December 17th, 2015,
 Issue 464


Go Arctic - the challenge with huge opportunities
“The governmental support is a key element for Polish companies interested in entering the Arctic area”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman on 14 December, during the meeting with media dedicated to the summing up the first mission of Polish business held under the GoArctic programme and arranged by PAIiIZ.


According to companies and PAIiIZ experts that have just returned from Greenland and Denmark, the Arctic area is a place full of business opportunities, however it is not easy to start doing business there. “Although Denmark is a free market, opened for all competitors, when you represent a company with foreigner capital, it is difficult to launch a business there”, argued Jakub Wójcik, CEO of Izodom that operates in the construction sector. “It is a completely different business culture. The Danish prefer only local products and companies. The access to the market is also protected by unions. Therefore, sometimes a process of so-called scantinavisation of the company is worth considering”, he added. Despite the obstacles, the Denmark and Greenland offer a lot for the foreign business, especially when one represents a construction sector.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20151214/go_arctic_challenge_with_huge_opportunities. (PAIiIZ)

8 cities joins to group of PAIiIZ partners
Mayors of eight Polish cities signed the cooperation agreement with PAIiIZ, joining the group of the Agency partners that since now has increased to 55 members. The list of new partners includes: Chełm, Legnica, Piekary ¦l±skie, Płock, Skarżysko - Kamienna, ¦więtochłowice, Zabrze i Zgierz.

Michał D±browski: Good investment climate is the effect of a hard work of local authorities

“Good investment climate is an effect of a hard work of local authorities. Only cities that have developed a complex investment strategy can fight for new investments. The professional approach in attracting investors is essential”, said PAIiIZ deputy president Michał D±browski signing the eight agreements. For each new partner, cooperation with PAIiIZ is an obligation to offer best practices in investment services that go along with standards created by PAIiIZ. On the other hand, it is a chance to attract the most profitable investors to the city. “Every city is different. Therefore we are doing your best to support all of them by offering a tailor-made assistance”, D±browski added. He also mentioned that among PAIiIZ new partners, there are very effective cities in attracting investments. However, some of them are now just entering the path, building the investor service centres. No matter the size of each city, due to the partnership, every investor will be offered the same high-quality of service and will be provided with all information and help needed when investment decision making.

Mayors of 8 cities that signed the cooperation agreement with PAIiIZ

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20151215/eight_cities_join_group_of_paiiiz_partners. (PAIiIZ)


W-M Glass undertaking investments again
W-M Glass has received third permission to conduct a business in Warmia-Masury Special Economic Zone.

The company will build a new production hall as well as a new technological line. The planned investment outlays amount to PLN 5m. The company will create at least 5 new jobs in the nearest future. The company offers glass products. (W-M SSE)


Outsourcing Stars Awards
On 28 January 2016, Warsaw will host The Outsourcing Gala Stars, the event presenting the Polish outsourcing BSS sector. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

The Outsourcing Stars Gala will gather representatives of the government, local authorities, public agencies, academics, and international experts from outsourcing and shared services sectors. The fastest growing companies in the industry will be also awarded for their annual achievements.

The Outsourcing Stars Gala 2015 will be held in the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw (Instytut Wysokich Napięć).

More information: www.proprogressio.pl/pl/gala/gala-outsourcing-stars-2015.html. (PAIiIZ)


Foreign trade of Poland
After 10 months of 2015, Polish exports increased by 7% (to nearly €148.1bn). On the other hand, the imports went up only by 3.5% to approx. €145.2 bn at the same period. This resulted in the further improvement in the Polish trade balance. A deficit of €1.9 bn euros recorded a year earlier, has been now turned into a surplus of nearly €2.9 bn , says the Central Statistical Office in Poland.

According to experts, improvement of the trade balance is effected mainly by the export with developed markets that went up by 8.9% (to €126.6 bn). Due to nearly 2-fold slower import growth, trade surplus have increased by approx. €6.1bn to €30.3bn.

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The balance of trade with the EU amounted to almost €30.8 bn, which was €6.4 bn higher than last year. A relatively rapid export growth (up by 9.4% to €117.2 bn) which was more than 2 times faster than imports, effected the final value of trade balance with the EU countries. Among the EU countries, the fastest increase of exports was reported in: Netherlands (16.3%), Spain (13.9%), Romania (12.8%), Italy (12.7%), Austria (12.4 %), the UK (11.7%), the Czech Republic (11.2%), and Poland’s main trading partner, Germany (10.1%).

There has been a decline in exports to EFTA countries, in total by 4.5%. However, there has been an increase of other developed countries (by about 6.9%.) such as: Canada where the export grew by about 16%. So did to US by 12.4%. (GUS/ Ministry of Economy)

Polish Premium & Luxury Brands
According to the KPMG’s report entitled “Luxury goods market. Polish premium & luxury brands”, the segment has grown by about 13% in comparison to last year. Now its estimated value is PLN 14,3 bn.  The brands considered as the most premium are: jewellery companies APART & W.KRUK, vodka brands CHOPIN & BELVEDERE, WITTCHEN as well as cosmetics producer DR. IRENA ERIS.

The number of wealthy Poles will reach 969.000 in 2015 & their net income will amount to about PLN 155 bn. As the authors of the report convince, the luxury goods do not  have to be made abroad. The dynamics of the expansion, high quality of Polish products & competitive prices, lead to  fact that Poles willingly decide to buy those products which are signed with “Made in Poland” trademark. 60% of them declared doing so in the survey. About 50 % of the respondents, who took part in the survey, said that when purchasing a premium brand they draw their attention to the country of origin. While 29% of the polled stated that the country of the origin does not have any influence on their choice.

In coming years, the biggest growth of the luxury segment can be expected in the hotel & SPA services. (KPMG)


Digital start-ups in Poland growing the fastest
Latvia, Poland & Lithuania are the countries, where the most digital start-ups in the European Union are created. According to the report „Digital Entrepreneurship Scoreboard 2015” - published recently by the European Commission, in those digital powers the business grows two times faster as in the whole EU.

EC’s report also shows that Poland has the biggest number of IT companies active in clusters. The country out-numbered such IT-powers as Sweden or Germany. (KE)

Whole report available under: http://t.co/uO0hHROWrY

The first Polish-Chinese business dictionary
The first Polish-Chinese and Chinese-Polish business dictionary has been issued under PAIiIZ patronage. Marlena Achinger and Antoni Radziwiłł are the authors of the publication.

The publication contains over 8,000 terms related to business, economics, international trade, management, finance and logistics. Users can find there terminology referred to sectors and products specific to the Polish market, like amber and mining industry.

Polish-Chinese and Chinese-Polish business dictionary

The publication was issued under the honorary patronage of PAIiIZ, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, the Embassy of the Republic of China in Warsaw, the Polish Embassy in China and Trade & Investment Section in Beijing.

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