October 16th, 2014,
 Issue 404


Supporting Macedonia
Two deputy prime ministers - Janusz Piechociński from Poland and Vladimir Peshevski from Macedonia, PAIiIZ representatives - president Sławomir Majman and deputy president Monika Piątkowska together with Polish companies took part in the first Polish - Macedonian Economy Seminary, that was held on 15 October in PAIiIZ.

“Poland is a unique example of the economic success of last 25 years. Everyone who invest here will benefit from it”, argued Mr Majman during his opening speech at the conference. “Macedonia is one of the most important partners in the region, therefore we support its efforts towards the access to the EU”, argued deputy prime minister Janusz Piechociński.

- Janusz Piechociński: "Macedonia is one of the most important partners in the region, therefore we support its efforts towards the access to the EU"

Since 2013, Macedonia is entering the path of moderate growth. “GDP should increase by 4% in 2014. The inflation is stable and VAT has not been raised since 5 years”, said deputy prime minister of Macedonia Vladimir Peshevski. Good situation is mostly due to construction sector and local industry.

Participants of the Polish - Macedonian Seminary (source: Leszek Szymański, PAP)

As Kliment Shekerovski, deputy president of Invest Macedonia said during the meeting, there are 15 technical industrial development zones in the country. 3 of them offer special incentives as 0% VAT to improve balance of cost to benefits. “We are open to get investment support in such areas as: automotive, R&D and high - tech industries”, he said. Moreover, Mr Shekerovski also stressed that a special offer is waiting for R&D companies in zones.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141015/supporting_macedonia. (PAIiIZ / Ministry of Economy)

Forum UNCTAD - towards sustainable development
This week Geneva holds the World Investment Forum 2014 - UNCTAD that gathers together global leaders of public and private sectors. Also PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman takes part in the event.

The World Investment Forum (WIF) is a high-level gathering designed to facilitate dialogue and action on the world’s key emerging investment-related challenges. Its mission is to provide a platform of debate on “investment for development”. On Wednesday, panellists discuss the role of investment flows in achieving sustainable development and inclusive development. Also corporate perspective on the role of the private sector in this endeavour was presented.

According to NBP, during last decade the cumulative value of FDI in Poland tripled from €63,6 bn in 2004 to €183 bn in 2013. Today, Poland is also becoming a successful foreign investor. Between 2008-2012 cumulative value of Polish FDI doubled from $ 24bn (about €18.9 bn) to almost $ 60bn (about €47,2 bn) in 2012.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141014/forum_unctad_towards_sustainable_development. (PAIiIZ)

Kiev - how to attract foreign investors
“More than decade ago experts from the UE visited Poland and PAIiIZ to teach us how to support foreign investors. Today, it is we, the representative of the Agency, who have the honour to share our expert knowledge with you”, said PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak-Kocińska during the opening speech of the conference in Kiev.

PAIiIZ representatives headed by the Agency’s deputy president Anna Polak-Kocińska have visited Kiev under the project entitled: “The implementation of Polish experience regarding attracting FDI to several parts of Ukraine. 2nd edition.” Under the project, PAIiIZ is sharing its knowledge in supporting the inflow of investors as well as providing training for representatives of the Ukrainian investment agency - SAINPU and representatives of Ukrainian government. “I’m sure that not only Ukraine can benefit from sharing the knowledge in investing. Also Polish side will go back home with new ideas and solutions useful in our daily work with investors”, said Anna Polak-Kocińska. The training lasts until 17 October.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141015/kiev-how_to_attract_foreign_investors. (PAIiIZ)

Portuguese business mission in Poland
For Portuguese companies operating in food, water management and IT sectors, Poland is an attractive business partner, argued director of PAIiIZ Foreign Investment Department, Iwona Chojnowska-Haponik, during the meeting on 13 October.

Delegation from Portugal has come to Poland to look for new business partners. Meeting on investment opportunities in Poland attended by 14 companies from Portugal and PAIiIZ that was arranged by International Confederation of Portuguese Business (CIEP) and Polish - Portuguese Chamber of Commerce was one of the highlight of the visit. The programme of visit also includes meetings with the representatives of such companies as Biedronka, Eurocash, Żabka, Alma S.A., Orlen S.A., Konsalnet.

Iwona Chojnowska-Haponik: “Central location, big internal market with young and enterprising people as well as stable economy make Poland so attractive for international business”

Currently, economy of Portugal is entering the path of growth due to the increase of both - domestic and foreign demand. The experts of the Bank of Portugal and the European Commission expect that in 2014, due to the stronger impact of foreign demand, Portuguese GDP will grow by 1,2%. According to Polish Central Statistical Office, the estimation of trade turnover between Poland and Portugal in 2013, is expected to improve by 6% y/y. The value of exports from Poland in 2013 went up by 6% comparing to 2012.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141013/portuguese_business_mission_in_poland. (PAIiIZ)

Poland important for Africa
“Only 1% of total Polish foreign trade is generated with Africa. It is still not enough. In 3 years it should be increased to 3%”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman during the opening speech of a conference on Poland - Africa business relations. The meeting was held on 9 October in PAIiIZ.

“The effort of the Polish government, including the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives first results in increasing exports and Polish investments in Africa”, said PAIiIZ president. According to the latest data of the Ministry of Economy, trade between Poland and Africa in 2013 has increased by 22% compared with 2012. In addition, the highest growth was recorded in Angola (108%), Mozambique (81%) and Ethiopia (75%). “Currently, we are concentrated on the support of Polish exporters from construction, energy, mining, pharmacy and IT sectors in their way towards Africa”, added deputy minister in the Ministry of Economy, Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik. “Africa sees Poland as a safe partner. Just after Polish visit to Senegal, this country decided to open the embassy in Warsaw”, said deputy minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Katarzyna Kacperczyk. However - she added - Polish companies need a support, as African markets are difficult.

Deputy minister Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik added: Currently, we are concentrated on the support of exports of such Polish sectors as: construction, energy, mining, pharmacy and IT in their way towards Africa

There are several examples of Polish enterprises which are successful in Africa. Among them there are: Grupa Azoty that purchased shares of African Investment Group in Senegal; Kulczyk Investments that took over the mine in Namibia; Asseco that signed an agreement to implement IT system in Ethiopia and Ursus that this September started supplying Ethiopia with 3,000 tractors.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141009/poland_important_for_africa. (PAIiIZ)


4 Polish SEZs awarded by fDi Magazine
Financial Times’ fDi Magazine has published the list of Global Free Zones of the Year 2014 Winners. Four awards went to Polish Special Economic Zones.

Among Polish zones, the best was Łódź Special Economic Zone. It was crowned the winner of the European SME category. In the same category, Katowice gain Honourable Mentions. Moreover, Wałbrzych SEZ was commended for soft landing services while Pomeranian SEZ was commended for CSR practices in Europe.

What is interesting, free zones in the Middle East have dominated fDi’s Global Free Zones of the Year 2014 awards. The majority awards in all global categories went to zones in the United Arab Emirates.

More information: www.fdiintelligence.com/Locations/fDi-Global-Free-Zones-of-the-Year-2014-Winners?ct=true. (fDI Magazine)

12 new projects acquired by PAIIIZ
During the last two weeks, the Agency has acquired 12 new investment projects. Currently, there are 181 FDI projects on PAIiIZ list that in total are worth €3,470.39 m and in the future can deliver 38,275 new jobs to Poland.

In terms of the country of origin, the US is a leader among PAIiIZ investments. Currently, the Agency runs 53 American investment projects with a total value of €963.65m. All US ongoing investments can create 8,240 new jobs in the future. The second place is held by German investors. They provide 27 FDI (€401,05m; 6,905 new jobs). The following place is occupied by the British investors (12 FDI projects; total value €89,5m 1,915 new jobs planned), French investors (12 projects worth €178.7m; 3,406 new jobs planned), Korean investors (10 projects worth €176.04m; 1,313 new jobs planned). There are 8 investments from India and 7 from China.

The list of the most popular sectors among foreign investors in Poland includes: BPO (41 investments; total value €34.55m, 12,230 new jobs planned), automotive (36 FDI projects) and R&D (17 investments), aviation (12 projects), wood (8 projects) and electronic (7 projects) sectors.

Since the beginning of 2014, the Agency successfully completed 37 investment projects More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20141013/12_new_projects_aquired_by_paiiiz. (InPost)

Cakes from US
This Autumn, next American company has opened its plant in Wałbrzych SEZ. In Oława a production of cakes will be established.

US - based „Bama Companies” specialising in the production of frozen cakes, pastries, muffins, biscuits and rolls has chosen Stanowice near Oława to build the company’s first plant in Europe where deep-frozen cookies with fruit filling will be produced. The investment is worth nearly PLN 58m. The company employs 70 people. Other three plants of „Bama Companies” are located in the US and China.

Moreover, this Autumn two other America - based companies started to develop the business in Wałbrzych ZES. Polaris Polska recently celebrated an opening ceremony of quad and ATV vehicles plant in Opole area while Tru Flex has started to build an exhaust systems factory there. (PAIiIZ/WSSE)

VOSS Automotive In Legnickie Pole
On 16 October, new manufacturing facility of VOSS Automotive was opened in Legnickie Pole in Dolny Śląsk province. This is the new investment of the company.

VOSS Automotive has been present in Poland since 2005. The total value of the newest investment provided by the German company in Legnickie Pole will reached between € 15,7-17,5m. 344 new jobs will be created there. VOSS Automotive is one of the leading producers of highly engineered car components. The project was supported by PAIiIZ. (PAIiIZ)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Poland - Zambia Economic Forum
On the occasion of the official visit of the Zambian delegation, on 20 October, at the Regent Hotel in Warsaw the Poland-Zambia Economic Forum will be held.

The event will focus on issues related to conducting business and investment opportunities in both countries. After the Forum, the B2B session between Polish and Zambian companies will be arranged. Companies interested in participation in the event should register on-line until 17 October www.paiz.gov.pl/Polska-Zambia.

Media accreditation by the deadline (15.00, on 17 October): www.paiz.gov.pl/Polska-Zambia. (PAIiIZ)

“Teraz Polska Promocja” MA thesis contest
By 17 October 2014, authors of the MA thesis on various aspects of promotion of Poland can submit their access to competition „Teraz Polska Promocja” for the best master's thesis on the promotion of Poland. The winners will receive cash prizes. Moreover best MA thesis will be published and their authors will be invited to internships and trainings.

The competition is open to authors of MA thesis on all issues related to the promotion of Poland including: tourism, branding, economy, agri-food, sports, culture, science as well as foreign promotion of the country.

„Teraz Polska” Foundation together with Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Polish Tourist Organization and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development organise competition for the eight time.

More information (Polish version only): www.terazpolska.pl/pl/konkurs-teraz-polska-promocja. (Fundacja Polskiego Godła Promocyjnego)


Polish foreign trade
Polish Central Statistic Office (GUS) has published data on Polish Foreign trade in first eight months of 2014. Exports from Poland increased by 4.4% y-o-y, reaching €105.8 bn. Imports amounted €106.8 bn and it was higher by 4.2% than a year ago. As a result, the trade deficit has been reduced to €1bn from €1.2bn.

After eight months of 2014, exports grew faster to the developed markets. It increased by 6.6% to €88.5bn, imports go up by 2.3% to €69.4bn. Polish exports of goods to EU countries rose by 6.7% to €81.1bn. In addition, it was two-fold faster to the eurozone than to the other EU countries (improvement by 4%). In January and August, sales to developed markets outside EU increased dynamically by 5.3% (total value €7.4bln), while imports fell down by 11.1% to €7bn. Among this group of countries export increased significantly to Canada by 26.3% and South Africa by 14.2%. Export to Norway and Japan decreased by 10% and 1,5% respectively. At the same time, the exports to developing countries decreased by 5.6% (to €17.3 bn), while import increased by 7.8% (to €37.4bn). There is visible growth of exports in the dominant Polish trade sectors such as light engineering industry (by 12.6%), agri-food products (by 5.2%) or electromechanical products (by 5%). On the other hand, the decline was recorded in mineral products (by 5.5%). (MG/GUS)

Recovery predicted by NBP
According to the results of NBP’s Ankieta Makrokonomiczna (Macroeconomic Survey), CPI inflation will reach 0,2% this year, while in 2015 it should grow to 1,2% an in 2015 to 2,1%. The Polish GDP in 2014 should grow by 3,1%, in 2015 by 3,3% and in 2014 by 3,4%.

The forecasts show a slow economic recovery in the coming years. The increase in gross domestic product in the period 2015-2016 will not be lower than 1.9%.

“Ankieta Ekonomiczna” collects the opinions of various groups of professional regarding business and economy. The data is collected quarterly. (NBP)


Oslo Innovation Week with Polish participants
8 Pomeranian companies participated in the ITC sector mission to Norway. On 15 October Oslo held a seminar and networking meeting entitled under Poland-Norway- Let’s create the innovative bridge!

Presentation of Polish and Norway potential in the ICT industry as well as establishing cooperation regarding R&D and doing business were the aim of the mission. The meeting was held under the Oslo Innovation Week - the biggest annual seminar of innovation in Europe.

The participants of the Polish mission to Norway paid a visit to local technology parks and R&D centres located in Akershus region. Since many years, Pomorskie province has been cooperating with Akershus in terms of economic cooperation and exchange of experience in new technologies, R&D as well in environmental protection.

The meeting was arranged by the Pomeranian Regional Development Agency in cooperation Norwegian-Polish Chamber of Commerce.Presentation of Polish and Norway potential in the ICT industry as well as establishing cooperation regarding R&D and doing business were the aim of the mission. The meeting was held under the Oslo Innovation Week - the biggest annual seminar of innovation in Europe.

The participants of the Polish mission to Norway paid a visit to local technology parks and R&D centres located in Akershus region. Since many years, Pomorskie province has been cooperating with Akershus in terms of economic cooperation and exchange of experience in new technologies, R&D as well in environmental protection.

The meeting was arranged by the Pomeranian Regional Development Agency in cooperation Norwegian-Polish Chamber of Commerce. (SSSE)

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