January 27th, 2017,
 Issue 520


Latvia, a part of your success
“We want to promote Polish companies on the Latvian market, as well as joint Polish - Latvian investments in the third countries”, said the president of PAIiIZ Tomasz Pisula during the Poland - Latvia Business Forum. The event was held on 26 January in Warsaw at the occasion of the visit to Poland of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia Mr. Maris Ku鋱nskis.

For Latvia, Poland remains the fifth direction of exports, and the third - after Germany and Lithuania - source of imports of goods and services. To intensify the cooperation between both countries, the Prime Minister of Latvia Māris Ku鋱nskis has paid one-day visit to Warsaw. He is accompanied by Latvian entrepreneurs and local administration. “Poland and Latvia have already established economic cooperation. Now we must to extend it with new sectors”, said Prime Minister Ku鋱nskis during the opening ceremony of the Forum. “Modern economy is not possible without a developed ICT, which is recognised as our country’s priority sector”, Prime Minister added.

As Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated in the letter addressed to the participants of the forum, Latvia is one of the fastest economically developing countries in the EU and the important trade partner of Poland. There are already 61 Latvian companies operating in our country.

''We want to promote Polish companies on the Latvian market, as well as joint Polish - Latvian investments in the third countries'', said the president of PAIiIZ Tomasz Pisula

“Latvia, thanks to its location in the centre of the Baltic region, a highly developed transport and logistic network as well as the proximity to many markets is an ideal centre for international business and trade”, emphasised Inese Sulzanoka from the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia in Poland. “Many international companies open their office in Latvia. Among the assets there is low income tax (15%), tax breaks for large investments, EU funds and four special economic zones”, said Sulzanoka.

The official part of the Forum was followed by sectoral presentations and B2B talks between Polish and Latvian entrepreneurs. (PAIiIZ)


First authorisation in KPT in 2017
Krak闚 Technology Park issued this year's first authorization for operating in the Krak闚 Special Economic Zone. Company RBS Steel will enter the subzone in Niepo這mice, build there and equip steelyard for minimum 12 million PLN, and will create at least 10 new jobs.

Founded in 2002, the company RBS Steel is a supplier of construction reinforcement and spatial elements for reinforced concrete structures. The investment in Niepo這mice will increase the production capacity of the company. The leader in steel construction company plans to double the current production.

© sculpies - Fotolia.com

Niepo這mice subzone is the largest subzone of the Krak闚 Technology Park, also the largest industrial park in Ma這polskie Voivodeship. Today Niepo這mice is a true conglomerate of companies from around the world. Among them are such giants of the automotive industry as Italian Brembo and Japanese Nidec. (KPT)

TBAI renamed to Toyota Boshoku Poland
The company TBAI Poland Sp. z o.o. has announced its new name: “Toyota Boshoku Poland Sp. z o.o.”. The new name results from the change of the structure of ownership.

This marks yet another milestone in the development of the company from Wykroty in the Nowogrodziec municipality that started production in 2011 with 400 employees and is now employing more than 1000 members of the local community.

The reason for changing name is in practice brought by the structure of ownership. The company was a joint-venture between Aisin Europe S.A, another Toyota Group company and Toyota Boshoku Europe N.V which is Toyota Boshoku Group European Hub. After the change, the factory in Wykroty is 100% owned by Toyota Boshoku Europe.

The company TBAI Poland Sp. z o.o. has announced its new name: “Toyota Boshoku Poland Sp. z o.o.” (photo: TBP)

Toyota Boshoku Group is a leading producer of automobile interiors, particulary seats that was founded in 1918. The company in Wykroty in the Nowogrodziec municipality is specialised in the manufacturing of technologically advanced frames and covers as well as assembly of the seats. Seats made here end up mostly in Toyotas and BMWs, but also in electric and hybrid BMWs.

More: www.paiz.gov.pl/20170125/tbai_renamed_to_toyota_boshoku_poland. (TBP)

Three investors in Opole Lubelskie
As many as three new investment projects are to be implemented in Opole Lubelskie. The municipality acquired the investors even last year, but now the projects are at such an advanced stage that can be announced.

This year, three large manufacturing plants will be constructed in Opole Lubelskie. The investors are the companies: Algaenautic, Abopart and Makofrost. The first, Algaenautic specialises, among others, in innovative technologies for the production and use of algae. Abopart is a manufacturer of mobile walls, while the company Makofrost have been working in the fruit and vegetable processing.

In the first phase, all three companies together will create dozens of jobs, and in the next few years over 100 jobs.

The projects are the result of a number of coordinated actions lead by the municipality for several years. (opolelubelskie.pl)


2016 Outsourcing Stars Gala
Fourth edition of Outsourcing Stars Gala will be organized on January 31st, 2017 in Lublin. As every year, the event will be organized for 300 guests representing modern business services industry as well as organizations, which directly cooperate with BSS industry in Poland and other countries.

During 2016 Outsourcing Stars Gala besides the BSS summary of the year, there will be organized the final of Outsourcing Stars contest and international networking for BSS industry representatives.

The event is organised under the patronage of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. (ProProgressio)

More details available at: www.outsourcingstars.pl/en

Mechanical Engineering in Latvia - striving for excellence
The Liepaja City Council and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) would like to invite you to the Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries Days (February 1-3, 2017) which will include the Business Forum.

The Forum is launched to spur successful development in mechanical engineering. Participants of the event will be informed there about the opportunities and competitive advantages to establish business in Latvia. The programme features outstanding presentations by renowned local and foreign speakers from industry and provides excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss new global trends. Also the buyers-suppliers matchmaking event will be arranged at the venue.

The language of the Forum will be English with the simultaneous translation into Latvian and Russian.

Attendance is free of charge. For Polish companies the organisers cover of Ryga-Liepaja-Ryga transit.

To register visit: www.liaa.gov.lv/lv/registration-form-Liepaja-2017

For more information visit: www.liaa.gov.lv/en/events/mechanical-engineering-and-metalworking-business-forum. (liaa.gov.pl)

5th annual CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards
Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with Poland the strongest location in the region is well-established as a world-class destination for Shared Services centres and BPO investment. On 2 February 2017, Global shared services firms, business services projects and sector professionals will be presented with awards of acknowledgment - by an independent jury from the industry - for their contribution to the development of the business services sector in CEE for 2016. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

The Awards Gala will be preceded by a Summit of discussion panels covering the shared services and outsourcing sector; Break-Out sessions with deep insights into specific issues driving the sector; and once again our popular “Site Visits”.

This year, we are also launching our 1st annual “HR in SSCs Forum” focusing exclusively on HR Directors and Managers inside Shared Services Centres as a “Pre-Day” event before the main Gala.

In 2017, we expect 300+ guests with more than 50 being international firms interested in setting up or expanding their business services centres in central Europe. (ceeoutsourcingawards.com)

For more information, please contact: Maria Ponomareva maria@biznespolska.nazwa.pl.


Deloitte: Polish economy is more resistant to financial crisis
According to prepared by DNB and Deloitte report "Directions of 2017. The negative economic shocks. Stress-testing of the Polish economy in 2017" Polish economy is the most vulnerable to economic shocks in the global economies like the US and China, as well as in some European neighbouring countries. At the same time, almost all the analysed sectors of the Polish economy seem to be more resilient to the economic situation than during the previous crisis.

Poland is most threatened by shocks in different economies of the European Union, especially in Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain. Spain, Italy and Ukraine show the greatest sensitivity to the economic crisis. The lowest risk of crisis, with a significant impact on Poland show: the US, Russia, Turkey and China.

Authors of the report shows that the potential crisis in Europe would hit in Poland directly by exports and foreign investment. Among the countries included in the simulations, in which shocks have negative impact on the Polish economy, the most important role is played by Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy. According to the report, the possible economic crisis in Germany, as well as in Italy and France, would be particularly acute for our automotive sector. Crisis in Germany or in the UK would affect the most industries related to food production.

NBP data shows that average inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) to Poland is approximately 40 billion PLN per year. Increasingly, FDI inflows are reinvestments of profits earned in Poland (60%). According to Deloitte report, FDI inflow / outflow of profits from Poland would be most affected by crisis in Germany and France, negative impact on the flow of FDI could also have a crisis in the UK and Spain.


The Golden Site enters the 鏚 SEZ
The 鏚 Special Economic Zone will be enlarge with the plant awarded in “Golden Site” contest organised by PAIiIZ.

The area of 5.42 ha, that won the last edition of Golden Site contest in 鏚zkie region, is located in the immediate vicinity of the beltway of Sieradz and Sieradz Zach鏚 junction. It provides a fast connection to the S8 express road. The area as a whole is the property of the City of Sieradz.

The authorities of the υd Special Economic Zone expect the extension this year. (鏚 SEZ)


Medical Oscar for Polish surgeon
Conducted in the Oncology Centre in Gliwice complex neck organ transplant was considered the best case in the field of microvascular surgery in 2016 by the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (ASRM). This is medical equivalent of the Oscar.

ASRM, uniting more than 500 best world specialists in surgery, almost unanimously gave the prize in the category of best case to one declared by prof. Adam Maciejewski and PhD. ㄆkasz Krakowczyk, the only two active members of the ASRM in Poland. From approximately 300 applications from around the world, "the complex neck organ allotransplantation" has been selected as the best case in the field of microvascular surgery in 2016.

Transplant carried out by a team led by prof. Adam Maciejewski on then 37-year-old patient, included larynx, trachea, throat, esophagus with parathyroid glands, muscle structures and skin of the front of the neck.

This is another award for doctors from Gliwice granted by ASRM. Several years ago, the first face transplant in Poland was considered the best procedure of reconstructive surgery in the world in 2013. It was the world's first face transplant with the lifesaving indications. (naukawpolsce.pap.pl)

Gda雟k is fighting for the title of the best tourist destination in 2017
20 European tourist powers, including Gda雟k, are fighting for the title of Best European Destination 2017.

Gda雟k is the only Polish city in this year's competition. Among its competitors are London, Athens, Paris, Amsterdam, Porto, Milan or Stari Grad in Croatia. The competition is organised for eight years now, and the winner is selected by the Internet users. Voting began on 20 of January and will last until 10 of February.


We encourage you to vote for Gda雟k on: www.vote.ebdest.in

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