect rise of their salary.

Results of the research, in which 300 Polish companies took part, show that in 43% of corporations salaries of their employees will rise in January. 30% of companies promised another rise of wages in April.

Similarly to last year, in 2011 two third of employees can expect a pay increase. Specialist and serial workers (74%) as well as chiefs (72%) will be especially among this group. 67% of directors and every second member of the board can expect a pay rise. Unfortunately the amount of salaries rise will disappoint many. The income will rise by around 3%, one percent less than last year. Specialists and serial workers can expect the highest rise of 3,5-6%. The lowest will be for members of the board, it will rule around 2,3%. (Advisory Group)

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Bank interested in waste management

Construction of the Waste Treatment Plant in Lubawka in Dolny Śląsk - that was the main topic of the December meeting of the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (WFOŚiGW) and the European Investment Bank with the management of the Company Sanikom and the mayor of the commune where the project is carried out.

WFOŚiGW seeks the bank support for the project. After the money would be obtained other beneficiaries like local governments or utility companies would be able to apply for the funds.

Loans and grants received on preferential terms must be allocated on environment-friendly tasks, like in Lubawka. Hence the visit of guests from the bank in the border town.

The project was initially implemented with the participation of eight municipalities. Now it grew to 17. Waste will be collected from the area of Kamienna Góra, Wałbrzych, Jawor and Złotoryja. In some communities there would be points for collecting and handling of the waste, collectors created and handling of waste. In addition there would be biodegradable waste received from the Czech Republic, 90 % of that cut grass.

- Such a waste disposal facility is a dream for many communities - says Mayor of the Lubawka community, Tomasz Kulon. The CEO of Sanikom company Andrew Wojdyla adds that only 10 % of waste would go to a landfill and it would be sand and minerals. 40 % would be biodegradable and 50 % can be used as fuel.

This is a very innovative technology, used so far in three European countries: Italy, France and Germany. Marek Mielczarek, president of the WFOŚiGW in Wroclaw, points out that after the investment in Lubawka the standards imposed by the European Union would be met. (Mo-Ja Multimedia)

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