March 3rd, 2011,
Issue 216




Meeting with Ambassadors

On the 15th of February 2011 at the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency a meeting was held with the Management Board of PAIiIZ and the representatives of the Embassies of the countries that have significance in terms of the inflow of foreign investments.

Mr Sławomir Majman - President of the Board of PAIiIZ hosted the meeting. Among the invited guest were: Sun Yuxi - Chinese Ambassador to Poland, Yuichi Kusumoto - Japanese Ambassador, Aleksander Alekseev - Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Poland, Aldo Mantovani - Italian Ambassador, Charlie H. Ashley III - First Secretary at the USA Embassy, Ki Chang Park - Counsellor at the Korean Embassy, Erika Carlsson - Secretary at the Swedish Embassy, Geraldo Barbarosa Segundo - Head of the Economic Section of the Brazilian Embassy, Jerome Jean-Marie Baconin - Counsellor at the French Embassy.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss ways of strengthening the economic bilateral relations, evaluate foreign investment projects conducted by PAIiIZ in 2010 by countries and sectors, as well as analyse the investment climate in Poland. (PAIiIZ)

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Eastern Poland on the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2011

This is the second time representatives of the IT sector and local administration from Eastern Poland took part in the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2011 in Mumbai.

The fairs are traditionally accompanied by a series of conferences which gather the biggest companies from the ICT and BPO sector from around the world, mainly from India, the USA and the UK as well as companies from the emerging markets e.g. Poland, countries from the MENA region, Columbia and the Republic of South Africa. This year the NASSCOM fairs were attended by, among others, McKinsey&Company ICICI Bank Ltd, Hewett Packard India, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, KPMG, Steria Group, Zensar Technologies CSC, Infotech, Wipro, IBM, Infotech, Cognizant, Genpact, AT&T and Cisco.

This year general NASSCOM session were devoted to development trends in the IT sector; new, interesting localisations for projects and the future and competition between China and India in the BPO sector.

Session of Eastern Poland. From the left: Ganesh Natarajan - Deputy Head and CEO at Zensar Technologies, Dariusz Karwowski - Councillor at the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in New Delhi, Piotr Falek - President of CSF Polska, Robert Seges - Head of the Services Section at the PAIiIZ Foreign Investment Department

In fact, BPO and IT companies from India have been among the most active investors in the field in Poland. The country has been hosting project by such players as Infosys, Intelenet Global Services, WIPRO, Irevna, Zensar, HCL, TCS, KPIT and Genpact (the first company which invested in Eastern Poland - in Lublin).

On February 11th representatives of Eastern Poland met delegates of Indian companies during a special B2B meeting in Bangalore. The meeting was also attended by the Ambassador of Poland to New Delhi, professor Piotr Kłodkowski and Ashok Kumar Manoli, Secretary General for Science and IT in the region of Karnataka.

Participants took part in the fairs thanks to the Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland co-ordinated by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency in the framework of the Operational Programme - Development of Eastern Poland. Measure I.4 Promotion and Co-operation. (PAIiIZ)

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PAIiIZ helps launch a Biosyntec project in Poland

Biosyntec acquired a majority package of the Lublin Tobacco Factory (Lubelske Zakłady Tytoniowe) for PLN 32 mln.

In the next 4 years the company will invest PLN100 million and will start production of modern filters which reduce the amount of harmful substance inhaled by smokers. The company expects the project to generate up to 1000 job.

The investment is located in Poland thanks to the commitment of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. (PAIiIZ)

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Ital-Pol invests in the Starachowice Special Economic Zone

ITAL-POL received the permission to invest in the SEZ on February 14th, 2011.

ITAL-POL wants to expand its operations by furniture production and waste management services, services in storing and logistics, and technical and technology consulting for the ceramic industry. The company will operate in the Końskie sub zone.

By the end of 2012 planned investment outlays should equal PLN 400 000 . The company declared to increase employment level by June this year and plans to finish the project by the end of 2013. (SSSE)

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Successive entrepreneurs to invest in the Łódź Special Economic Zone

In the mid of February 2011, 9 investors received permission to conduct business in the Łodź Special Economic Zone. The entrepreneurs committed to invest nearly 360 million PLN and to create almost 770 jobs.

Companies that decided to invest will contribute a lot in the development of production in the Łodź Special Economic Zone area. Coko-Werk will build a plant for 33 million PLN, where plastic parts that are supplied to manufactures of household appliances in Łódź will be produced. The producer of disposable packaging for food WinCup will build a new plant for 20 million PLN. It will produce disposable utensils (which will go among others to fast food restaurants). The company TDW in Wola Krzysztoporska will invest in a new project in the furniture plant. Flexpol company, which produces prolypropylene film, at the expense of 75 million PLN will expand its plant in Plock. Suwary Tech in Ksawerów, in the new subzone of the Łódź SEZ, will build a plant where plastic packaging will be produced. SWM-Poland will invest around 8 million PLN in the expansion of an existing plant in the Stryków subzone, where they will produce paper for cigarettes with printed stripes reducing the risk of fire. Poprawa - Corrugated Board Producer will invest at least 6 million PLN in building a manufacturing plant in the subzone. Colian Logistic Center in Opatówek will construct a confectionary production plant for at least 80 million PLN. Procter & Gamble Operations Poland will build in Warsaw, worth tens of millions of dollars, a factory producing baby care wipes. This will be the fourth investment of Procter & Gamble in the Łódź SEZ. (ŁSSE)

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  • GDP grew in the IV quarter of 2010 by 4,4%

    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rose in the IV quarter of 2010 by 4,4% in correspondents to IV quarter of the previous year, after rising by 4,2% year on year in the III quarter - according to the Central Statistical Office. (GUS)

  • Exchange rates (as of 03.03.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Investor and Exporter Service Centre in Mazovia

Mazovia is one of the most dynamically developing regions in Poland and Eastern Europe. Investor and Exporter Service Centre (COIE) is a regional partner of PAIiIZ and it operates as a part of Agencja Rozwoju Mazowsza (Mazovia Development Agency) in Warsaw.

COIE’s main priority is servicing domestic and foreign Investors who are interested in undertaking economic activities within Mazowieckie Voivodship. The Centre helps to chose locations for project implementation and provides information on economic and legal conditions of investing in Mazovia. As a part of active promotion of Mazovia’s economic potential, COIE creates and presents investment offers at various economic events.

COIE’s activities are also focused on supporting Mazovian exporters. The Centre provides economic information on rules of operating business enterprises on a given foreign market and supports Mazovian businessmen by using pro-export tools. It also helps to establish commercial relations with foreign companies.

In the second part of 2010, Mazowieckie Voivodship started implementing a system Project prepared by the Minister of Economy, Submeasure 6.2.1. PO IG, within which COIE appointed a team of Experts who provide information regarding export and foreign investments. (MCOIE)

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Diamond for Sanikom

Municipal Service Company Sanikom in Lubawka (Lower Silesia) was ranked 30th in the Forbes Diamond ranking.

Analysts from Dun & Bradstreet analyzed 142 firms operating in Lower Silesia. They evaluated them in terms of revenues in the range from 5 to 50 million PLN. The condition to be placed in the configuration was a 15% annual growth of the company’s value.

The data was taken from the reports submitted at the National Court Register in 2010.

Andrzej Wojdyła - President of Sanikom Management Board

- It is a great honour for us, especially as it is an independent evaluation. The effort of managing the company, as well as the established development and investment policy was appreciated. It is a big motivation to future work - the President of Sanikom, Andrzej Wojdyła does not hide his satisfaction.

As we read in Forbes, companies that achieved the highest average increase in value were also on the list. They had to present a positive financial result and value of equity in the last four years 2006-2009.

In addition, the genesis of the laureates was deeply analyzed in order to eliminate companies in which a sharp rise in value was the effect of a one-off extraordinary event. The shareholders of the Lubawska company are 17 Lower Silesian municipalities form 4 districts: Kamienna Góra Wałbrzych, Jawor, Złotoryja. Currently, the company carries out the biggest project on waste. It is building a modern, ecological installation for disposal.

This is the fifth in Europe such a modern investment. The other four are in Italy, Germany and France. (Mo-Ja Multimedia)

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