December 23rd, 2011,
Issue 258




156 investments

Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency has currently been running 156 ivestment projects worth jointly EUR 6.47 billion, which may generate 40 710 new jobs.

The majority of the investments comes from the US: 42 projects worth jointly EUR 1.09 billion will create 8563 new jobs. On the second place there is United Kingdom (16 projects, total value EUR 373 million, 5802 new jobs), on the third - Germany - (15 projects,  EUR 489 million, 4522 jobs). Among the most popular sectors the first place is taken by the  automotive (33 projects, total value of EUR 2.1 billion, 12622 jobs), followed by the BPO (29 projects, EUR 26 million 6392 jobs) and the machine sector (11  projects, EUR 657 million, 2946 jobs).

By the mid-December PAIiIZ completed 52 investment projects of the total value of EUR 1 170 million which can create 10184 new jobs. The highest number of projects comes from the US (13), Japan (5), China, France and South Korea (4 each). Among them China is the largest employer (the 4 mentioned project create 2853 jobs). The biggest investor is Japan - this year’s Japanese investments are worth a total of 176 million euros).

Among the investors who decided to operate in Poland, 16 represent the BPO and R&D sector, 8 the automotive sector and 5 the food sector. Investments in the services sector do not involve high capital expenditure - here the automotive sector leads (595.4 million euros this year), however they create the biggest number of jobs (2490).

According to the National Bank of Poland the inflow of foreign direct investments (FDI) to Poland in January-October 2011 period amounted to EUR 9.05 billion - 34% more than in the whole 2010. (PAIiIZ)

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Poland in The Economist

In the Christmas edition of The Economist PAIiIZ has published the promotional article signed by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Waldemar Pawlak.

Stable economy, high demand, entrepreneurship - those are, according to Minister Pawlak - the biggest advantages of Poland. We invite you to read the whole article published in the Christmas issue of the British weekly The Economist. (PAIiIZ)

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Poland appreciated by The New York Times

The New York daily regards Polish economy as the most healthy in Europe.

According to NYT Poland has robust economic growth and rising foreign investment. The Warsaw Stock Exchange gained 38 new listings in the three months through September. As a result, Poland ranked behind China and ahead of the United States in the number of initial public offerings during the third quarter.

Poland is expected to grow 2.5 percent in 2012, according to the OECD. That is a positive forecast compared with Western Europe, which is heading toward recession. However, NYT points out that Polish economy is strongly related to euro zone where more than half of Polish exports goes. On the other side, Poland - more than small countries from CEE - can rely on its  internal market. (NYT)

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Investment Forum in Shanghai

The Investment Forum: Poland - China, organized by PAIiIZ during the official visit of the Polish President Mr. Bronisław Komorowski, took place on December 19th in Shanghai.

Polish President Bronisław Komorowski

During the meeting with the representatives of the biggest Chinese companies that gathered over 600 persons from Poland and from China, Mr. Bronisław Komorowski presented Poland’s investment opportunities: “Just as the EU is the first partner for China, so Poland is the 6th biggest economy among the 27 EU member states”.

President listed the most important advantages of Poland, such as large market and its strong political and economic position. Poland is a good brand when it comes to the investment climate and a leader in economic growth in Europe uninterrupted over the last 20 years. Talking about Polish sound economy and public finance sector Mr. Bronisław Komorowski invited Chinese to buy Polish Treasury Bonds.

Agreements between Sany Heavy Industry and PAIiIZ, and between the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and PAIiIZ were signed during the Forum. Presentations given by PAIiIZ, PARP and the speakers invited from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Treasury have given the Chinese an insight into Poland, the country with a great investment and economic potential.

On December 21st, during the official visit of the Polish President to China, PAIiIZ representatives took part in the economic forum in Beijing. During the forum the Head of the PAIiIZ Foreign Investment Division - Mrs. Iwona Chojnowksa - Haponik and the Head of the Poland - China Competence Centre - Ms Yu Yang, presented a presentation “Investment Climate in Poland: Investment Opportunities for Chinese Entrepreneurs”.  The panel was chaired by the PAIiIZ President of the Board Mrs. Sławomir Majman.

During the forum PAIiIZ has signed cooperation agreements with China Development Bank and Industrial Overseas Development & Planning Association. (PAIiIZ)

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COIs’ meeting in Warsaw

December 15th - 16th 2011 PAIiIZ and the Invest in Mazovia organized the meeting for the representatives of Investor/ Exporter Service Centres from the regions and from the PAIiIZ partner cities.

The aim of the meeting was to summarize the year 2011 and present the plans for next year. The organizers announced also the results of the contest for the most friendly website for foreign investors. The winner, for the second time, was the Investor Assistance Centre of kujawsko-pomorskie region.

In the training part of the meeting the project managers from PAIiIZ’s Foreign Investment Department shared their experience in the field of BPO projects and Chinese investments service, as well as in terms of supporting the Polish investments abroad. The representatives of the Deloitte Business Consulting and the HAYS presented the results of their research on the FDI influence on regional development in CEE.

Invest in Mazovia presented its activities directed to foreign investors and innovatory project Observatory of Mazovia’s  investment attractiveness. (PAIiIZ)

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PAIiIZ with the visit in Ukraine

December 14th, PAIiIZ delegation met in Kiev with the representatives of the major Polish companies present in Ukraine.

The meeting that took place in the seat of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kiev, was attended by representatives of the bank Kredobank, insurance company PZU Ukraine, production companies: Can- Pack Ukraine, Bella-Centr, Bella-Trade, Alu-pol and Aluprof, service company Impel Gryffin, the International Association of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine, the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and the Ukrainian State Agency for Investment and National Projects.

The meeting was chaired by Counselor-Minister Andrzej Grabowski. Its aim was to discuss the opportunities of supporting the investors interested in going into business in both countries. The other topic of the discussion involved creation of the effective system of solving the problems brought up by investors.

PAIiIZ during the visit in Kiev

During the visit of the Polish delegation PAIiIZ Deputy President, Marek Łyżwa met with Deputy President of the Ukrainian State Agency for Investment and National Projects Mr Illya Shevliak. During this meeting opportunities for cooperation between the two institutions in boosting the mutual investments were discussed. (PAIiIZ)

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  • Year 2011 at the Warsaw Stock Exchange

    The highest number of debuts on the three WSE Markets, consolidation of the position of the Polish stock exchange during the difficult year for the European and the world financial markets, new instruments, indexes and pro-market solutions - this is how the year 2011 looked at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 2011 was a very special year in the history of the WSE. Despite the troubles on the financial markets in Europe, there were over 200 debuts at the WSE. Taking the value of the IPO into account, after third quarter of the 2011 the WSE took the third location among the European stock exchanges. During 2011 38 new positions were added to the list of the companies listed on the Main WSE Market. On the brink of the year 2012 almost 430 companies were listed on the Main WSE Market. On the WSE NewConnect Market there were almost 170 debuts. In the result, the number of the companies listed on the alternative WSE market almost doubled, reaching the number of 345 companies. Created in 2009, the WSE Bond Market Catalyst was itself a witness of a 56 debuts.  Despite the uncertain situation on the markets, there is still growing interest showed by foreign issuers. Out of 46 foreign companies listed at the WSE, 15 debuted in 2011. Among them there were 6 Ukrainian companies, 2 from Lithuania, and lately 2 Bulgarian. At present companies from 20 countries are listed at WSE.


    Central Statistical Office (GUS) informs that the industrial production in the companies employing more than 9 persons was 8,7% higher than a year ago and 0,7% higher when compared with the November 2011. The elimination of the impact of the seasonal factors, shows that the growth was even bigger: 9,2% higher than in analogical month of the past year and 1,6% higher when compared with the October 2011. Compared to November 2010 the growth of the production was seen in 26 out of 34 industry sectors; i.a. furniture production increased by 20,8%, metals - 19,2%, metal articles - 18,6%, cars & trailers - 14,9%, rubber & plastic fabrication - 11,3 and the fabrication from other non-metallic raw materials - 10,8%.
  • Exchange rates (as of 23.12.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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BIOCONNECT 2012 Conference again in Poznań

In May 2012 Poznań is going to host again the world class scientists and entrepreneurs from the biotechnological and Life Science sector.

The first edition of the one of the biggest and most important event for the biotechnological sector brought over 150 participants interested in the development of the world bio-economy as well as many remarkable speakers.

Next year during the BIOCONNECT 2012 Conference, organized by Nickel Technology Park Poznań and BIOREGION Wielkopolska, representatives from the biotechnological sector from all around the world are going to share again their experience and knowledge. The event is called „Business Meets Science to cooperate in current topics” and is going to be held on May 15-16th 2012 in the Novotel Poznań Centrum Hotel.

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