September 24th, 2015,
 Issue 452


Minister Siemoniak: special economic zones with no time limits
“It is worth raising the subject of special economic zones working for an indefinite period” said deputy prime minister, minister of defence Tomasz Siemoniak during a conference in Wa³brzych SEZ. The meeting was also participated by president of PAIiIZ S³awomir Majman.

Deputy Prime Minister Siemoniak emphasized that he would like a broad coalition of management of zones and local governments which would lobby for unlimited operation of SEZ. “We fight for jobs, we compete with other countries, and zones are adequate instruments to boost Polish chances in this competition” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

“One of the most important arguments for existence of special economic zones in Poland was what happened in Wa³brzych, the total transformation of the economic landscape. The European Union came up with the special economic zones to carve a new economic map, where maintaining the previous traditional industries failed” added president S³awomir Majman.

Meeting at the Wa³brzych Special Economic Zone Invest-Park

Deputy prime minister stressed that the establishment of Wa³brzyska SEZ caused that Wa³brzych could have come out of the economic downturn associated with the liquidation of the coal industry in this city. “Peoples’ work in the factories, that has arisen in the zone, is the locomotive of development of the city” he said.

Special Economic Zones were created in Poland in order to accelerate the development of regions by attracting new investments and promoting the creation of new jobs. Many companies supported by PAIiIZ, mainly operating in the production, invest in SEZ. As a result, some of the zones has changed in clusters, successfully attracting companies from specific sectors. Wa³brzyska zone is the automotive industry. “It can be developed with new sectors now. At the moment we negotiate projects which can create 350 new job. The next visit of a new investor will be held soon. We hope that we still will be able to present the attractiveness of Wa³brzych Special Economic Zone” explained president Majman. (PAIiIZ)

Poland - Algeria. PAIiIZ has signed a cooperation agreement
21 September, in the presence of deputy prime minister, minister of economy Janusz Piechocinski and the minister of industry and mines of Algeria, Abdessalam Bouchouareb, PAIiIZ signed a cooperation agreement with the Agence Nationale de Développement de l'Investissement (ANDI).

Signing of the agreement took place during Business Forum Poland - Algeria, which was organised by the Ministry of Economy and National Chamber of Commerce.

Signing of agreement (source: Ministry of Economy)

During the forum the possibilities of trade-investment cooperation were discussed. Also B2B talks were organised, with the companies potentially interested in the Algerian market. Polish entrepreneurs could have established contacts with business from Algeria, representing i.a. sectors: building, mining, automotive, machinery, food, electronic equipment and household appliances.

“Algeria is one of Poland’s priority partners in North Africa and the Middle East region. In the past 5 years, Polish-Algerian turnover has increased almost 3-fold. We hope for the further increase” said deputy prime minister Janusz Piechociński during the Forum.

Poland - Algeria Business Forum (source: Ministry of Economy)

“Both countries have in common the fact that their economies have resisted the economic crisis and both are highly valued by foreign investors” - aid president of PAIiIZ, S³awomir Majman. (PAIiIZ)


New cans plant in Gryfino
Polish packaging manufacturer Invento is opening a production plant for PET beverage cans in Gryfino (North Western Poland), as it looks to increase production of an innovation that is patented in around 90 countries.

The production and storage hall area covers 10 thousand sq m. The plant will produce innovative PET cans. In addition, the equipment also allows for the production of beverages. The maximum annual production capacity of the plant is 160 million units can and approx. 100 million drinks.

The investment has absorbed approx. PLN 50 million. In the coming years, the further expansion of the plant is planned.

Invento is a manufacturer of innovative worldwide packaging - transparent PET can, which is compatible with existing filling lines for aluminium cans. However, it is possible to design new custom shapes and sizes according to customer’s request. Invento also provides private label services, which encompass the manufacturing process of packaging, preparing and filling of the drink, as well as labelling and delivery of the finished product in customer’s PET can. Invento holds patents on its technology around the world, on different continents, their number is increasing every year. (Invento)

New investor in Starachowice SEZ
The Management Board of the Starachowice SEZ passed a licence for doing business in Końskie subzone.

New investor, Edyta Knap company will launch logistics and storage services for the producers of the ceramic industry in the region. The value of project amounts to PLN 450,000. The company is to employ at least 16 people.

Starachowicka zone has issued already 162 permits, thanks to which the companies created 6 696 new jobs. (Starachowice SEZ)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


The promotion of Polish art in Germany
Excellent examples of Polish design schools acclaimed around the world will be presented during the exhibition "Designed in Poland" from 21 to 26 September 2015 at the Limbecker Platz shopping mall in Essen, Germany.

Among the exhibits there are objects of interior design, glass art and utility, porcelain, jewellery, clothing, lamps and furniture. All these products are characterised by not only high quality, but also interesting design.

The visitors will receive an illustrated catalogue. They will also be able to take part in the contest for the most interesting product of exhibition where prizes are gifts funded by PAIiIZ.

© Marcin Nowak

The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to the specific features of the Polish artistic jewellery and utility, as well as modern industrial design. The organisers want to increase the interest of German consumers in the works of Polish designers.

The event is organised by PAIiIZ in cooperation with Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Cologne. (PAIiIZ)

Open day for entrepreneurs
The Ministry of Economy invites you to an open day for entrepreneurs held on 28 September, at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The event will be an opportunity to establish direct contact with representatives of the Ministry of Economy and other institutions involved in promoting Polish export, as well as to acquire detailed information about particular foreign markets.

The agenda includes B2B consultations with the representatives of trade and investment promotion sections of Polish embassies, Investor and Exporter Service Centres, PAIiIZ, special economic zones, BGK, Industrial Development Agency, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Oil and Gas Institute, KUKE, Polish Bank Association, PARP and the Ministry of Economy. Participants will be also able to visit an exhibition of Polish export products.

Open Day for entrepreneurs will be held on 28 September from 2.30 pm to 7 pm at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Al. Ks J. Poniatowskiego 1, Galleries A and B.

Registration at http://konferencje.rp.pl/dzienprzedsiebiorcy. Participation is possible after receiving confirmation from the organizer. Places are first come first served. The number of places is restricted. Contact: Magdalena Dresler, email: magdalena.dresler@rp.pl, tel.: +48 506 054 186. (MG)

Investments in the communities after 25 years
PAIiIZ took the patronage of the event, "Investing in communities. Local government after 25 years. "The meeting is organised by the Association of Polish Cities and will be held between 1 and 2 October in Mielec.

This is 19th conference of the series of the Promotion Offices Meetings. This year's theme of the event is related to local government and the changes that have taken place after 25 years of transformation of the Polish economy. The conference has been combined with XIV Review of Promotional Materials of Cities, which aims at the exchange of experience and implementation of promotion policy for cities to prepare investment offers.

More information: www.zmp.poznan.pl. (ZMP)

V National Food Congress
City of Opole and Exhibition and Congress Centre in Opole invite entrepreneurs to take part in the V National Congress of the food industry which will be held on 6 October 2015 at the CWK Opole, Wroc³awska St 158. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

The congress is a platform for exchange of experience, a chance to know better new investments in the food sector in the city of Opole and the Opole region, as well as to establish contacts with potential business partners during exhibitions, workshops and conferences accompanying the event. The guests will be able to participate in matchmaking event and meet representatives of global food brands as well as take part in the conference on modern poultry farming.

Details of the Congress and the registration of participants, are available on the website: www.food.cwkopole.pl. (ZTW)

West - East Trade Exchange
November 4th, 2015 a conference "Transport as a key link in East-West trade exchange. Useful solutions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" will be held in Warsaw. The event is organised under the patronage of PAIiIZ.

The conference addresses SME’s either interested in East-West Trade Exchange or already present on eastern markets (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine). Along the conference, the organisers have appointed Trade Exchange Consultation Points for those markets. The entrepreneurs will have a chance to meet representatives of accredited certifiers, big and medium-sized logistics operators and customs brokers, who are going to provide useful and practical information on pointed markets. It constitutes a unique opportunity to grasp specific know-how and business knowledge. The conference is a non-profit event held alongside the 3rd edition of TransPoland - International Transport and Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw (4-6 November 2015, EXPO XXI, 12/14 Pr±dzyńskiego Street, Warsaw).

Free admission upon previous registration. More information: http://trans-poland.pl/east-west-trade-exchange. (Trans Poland)


"S5 - Good Investments' Direction" project as an opportunity for Lower Silesia
On 17 September in Æmigród the economic project "S5 - Good Investments' Direction" was inaugurated. Its aim is to create an area of investment activity along the S5 road which is currently under construction. The project partners are the Ministry of Economy, special economic zones and local authorities.

The project will allow to create new jobs and to develop cities and towns located near the S5 expressway, which will link Lower Silesia (Dolny ¦l±sk) with Wielkopolska and then with the national road system of northern Poland. Well-developed road infrastructure will attract numerous companies for whom location is a key factor.

Inauguration of the "S5 - Good Investments' Direction" programme

“We invite investors everyday to visit areas along the expressways. Questions about the availability of communication are one of the first to be asked by potential investors. Due to projects such as “S5 - Good Investments' Direction", we can guarantee the best conditions for business” said Monika G±siorowska, director of Regional Development Department at PAIiIZ.

At present, the most important task will be the involvement of special economic zones (Legnicka, Wa³brzych, Kamienna Góra, Kostrzyn - S³ubice and Pomeranian) to prepare a list of attractive investment lots along route. The lots must be equipped in i.a. halls ready to be rent by SMEs. These are the zones, which in cooperation with local governments, will take care of the infrastructure (roads, equipment, networks).

The entire Lower Silesia section of a new expressway in the direction to Poznan will be ready by the end of 2017. (LESS)

New class under the patronage of the Kamienna Góra SEZ
Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone has purchased a modern specialised equipment for students of the Technical school complex “Mechanik” in Jelenia Góra.

Laboratory was created for students who will be educated in the profession related to renewable energy. Teaching aids cost is about PLN 180 thousand. The students have received: workplaces equipped with a wind turbine and a photovoltaic panel, installation of hot water with solar collector and heat pump, the fuel cell, the model of the solar system, computers and interactive board.

Class under the patronage of Kamienna Góra SEZ

“This class corresponds to the needs of the local labour market and creates opportunities for education in modern and perspective profession” said Iwona Krawczyk, president of Kamienna Góra SEZ.

In Wa³brzych zone, cherries blossom too
Japanese entrepreneurs, who operate in the Wa³brzych Special Economic Zone, has invested nearly PLN 5 billion PLN. Japan is the largest investor in terms of expenditures spent in the WSSE so far.

Japanese-owned companies don't constitute the largest group in the wa³brzych zone. 11 enterprises are on fourth position, after the Polish (60), German (29) and Italian (19) investors. However, Japanese has invested PLN 5 billion in factories building and business development so far. In these factories almost 4,000 jobs have been created. Only German and Americans employ more people (German 6,700 and Americans 5,600).

Meeting of Japanese investors in Old Mine Science and Art Centre

All 11 companies are located in Lower Silesia (Dolny ¦l±sk) and are related to the automotive industry. “Japanese investors are very honest partners. Their presence means not only stable employment, but also a number of activities for the local community” emphasized Barbara Ka¶nikowska, the president of the Wa³brzych Zone during the third Meeting of Japanese investors operating in the WSSE, which took place on 23 September in Wa³brzych.

Japanese investors' visit was a continuation of national meetings initiated by the Wa³brzych Zone in 2013, in which so far, i.a. entrepreneurs from the United States and Germany have participated. (WSSE)

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