September 10th, 2015,
 Issue 450


Chongqing starts cooperation with PAIiIZ
Another step in strengthening Polish economic relations with China. PAIiIZ president, Sławomir Majman and deputy director of Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Commission, Xiong Lin, signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Establishment of official cooperation between the two agencies, on 4 September, preceded a day of B2B talks between Polish entrepreneurs and the business from the city of Chongqing.

“In the Polish-Chinese economic issues there is still a lot to be done”, said Sławomir Majman, when signing the memorandum of understanding with the Chongqing city. “We know, that getting to know each other is the main barrier. However, we see a lot of place for Poland in the new economic policy of China, that is why we are patient”, he added.

Sławomir Majman and Xiong Lin during the ceremony of MoU signing

After signing the memorandum, the B2B were arranged by PAIiIZ among Polish and Chinese entrepreneurs from building and infrastructure industry, real estate, environment engineering, waste management, food and clothing sector, and also financial services, e-commerce and tourism.

Sławomir Majman and Xiong Lin during the ceremony of MoU signing

Often named as the Foggy City, inhabited by 30 million people, Chongqing, is a crucial Chinese transport hub with an inland port on the Yangtze river. It is also one of the biggest automotive and steel centres and an important military centre. The city is known for its fast urbanization rate. It is being estimated, that daily 137,000 m2 commercial and industrial space and flats are being given to use every day there. (PAIiIZ)

Sławomir Majman and Xiong Lin during the ceremony of MoU signing

The Silk Road under discussion on Baltexpo 2015
- Poland has a 10 present share in the shipbuilding industry in Europe. We build more ships than France, England and Spain - said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman at the opening of the Baltexpo 2015 in Gdansk - the largest and oldest event in Poland devoted to the maritime sector.

This year's exhibition was attended by representatives of 14 countries. The program included, among others, a meeting of international expert group, held under the Polish presidency in the Baltic Sea States, a conference on Polish-Danish cooperation in shipbuilding as well as a conference and B2B meetings on cooperation and exchange of experiences between Polish and Norwegian clusters working in the field of maritime economy.

On 7 September, the "Silk Road" conference coorganised by PAIiIZ was held. The meeting focused on maritime transport logistics questions, especially in the context of the building of a new route connecting Poland with the Far Eastern markets.

BALTEXPO is addressed to the representatives of local and central governments, clusters and associations, R&D institutes, shipyards, marine equipment manufacturers, suppliers of components and providers of services for the shipbuilding industry, design offices, representatives of ports, logistics centres, ship owners, academic and management centres of maritime education.

The event was held under the patronage of PAIiIZ. (PAIiIZ)


Seven new projects on the list of PAIiIZ investments
Portfolio of projects conducted by the Agency has been enriched by seven new investments and another two were listed as completed ones. Currently, PAIiIZ supports 172 investments with a total value of EUR 3,978.23 m, which may generate 32 843 new jobs.

The majority of projects run by PAIiIZ comes from the United States. Currently, the Agency is working on 40 American investments worth 584.81 m euro, which may create 5 997 new jobs. The second place is held by German investments (28 projects, worth 367.55 m euro, 4 718 new jobs). French investors are ranked third (12 projects worth 233.2 m euro, 1 617 jobs planned). The “big five” is closed by Japan (11 projects) and Italy (10 projects).

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Investors, who want to invest their capital in Poland, operate mainly in the business services sector (35 projects), automotive industry (33 projects) R&D and aviation sectors (15 projects each). The further positions are held by food industry and IT sector (12 and 11 investment projects respectively). In terms of the volume of planned investments places on the podium are taken by: the automotive industry (686.75 m euro), food (661.02 m euro) and aviation industries (561,5 m euro).

This year PAIiIZ has completed 31 projects with a total value of nearly 410m euro, which in the future will create 6 619 new jobs. (PAIiIZ)

New investor in Nowa Sól
The company Electropoli-Galwanotechnika intends to invest in Nowa Sól. The investor declares spending at least PLN 50 m and hiring at least 100 employees.

The project involves building a new production plant, where anti-corrosion coatings will be mainly applied.

The subzone Nowa Sól belongs to the Kostrzyn Special Economic Zone. The project of Electropoli-Galwanotechnika is the 285th permit to conduct business activities issued in the area. (nowasol.pl)

6 new investors and more than 200 jobs in the Łódź SEZ
On 7th of September in the headquarters of the Łódź Special Economic Zone 6 investors received permits to operate in the zone. They declared the investment amounting to PLN 230 m in total and creation of 204 new jobs.

A food manufacturer Vandemoortele Poland Ltd plans to hire as many as 61 employees. The company intends to launch a new plant in Kutno and produce there mainly frozen bread.

Mecalit Poland Ltd, which already received the third permit to operate in the zone, is willing to spend at least PLN 12 m. The new investment project involves the extending of existing business activities and boosting the capacity of the production plant in Łódź. The company declares creating at least 20 new jobs.

The new investment of Wirthwein AG consists of extension of the plant in Łódź. The company specialises in the production of plastic parts for the home appliances, electrical and automotive industries as well as for the railway. Wirthwein intends to invest at least PLN 16 m and employ at least 48 employees.

New permits were also released for Chipita Poland, which is going to develop a plant in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Scanaqua and Ambro Logistics. (ŁSEZ)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Polish Day at EXPO
The Polish Day at EXPO in Milan will take place on Sunday, September 13th. The organisers prepared many attractions for the visitors, among others the exhibition "Polish table”, jugglers’ performances, dance time and a concert by the National Philharmonic.

Polish pavilion enjoys a great popularity at Expo 2015 in Milan. During the first four months there were more than 816 000 people visiting it, which is far more than expected for the whole duration of the Exhibition.

The programme of Polish Day at EXPO includes, among others, Polish national anthem performance and parade, speeches, press conferences as well as visiting other national pavilions. On the stage in front of the Polish pavilion artists are going to provide a wide music program the whole day.

The chefs from the Warsaw Garrison will present traditional Polish cuisine and the Representative Orchestra of the Polish Army - artistic performances. In the evening the square before the Polish pavilion will be given to the guests, where they can dance to the Polish and Italian pop hits from the 60s and 70s. The culmination of the official celebrations is the concert of the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Jacek Kasprzyk and a concert of a pianist Andrew Wierciński on one of Milan's most famous musical stages - Auditorium di Milano. In program there are: Frederic Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1, as well as Symphony "Tansman-Episodes" op. 85 for orchestra, piano and organs obbligato. This will be the first performance of this work in Italy. (PAIiIZ)

Oil-Gas-Chemistry 2015
The 13th International Conference and Exhibition OIL-GAS-CHEMISTRY 2015 will be held on 16th and 17th September in Warsaw. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

Polish and foreign experts will discuss topics related to the sectors of oil, gas, energy and chemistry during the meeting. This is one of the most important events for the energy and chemical sectors as well as an important source of specialist information and a forum for exchanging views and experiences between representatives of governmental and business spheres. This year's topics will cover the present state, future, problems and development of the fuel, energy and chemical sector. The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition illustrating the products and services of the industry.

The event is organised by Warsaw Exhibition Board. More information: www.naftaigaz.ztw.pl. (ZTW)

Polish-Czech Economic Conference
The Ministry of Economy and the Special Economic Zone for Small Entrepreneurship in Kamienna Góra invite all for the Polish-Czech Economic Conference, which will be held on 24 September 2015 in Jelenia Góra. The event will be attended by Polish deputy minister of economy Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik and the deputy minister of Commerce of the Czech Republic Jiří Koliba.

The aim of the conference is to support cross-border economic and investment cooperation as well as expanding cooperation between Poland and the Czech Republic. The meeting is the biggest and most prestigious promotion project for businesses from both countries this year. Representatives of local governments and chambers of commerce from both sides of the border will be present there.

The event is co-organized by Sudecka Chamber of Commerce in Świdnica, the Euroregion "Nysa" in Jelenia Góra, Polish Trade and Investment Promotion Office in Prague, the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade as well as the Czech chambers of commerce.

If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please fill in the registration form until 15 September available on: http://www.mg.gov.pl/node/24715.

Polish and Czech translation will be provided. Participation in the event is free.


CE TOP 500
Deloitte and the daily "Rzeczpospolita" in the report "CE Top 500" - 500 companies presented the results of an analysis of the largest companies in 18 countries of Central Europe and Ukraine In the ninth edition of the report Poland enlarged its representation on the list by eight companies and still remains a leader in terms of number of companies (170 Polish companies among 500).

The report confirms the strong position of Poland in the CE region and the trends from last year - revenue growth, a growing number of companies and its considerable variation depending on sector or country. The ranking shows that the average income of 500 listed companies increased by 3.1%. In 2014 industrial sector can boast a high rate of growth (3.1%), mainly due to the automotive industry, followed by the consumer goods sector and transport (2.3%).

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Poland is the undisputed leader of the ranking. There are as many as 170 Polish companies on the list of the largest enterprises in the region, which generated 36.1% of total revenue of 500 companies included in the ranking. PKN Orlen with revenue of 25,5 billion euro in 2014 another year topped the statement, ahead of the Hungarian energy company MOL and the Czech Skoda Auto. Polish companies also excel in the industry rankings. PKO BP is the largest bank in the region, PZU the biggest insurance company and retail chain Biedronka owned by Jeronimo Martins Poland the leader of the trade. (Deloitte)


Świetokrzyskie again at EXPO
Świetokrzyskie means not only picturesque landscapes, but also a region with a business potential, what is presented by the representatives of local businesses at the EXPO in Milan during the next week of Świętokrzyskie province, which lasts until 11 September.

Together with the typical regional products: made of flint, famous porcelain from Ćmielów and glass from Poland's largest hand-formed glass factory, Świetokrzyskie promotes at the EXPO its key sectors - food industry and tourism.

During the exhibition visitors can taste apples - the main export product of the region. Conferences, matchmaking meetings and B2B sessions are a chance to explore the potential of the sector and establish cooperation with entrepreneurs from the industry.

The province also promotes the offer of “healthy” tourism. The organisers encourage the guests to visit the region highlighting the natural beauty of the province’s areas and presenting an attractive offer of SPA and resorts there. (expo.gov.pl)

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