August 4th, 2011,
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Cooperation with Armenia

During the official visit of the Polish President to Armenia, the President of PAIiIZ has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Armenian Development Agency.

During his official visit to the Caucasus Bronislaw Komorowski President of the Republic of Poland was accompanied by a delegation, which included, among others, representatives of PAIiIZ - President Sławomir Majman and the PAIiIZ Board Member Bożena Czaja.

On July 28th the PAIiIZ President Sławomir Majman and the President of the Armenian Development Agency (ADA) Robert Harutyunyan signed a memorandum of cooperation. The parties commit themselves to promote the economic potential of both countries, exchange information on investment opportunities and to support development of business contacts between Poland and Armenia.

During the visit the Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW S.A.) signed a contract concerning the system for issuing biometric passports. PWPW S.A. won the bid beating world leaders in the field who also took part in the tender. This is not the first project PWPW will implement in Armenia. (PAIiIZ)

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Poland to produce ID cards and passports for Armenia

The Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) signed a contract for the supply of electronic identity cards, passport booklets and the implementation of a system for issuing these documents in the Republic of Armenia.

In November 2010 the Government of the Republic of Armenia announced the tender for the implementation of a complete system for issuing biometric passports and ID cards. Eight companies submitted offers in the tender but the offer of the Polish Security Printing Works beat all the competitors, including world leaders in the field. The contract includes implementation of an electronic system for issuing and personalization of biometric passports and identity cards. Over the next five years PWPW will also provide 300,000 pieces of modern secured passport booklets and one million secured, polycarbonate blank cards.


This is not the first contract executed by the Polish Security Printing Works in the Republic of Armenia. In June this year, the company launched the country's system of digital tachographs and will be for the next five years providing personalized tachograph cards. In fact, Armenia is not the first PWPW foreign client ordering identification documents. In 2007, the Polish Security Printing Works was the system supplier of biometric passports for Lithuania, and since 2010 the company has been producing booklets for passports and visas for Bangladesh. The contract was signed during the official visit of the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski to the Republic of Armenia which took place from July 28th to July 29th, 2011. (PWPW)

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Polish coin the most beautiful in the world

The silver Krzysztof Komeda coin issued by the Polish National Bank was granted the title of the most beautiful coin in the world on the international numismatic contest International Prize Vicenza Numismatica.

The contest jury decided to award the coin due to its "romantic power of the presentation of the pianist”.  The coin was designed by Roussanka Nowakowska.

History of Polish popular music - Krzysztof Komeda

The National Bank of Poland (NBP) issued the coin which is devoted to the Polish pianist and composer Krzysztof Komeda in 2010 in the framework of the series “Polish popular music”.  In fact another coin issued within the series and devoted to Czesław Niemen was earlier awarded in the Coin Constelation Sankt Petersburg 2010. (NBP)

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Real time bank transfers soon in Poland

Poland will be the second European country and the first in Central and Eastern Europe, which will introduce immediate payments.

The immediate payment platform is an innovative solution that will allow money transfers between customers of banks to take place in real time. The solution will make it possible to transfer funds between accounts of customers in different banks immediately - 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The National Clearing House (KIR), which will supervise the construction and implementation of the platform will make it available for use by banks at the beginning of 2012. The project will be developed by Capgemini Polska. (KIR)

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Investment projects supported by PAIiIZ

July 29th, 2011: the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency supports 169 investment projects. The most numerous are projects from the USA.

copyright Jonny-Fotolia

The value of the projects currently supported by PAIiIZ totals EUR 6.33 billion and the number of jobs which may be generated by the projects reaches 47141.

American projects - 38 which are jointly worth EUR 1.2 billion - form the most numerous group in the Agency’s investment portfolio and are followed by investments from the UK - 18 projects worth over EUR 355 million with potential 6158 new jobs, and China - 13 projects worth over EUR 234 million and 2831 potential jobs.

Among the most active investors there are also entrepreneurs from Germany and South Korea (11 projects each)  and Japan (10 projects).

The automotive sector with 29 projects worth EUR 2244 million and the prospect of creating 14083 jobs, still enjoys the limelight.

The second most popular is the BPO sector (28 projects worth EUR 40 million and 9631 jobs), followed by the machine sector (16 projects worth over EUR 704 million and 3661 jobs), ICT (10 projects), the chemical industry and R&D.

This year PAIiIZ successfully closed negotiations concerning 28 investment projects in which foregin enterprises will invest in Poland EUR 854 million and will generate 7014 jobs. (PAIiIZ)

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Teleyard to create 1000 new jobs in Szczecin

Belgian company from the steel sector will invest PLN 80 million. The intentional letter was signed on July 29th during a cruise on the Oder river.

In order to proceed with the project in Szczecin Teleskop, a company that has been operating in Poland for over 10 years, will establish a new entity - Teleyard. At the moment Teleskop, in its plants in Kostrzyn on Odr±, employs here 840 persons.

In Szczecin the investor plans to create a modern, European-standard production plant, similar to the Kostrzyn shop floors owned by Teleskop. In order to satisfy needs of its most important clients: Liebherr, Cargotec, Terex and Deme Dreadging, Teleyard is going to manufacture big, over-sized elements and subassemblies of the steel constructions. For these companies Teleskop produces crane and container-crane elements and the devices to dredgers.

Access to the sea is of substantial importance for the realization of the project. Since September 2010 the company has been operating on the area of the Szczecin Shipyard Nowa, where 70 welders are employed. So far around PLN 1 million was invested in order to adopt the shipyard shop floors.
The company declared to contract 100 new employees next year and in four years time - another 300. In 2020 the employment should reach the declared level of 1000 full-time jobs. This is the biggest investment project run in Szczecin in recent years. The investor has already proven to be a reliable employer in Poland.

The Marshal Olgierd Gablewicz has mentioned, that the development plans of the company are closely related to the cooperation with Cargotec, a company which operates in Starogard Szczeciński -The Cargotec project is developing exactly the way we expected. It is not only a big project itself, but it also attracts smaller but also big suppliers.

The project was served by the West Pomeranian Investors' Assistance Center (COI). (COI)

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Weyerhaeuser starts construction of its first European production facility in Gdańsk

The factory will be the most modern facility of its kind in the world.

On 2 August this year, the ceremony of laying a foundation stone for the construction of a new modified fibres processing facility took place in the premises of Weyerhaeuser Poland Company located at the MASZYNOWA Industrial and Technology Park.

The foundation act of commencing construction works was signed in the presence of the representatives of US Embassy, Gdańsk authorities, the representatives of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, and guests. The construction site was consecrated by His Eminence Senior Archbishop Tadeusz Gocłowski. „I am very happy that in this symbolic way we can start the realisation of our investment. I hope that the plant will start its basic production activity in the beginning of 2013.” said Tomasz Włodarczak,  Plant Director of Weyerhaeuser Poland, at the ceremony.

The Plant in Gdańsk Kokoszki is the first European investment of the company and the most modern object of this kind in the world.

fot. Weyerheauser

The Weyerhaeuser Company, which was founded in 1900, is a world leader among timber processing companies. It operates in 10 countries and employs over 14,900 employees, mainly in the USA and Canada. Its innovative solutions concerning the use of modified fibres are applied in the production of everyday use hygienic articles. The company was running social actions since 1948 via the Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation, now renamed Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund.

For more information:
Zuzanna Szopowska,
e-mail: z.szopowska@thinkspire.pl,
tel +48 785 340 300,

Tomasz Włodarczak Head of the Weyerhaeuser Poland factory in Poland
tel.: +48 605 880 195,
e-mail: tomasz.wlodarczak@weyerhaeuser.com

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150 new jobs in the Kamienna Góra SEZ

The Zgorzelec subzone of the SEZ attracted a German investor active in the cosmetic industry.

The investor, whose name has not yet been disclosed, wants to construct a factory which will produce aluminum packaging and will install a modern technology line for cosmetics production. In Europe, the company has been running production activity in Germany, France and Luxembourg.

- The whole project will cost EUR 30 million and the final level of employment in the facility is estimated at 150 jobs - says President of the Kamienna Góra SEZ Iwona Krawczyk.

It is worth remembering that the the Zgorzelec subzone was established last year and the German investor was very quickly attracted to the subzone. Negotiations with several other investors have been carried out.

Since the beginning of the year, the SEZ issued three business activity permits. Entrepreneurs declared to invest PLN 50 mln and plan to employ 200 people. To date investors have jointly invested over PLN 1.58 billion in the SEZ. The plants and other facilities located in the Kamienna Góra SEZ give employment to over 4.6 thousand people.

- We already started procedures, which aims to issue another permit - says the President of the Kamienna Góra Zone, Iwona Krawczyk. The new project may create another 150 jobs. (Mo-I Multimedia)

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Source: www.nbp.pl

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Kostrzyn-Słubice SEZ supports 12 Woodstock Festival

The SEZ has been providing the Festival with financial and organizational support since 2008.

Since the change from Żary to Kostrzyn, the Festival is organized within the area of the SEZ. For the last four years, the zone has been the patron of the “Fine Arts Academy” which is organised within the Festival. The Academy provides its participants with the possibility of taking part in art [music, painting, theatre, sculpture, etc.] workshops run by famous artists. The Academy invites “Experienced Culture, Art and Social Life Managers” and organises meetings with young people. Over the last years the Academy was visited by the Archbishop Józef Życiński, Andrzej Wajda, professor. Leszek Balcerowicz, Lech Wałęsa, Jerzy Buzek, Marek Kondrat, Marek NiedĽwiedzki and Monika Olejnik.

This year participants will have chance to meet professor Marek Belka and well-known journalists: Wojciech Mann and Bartosz Węglarczyk, film-director Marek Koterski, alpinists: Kinga Baranowska and Piotr Pustelnik and the director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum - Jan Ołdakowski.

The Woodstock festival is an annual summer music festival, organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. Several dozen of music groups and artists from Poland and abroad play every year during the festival. (K-S SSE/WO¶P)

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Companies from Eastern Poland sign contracts with foreign partners

Transsystem from Wola Daleka in Podkarpacie signed contracts for communications lines with two foreign car factories.

The company will manufacture a transportation line for the assembly of seats for a Serbia-based company owned by Fiat.

Transsystem will also provide a transport line for containers with plastic parts which are used in the assembly of car cockpits to the German carmaker company Volkswagen.

Transsystem employs over one thousand employees, cooperates with several other foreign car manufacturers and has several branches established abroad. (www.polskawschodnia.eu)

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Poles best in extreme sports

Tadeusz Błażusiak won gold medal in the motorcycle X Games Endurocross event.

Błażusiak beat top competitors from all over the world. He was also the most popular participant of the event among all the sport commentators.

Tadeusz Blazusiak receiving the gold medal in Moto X Enduro at Summer X Games 2011

Tadeusz “Taddy” Błażusiak is a 7-time Champion of Poland, the European Champion and the Champion of the World. As the first player in the history he won 5 times one of the most difficult enduro contest of the world - Erzbergrodeo.

The Endurocross championship in Los Angeles is the part of X-Games, the contest of extreme sports. (blazusiak.com/Wikipedia)

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