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Industrial Park "Stare Miasto-Park"

Park name: Industrial Park Stare Miasto-Park

Park type: Industrial Park

Stage of development: Stare Miasto-Park is at the preliminary stage of development

Special Economic Zone status: Stare Miasto-Park is located in the Special Economic Zone EURO-Park Mielec


The Industrial Park Stare Miasto – Park covers lands located in the South East of Poland, in podkarpackie voivodeship, in the community of Leżajsk. Company Stare Miasto Park is the owner of land and real properties in the Park area, which is supposed to facilitate starting business activity for large, medium and small enterprises. 100% of company’s shares are hold by the commune of Leżajsk. The Park is located in two places in the vicinity of Leżajsk: Stare Miasto (Zone A with the total area of circa 33 hectares) and in Wierzawice (Zone B with the total area of circa 2.5 hectares ) The total area of this region is more than 35 hectares of land with full infrastructure (green field) and three industrial halls (browm field) with the total area of 7000 m². Access roads leading to both halls and sectors are connected with national road no 77 and regional road no 877. Stare Miasto-Park is situated near railway sidings, which creates logistic possibilities. The area of the zone is located 48 km from Rzeszów and circa 45 km from the nearest international airport in Jasionka. The drive to the airport takes just 30 minutes. Moreover, circa 20 km from the Park a strategic section of motorway A4 is built, which is one of the biggest transit routes in Southern Poland connecting Western Europe with its eastern part. It has to be noted that a new ring road of Leżajsk is built, which constitutes a section of national road no 77 Lipnik-Przemyśl.

Sector profile

The sector profile of the Park is created with its development and appearance of new investors. At the current stage of development, the following sectors can be enumerated: laboratory, printing shops and IT.


The industrial Park is a subzone of the Special Economic Zone EURO-Mielec. It has been launched with the view of accelerating land development and supporting business initiatives.

The Industrial Park area is divided into 11 sectors of land with full technical infrastructure, where three newly built production halls are situated (one with the surface area of 3000 m² and the remaining two with the surface area of 2000 m² each). The halls are equipped with utilities i.e. electricity, gas, water, sewage system, ICT systems, access and internal roads as well as parking places.

The Park offers:

  • Lease and sale of industrialized land (green-field),
  • Lease and sale of the production halls (brown field),
  • Services in the area of business consultancy, among others in finance, marketing , investment and technical services as well as in raising the European Union funds,
  • Assistance in the recruitment of workforce.

The Zone of Stare Miasto Park, which is a part of the Special Economic Zone Euro-Park Mielec, provides the possibility to gain public assistance in form of income tax exemption. Additionally, the commune of Leżajsk, where the Industrial Park is located, offers de minimis assistance in form of property tax exemption (buildings and lands connected with them).

Available real estate:

Sector A8 – a new production hall with the surface area of 3000 m², the land area of 1.3464 ha
Sector A9 – a new production hall with the surface area of 2000 m², the land area of 3.3650 ha
Sector A1 – the area of 4.5345 ha
Sector A2 – the area of 2.7850 ha
Sector A4 – the area of 0.9572 ha
Sector A5 – the area of 5.4812 ha
Sector A6 – the area of 0.4311 ha.

Why is it worth investing in the Stare Miasto Park area?

  • Support in form of public assistance provided in the zone in form of income tax exemption and regional assistance in form of property tax exemption
  • Competitive prices
  • Full access to the technical infrastructure
  • Attractive geographical location in the vicinity of the Ukrainian and Slovakian border
  • Availability of qualified personnel
  • Very well developed educational system
  • Low labour costs
  • Well developed transport network
  • International airport in the distance of 45 km
  • Favourable and assisting self-government administration
  • Transparent procedures
  • High competence of the Company’s employees managing the Park, who provide comprehensive factual and informative assistance
  • Broad spectrum of various forms of recreation and tourist attractions
  • An entrepreneur investing in the Stare Miasto-Park can gain assistance at every stage of investment, including: allotment of plots, geodesic plot designation, hydro geologic land surveys and the construction of new and reconstruction of existing infrastructure.

Companies operating in the Park

Within the area of the Stare Miasto Park 10 business firms from the fields of building services, transport services, offset printing shops, ecological fuel production operate. Firms which currently lease our areas are:

  1. SGS „EKO-PROJEKT” Sp. z o.o.
  2. Drukarnia „POLIGRAF”
  4. „RENOMEX”


The Stare Miasto-Park cooperates with various firms and institutions, among others with the Employment Office and with the Technical Vocational Complex in Leżajsk. Both of which have promised to help in the organization of internships in the Park, in the recruitment of workforce and in creating new majors adjusted to technical needs of prospective investors.

Business environment

In the vicinity of the Industrial Park Stare – Miasto Park firms of Żywiec Gropu, ZPOW Hortino, Philip Moris Polska, Fabryka Maszyn w Leżajsku, Silikaty Ostrołęka and BMF Polska operate. This creates the opportunity to cooperate with those enterprises and to use their supply area in prospective production.


„Stare Miasto – Park” Sp. z o.o.
Wierzawice 874, 37-300 Leżajsk
Tel/fax +48 17 242 60 94

Foreign investors service
Paulina Pisarczyk
Tel: +48 17 242 60 94 extension 42
e-mail: paulina.pisarczyk@sm-park.pl

Foreign investors service
Robert Kania
Tel: +48 17 242 60 94 extension 24
tel. +48 518 011 607
e-mail: robert.kania@sm-park.pl

Website: www.sm-park.pl

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