October 13th, 2011,
Issue 248




Another Chinese delegation visits PAIiIZ

On October 11th, 2011 the PAIiIZ President and Deputy President held a meeting with a delegation from the Chinese Ningxia province.

The PAIiIZ President Sławomir Majman and the Deputy President Marek Łyżwa took part in a meeting with representatives of authorities from the Ningxia province in China. The province was represented by 18 persons, including the management of the Trade Department of the province.

The aim of the meeting was to present the delegation the economic potential of Poland and to boost the economic contacts which may lead to new Chinese investment projects in Poland.

Members of the delegation showed interest in further development of cooperation with PAIiIZ, especially in the field of wind energy. (PAIiIZ)

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PAIiIZ exhibition of Polish applied arts in Budapest

The exhibition displaying modern applied art from Poland ended on October 9th, 2011.

The exhibition presented projects by young Polish designers of goldsmith’s and applied art - jewellery, artistic glass, porcelain and other components of interior design.

Projects by Jacek Ostrowski who won the contest of the best product presented on the exhibition in Budapest

In the contest for the best product presented on the exhibition the greatest number of visitors voted for Jacek Ostrowski. The designer was granted a special award of the PAIiIZ President. The exhibition enjoyed a considerable popularity and tended to attract 200 visitors a day.

The event was organised by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) in cooperation with the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in Budapest. (PAIiIZ)

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Warsaw rises overall and is the top location for 'value for money of office space'

Warsaw has risen three positions, from 24th to 21st place of the best European cities to do business in. It is the top location for ‘value for money of office space’ and takes third place in the ranking of top European cities in which to expand.

Poland’s capital ranked before Vienna, Moscow and Prague in the 22nd European Cities Monitor prepared by global property consultant Cushman & Wakefield which was based on interviews with board directors at 501 of the largest companies in Europe. In the ranking 36 cities are ranked against criteria such as quality of life, access to markets, availability and quality of staff, cost of office space, telecommunications and transport links. Warsaw went up in 8 out of 12 categories.

Copyright Cushman&Wakefield

Poland’s capital city is the top location for ‘value for money of office space’. This year the city was assessed better than in previous editions in terms of its access to markets (19 position) and the quality of staff offered (14 position). Among the highly assessed features of Warsaw were also the climate for business created by the government - 5th position. The city did not find recognition in the category assessing quality of life (32 position) and environment (34 position).

According to the survey London, Paris and Frankfurt remain the top three European cities in which to do business overall. Amsterdam has scored strongly this year, continuing the movement seen in 2010 to climb up to 4th place from 6th place. Berlin also performed well and moved into the top five, up two places from 7th position last year.

The report is available for download here: www.industrial.pl/pdf/CW-European-Cities-Monitor-2011-report.pdf. (Cushman & Wakefield)

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Eastern Poland on the biggest world food fairs

20 companies from Eastern Poland presented their products and services on the prestigious international food fairs ANUGA in Cologne.

Pastas, preserves, meat products, confectionery, jams, mustards, honey, the Polish sękacz and frozen products were among the numerous products presented and promoted on a 200-metres stand of producers from Eastern Poland which was organised by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

The motto of the stand and the whole Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland which promotes the economic potential of five regions located in the East of the country is Eastern Poland - Macroregion Macrofuture.

Visitors of the fairs were attracted to the Polish stand mainly by food-tastings organised by the producers, live cooking shows performed by Polish cooks, performances by a violin duet Space Violin and bartender shows.

The fairs which started on October 8th and ended on October 12th, 2011 offered a wide range of promotional opportunities for entrepreneurs and producers. - We not only have the chance to gain new clients but we could also meet our current partners and sign new contracts also with them - says one of the producers presenting his offer on the stand.

The fairs which offered nearly 300,000 m2of exhibition space, attracted over 6,500 exhibitors from over 100 countries from all around the world. There were national stands of producers from Italy, Germany, Canada, the USA, the Republic of South Africa, Brazil and Bulgaria. There were 110 entrepreneurs from Poland - including 20 who presented their products within the stand of Eastern Poland.

The entrepreneurs took part in the fairs thanks to the Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland financed from the Operational Programme - Development of Eastern Poland, Measure I.4 Promotion and Cooperation. (PAIiIZ)

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PAIiIZ and ARM train in providing services to foreign investors

The training New standards of investor services, key to the success of the Mazowsze region was organised by the Agency for Development of Mazovia (ARM) in cooperation with PAIiIZ.

This was the third training devoted to ways of attracting and providing care and service to foreign investors organised by the Agency for Development of Mazovia and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency this year.

During one of the meetings organisers presented a report on investment attractiveness of the region and a new website devoted to the region. The seminar took place in the seat of the Head of the Voivodship Executive Board. (PAIiIZ)

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Fashion Week Poland

The autumn edition of FashionPhilosophy is going to take place between the 26th and the 30th of October 2011 in Łódź.

The Fashion Week Poland confronts the Polish fashion market with international trends. The event is an information and inspiration platform which stimulates cooperation across the sector - from managers of clothing companies, process engineers, stylists, media representatives, fashion agents to businessmen.

The Designer Avenue module, which is the true essence of FashionPhilosophy, will take place between the 28th and the 30th of October 2011 (Friday to Sunday). Over 20 collections of renowned designers will be presented in this module. There will also be a chance to see some debuts.

The Fashion Week has always been attracting world famous figures from the industry. In the past the event was opened by Kenzo, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Patrizia Gucci and Diane Pernet.

This year the autumn FashionPhilosophy will take place in a complex at the Łódź Special Economic Zone in Księży Młyn (22/24 Tynieckiego Str.). The fashion campus will comprise of three special tents measuring jointly 2,000 m2. (fashionweek.pl)

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Woodward Governor in the Kraków SEZ

The Kraków Technology Park attracted 94th investor.

Woodward Governor designs, manufactures and provides servicing to engines, industrial turbines and electric and energy device.

The company declared to invest over PLN 4 million and increase the current level of employment. Woodward Governor Poland will implement the new project in the Niepołomice subzune, next to companies like MAN Trucks, Niff Rubber Industry and Elettrostandard Polska. This is the 2nd business activity permission for Woodward Governor Poland in the SEZ. (KPT)

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Chandeliers for sheiks

The chandeliers will light residencies, hotels, restaurants and ships. Modern systems and stylish chandeliers from Lubań will be exported to the Near and Far East. The Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone issued two new business activity permissions.

The two new investors - companies with Polish capital - will closely cooperate. The first company - Konstal - which has been present in Lubań since 2003, will reinvest PLN 4.5 million. The second company - One - will build its facilities from scratch. Production will start in 2012.

The facilities will specialise in producing unique lightning solutions for individually designed products.

The projects testify to the fact that public aid available for companies within special economic zones substantially improve investment competitiveness of Polish companies on international markets. (Mo-Ja)

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  • Exchange rates (as of 13.10.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Hong Kong - Guangdong Business Conference in Warsaw 2011

The biggest business meeting in Middle Europe organised by Hong Kong and the Chinese Guangdong province will be held on October 27th, 2011 at the Hilton hotel in Warsaw.

The conference will be attended by over 300 delegates from China who represent Chinese business environment and government of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong and the province of Guangdong. The major aim of the conference is to boost economic cooperation between Poland, EU countries, Hong Kong and the Guangdong province. The event will help investors and entrepreneurs establish closer contacts with the fastest-developing regions in the world.

During the conference the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency will sign a cooperation agreement with the Foreign Trade and International Cooperation Department of the Guangdong province. The Agency will also hold a special investment seminar.

For more information please visit www.hkguangdong2011.com. Participation in the conference is free of charge. For more information please contact: Agnieszka Mężyńska-Nowakowska, Grzegorz Kosmal, tel.: 22 210 12 96 lub 22 210 12 99. (Weber Shandwick/PAIiIZ)

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Conference on R&D sector Poland

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and tax consultancy Accreo Taxand have the pleasure to invite you to a conference on Instruments supporting the development of R&D activity in Poland.

During the conference we will present a report R&D market in Poland - Support for research and development activity of enterprises. (October 2011).

What sectors were most active in benefiting from UE funds and in what types of innovations were they investing? What kind of support can innovative-oriented entrepreneurs get in 2011 and 2012? What special programmes are geared towards business located in Eastern Poland? Can investors interested in R&D count on support from Special Economic Zones? Speakers of the event include: Michał Gwizda - Partner at Accreo Taxand, Bogusława Mazurek - Manager at Accreo Taxand, Magdalena Zawadzka - Manager at Accreo Taxand and Robert Seges - Deputy Director at the Regional Development Department at PAIiIZ.

The conference will take place on October 20th, 201 at 10.00 at the PAIiIZ Information Centre, 12 Bagatela Str. in Warsaw.

Participation is free of charge. R.S.V.P aleksandra.bigda@paiz.gov.pl, 22 334 98 40.

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5th Polish-Spanish Renewable Energy Forum

The Forum will take place on October 20th, 2011 at the Victoria Sofitel hotel in Warsaw.

Spain who is a leader in RES investments is a valuable source of inspiration and examples for Poland. Spanish entrepreneurs active in the field for years have valuable experience and a number of examples of developed projects which they can share with entrepreneurs in Poland.

The aim of the Forum is to discuss trends in the development of Polish and Spanish energy power obtained from renewable sources. The meeting will also offer a chance to present active and investor-oriented attitude of regions and the benefits they obtain from the development of this kind of investments.

The Forum attracted speakers from: the Ministry of Economy, the Renewable Energy Association (SEO), Small Water Plant Association, PGE, RED, Eléctrica, Iberdrola, Engineering&Construction, the office of the Head of the region of Podkarpacie.

For more information please visit www.seo.org.pl. (SEO)

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Deadline for the best master thesis on "Poland’s Promotion Now" extended till the end of October

Students have three additional weeks during which they can send their theses.

Students who want to participate in the contest may file documents (CV, registration form, certificate which shows that they finished their studies and two CDs with their thesis) in the seat if the Fundacja Godła Polskiego or send it via traditional post.

This year authors of the best theses will jointly be awarded PLN 50,000. Thanks to the support from numerous ministries and the biggest Polish universities, the contest has become one of the most prestigious contests for university graduates in Poland. The aim of the contest is to make young people aware of the significance of professional promotion of their country as well as to support modern techniques of education in the field. (Fundacja Godła Promocyjnego)

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