May 19th, 2017,
 Issue 538


Belt and Road Forum: Poland with plans to become European transport hub
On Sunday, 14 May the international summit dedicated to the Chinese initiative Belt and Road started in Beijing. 29 world leaders of various countries including Prime Minister of Poland, Beata Szyd這 took part in the event that impacts on the development of this large-scale international Chinese project. Participating in Belt and Road Forum, PAIH Executive Vice President Krzysztof Senger was providing business talks to win new contracts for Polish companies, there.

29 world leaders including Polish Prime Minister Beata Szyd這 joined Belt and Road Forum

The Belt and Road Initiative is a concept that will shape China's foreign policy for the next four decades. The project refers to the historic Silk Road, the way through which Chinese goods were transported to Europe.

PAIH Executive Vice President Senger: We need stronger involvement of private sector, both in investment and trade

“Poland joined the group of countries that see opportunities in developing new, dynamic economic relations under the Belt and Road”, said Prime Minister of Poland, Beata Szyd這. She also added that from Polish point of view, it is crucial that the initiative will bring project with additive value for the Polish economy. “The Belt and Road is perceived as a implementation of the strategic partnership that has been connecting the two countries since 2011”, remained Krzysztof Senger, PAIH Executive Vice President who presented his speech during the Belt and Road Forum. It is Poland, where the first railway connection linking Central Europe with China was established just after the concept of Belt and Road had been introduced”, Senger explained refereeing to 鏚 - Chengdu cargo railway connection.

Krzyszfor Senger vists headquatars of Sinosure to sign letter of intent with this Chinese public insurer

“By participating in the project, Poland hopes to gain new contracts, new partners around the world and enter new markets. We also hope that due to our involvement in the Belt and Road, Poland will become the central logistic hub in Europe, while such places as Gda雟k and 鏚 will be considered as important trade and transport centres on a global scale”, Mr Senger said.

Meeting with China Investment and Promotion AgencyRozmowy o wspieraniu polskich i chi雟kich inwestycji w China Investment and Promotion Agency

More information: www.paih.gov.pl/20170515/belt_and_road_forum2017


New Kongsberg Automotive factory near W這clawek
A manufacturer of components and accessories for the automotive industry, Kongsberg Automotive, has decided to set up the next factory in Poland. The new investment will be built in Brze嗆 Kujawski. The estimated value of the project is PLN 150m.

In Poland, the company has been operating for 16 years. The first Kongsberg plant was established in Pruszk闚, while the new factory will be located in Brze嗆 Kujawski, close to A1 motorway. Kongsberg will produce there heating mats, ventilation as well as massage systems. (Kongsberg)

A record year for Katowice SEZ?
2017 might the best year in the history of Katowice SEZ regarding the total value of the investment inflow. The zone has just gave 5 next business permits for new projects worth PLN 650 m in total. The KSEZ plans for 2017 assume the acquisition of 25 new investment projects worth over PLN 1 bn that should bring over 1,000 new jobs to the zone. Due to 12 projects that already entered Katowice SEZ this year, this goal has been almost achieved. The total value of abovementioned investments accounts for PLN 930m.

“Despite the unpredictability of the business, we are optimistic about the effects of our work. Our very good result in the first months of 2017 confirms - what was recently stressed by President of PAIH Mr. Tomasz Pisula - that Special Economic Zones fulfil their tasks”, comments Piotr Wojaczek, President of the Management Board of KSEZ.

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Last week the zone has issued 5 business permits to: Guardian Glass, the American company supported by PAIH, the Italian Sest-Luve and the German Hirschvogel Components in Gliwice, and to the Polish Extral. (KSEZ)


PolisHub invites Silcon Valley to Central Europe
Operating since April 2017, the Foreign Trade Office of PAIH called the PolishHub has launched the CEconnection networking programme encouraging business from the Silicon Valley to cooperate with the Central Europe. It is the first event arranged by the PolishHub and at the same time the first initiative run jointly by foreign trade offices of the V4 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) and Austria located in the Silicon Valley.

The CEconnection initiative has been created to bring Central Europe closer to the Silicon Valley business community and to show the potential of technology companies from V4 and Austria in California. CEconnection meetings is a series of discussion panels open to the public with experts and entrepreneurs from Central Europe.

Experts from V4 countries and Austria talk about Central Europe

"To succeed in the Silicon Valley, it is necessary to know the rules how the Valley operates," explains Maja Kieturakis, the initiator of the CEconnection project, and the head of the PolishHub. As Kieturakis argues, one of the Valley’s principles is building the right image of Polish companies as a mature business partners. “Image is crucial, especially at the very beginning of entering the Silicon Valley. The CEconnection project is well suited for this purpose. Moreover, by communicating together as a region, we strengthen the message about Europe in US”, she adds. Kieturakis also emphasizes that the project aims to reach not only the Silicon Valley but the whole California with its 39 million inhabitants. “That is half of the population of the Central Europe”, she explains.

Maja Kieturakis of the PolishHub with the representative of the Open Austria

The first CEconnection networking has attracted significant number of the local business community. 150 people joined the meeting that was arranged on 16 May in San Francisco. They came to listen to innovators from across the Atlantic. Among the speaker there were Krzysztof Kujawa from Gabi Insurance Manager, Sylwia Gorajek from Valley Talks, Petr Gajdos from Presidio Partners, Hubert Palan from productboard, Daniel Vitary from Be-novative, and Adreas Klinger from Austrian Product Hunt. They talked about the potential of Central European high-tech companies as well as programmes supporting transatlantic cooperation.

To learn more about the initiative, visit: twitter.com/CE_connection


The US Trade Office of PAIH, called the PolishHub, is located in Rocket Space - one of the most advanced and recognised business accelerators in the world. The PolishHub promotes and supports Polish high-tech companies interested in expanding into the Silicon Valley - the global startup and innovation hub and a home to such technology giants as Apple, Google and Facebook. PolishHub offers a variety of services. It is responsible for establishing contacts with local businesses and institutions, as well as providing access to some of the largest venture capital funds in the world. The office will also create and make available a complex database of information, necessary to support Polish companies attracted by the US market. The PolishHub also offers an office space for start-ups from Poland in the RocketSpace accelerator. One can use the office there during the first three months after entering the local market. However, some basic terms and conditions set by RocketSpace have to be fulfilled by new tenants.

Contact with the PolishHub:

Maja Kieturakis
180 Sansome Street, San Francisco, California, 94104, United States
tel.: +1 (650) 580-6352
e-mail: sanfrancisco@paih.gov.pl
www: usa.trade.gov.pl


Polish - Singapore Business Forum
PAIH and Singapore Business Federation invite media and companies in Poland to the Polish - Singapore Business Forum that will be arranged on the occasion of the official visit of the President of Singapore in Poland, Mr Tony Tan. The meeting will be held on 22 May at 3 pm in Warsaw Hilton Hotel (Grzybowska 63).

The Forum will be attended by Presidents of both countries, Mr Andrzej Duda and Mr Tony Tan that will be accompanied by business representative from Singapore.

After the forum, B2B session has been scheduled.

FutureTech Congress
On 24-25 May 2017 Warsaw will host FutureTech Congress. The event is hold under patronage of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

The congress will bring together key players of the rapidly expanding fintech/insure-tech/Big Data industries. including start-ups.

More information: www.ftcongress.com

Mission to Mozambique
KIG and the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) invite you to join the mission to Maputo in Mozambique which will take place on 2-7 July 2017.

The Mission to Maputo is a great occasion to learn about new business opportunities in Mozambique and find potential trade partners in the market. The most important and promising sectors in the country are: mining, energy, machine, processing and IT industries; agriculture; fishing; tourism and infrastructure investments.

The trade mission will be strongly focused on B2B meetings and individual sessions with potential business partners, according to each company's profile, that will include meetings about local tax laws, certification and procedures.

To attend, please fill in the on-line form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUXoooXzblyp1k8bjOdrJj-k3_VFt8faviwAsMXT_f5X3fWw/viewform

More information is available by: Weronika Gwiazda, PPCC: weronika@ppcc.pl, +48 539 728 680.

1st USA-Europe Shared Services Awards and Summit
PAIiH took the patronage over the 1st USA-Europe Shared Services Awards and Summit that will be hold on 28 June 2017, New York.

Central Eastern Europe continues to attract American interested in substantial cost savings and world-class talents. Indeed 50% of the global investment in the SSC sector in CEE is from American companies. We believe that the CEE region is a compelling proposition for US “mid-market” firms not yet present in the region.

At this inaugural USA-Europe SSC Awards Gala, we expect nearly 150 guests with more than 40 being American firms interested in setting up or expanding their existing business services centres in central Europe. The Awards Gala will be preceded by a Summit of discussion panels covering the shared services and IT outsourcing sector in CEE.

The one-day Summit and Awards Gala is a very efficient way for US “mid-market” firms to explore the possibilities and meet a large number of existing American companies active in the CEE region.

For more information please contact:

Maria Ponomareva maria@biznespolska.pl


Foreign investments: Poland among the leaders
As defined by fDi Intelligence, Poland was ranked the fifth destination in Europe for greenfield investment, with the pace of growth second only to Hungary. The result of Poland is better than in such large economies as Turkey or Spain.

According to fDI Intelligence, last year, contribution of Poland in the total amount of foreign investment in Europe grew by 6% (compared to 3% in 2015), while the value of new investments in Poland in 2016 increased by 74%. That is the second best result, after Hungary (78%). The UK remains the European leader, with USD 34.8 bn invested by foreign companies but at the same time with the decline of the FDI value by 40% y/y. The decrease of value was also recorded in Germany (-26%), Spain (-23%) and Russia (-8%).

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PAIH president Tomasz Pisula believes, that the increasing activity of foreign investors in Poland is due to several factors: the own currency, large market and good quality of labour force in Poland. However, Pisula says, to maintain a high inflow of foreign investments, some changes in technical education should be considered. “As we wish to have more good jobs in high-tech companies, we need a better availability of talents. We should then promote professions that require technical knowledge and engineering studies. Therefore, we will be able to acquire further investments that will contribute to the innovativeness and competitiveness of the Polish economy”, Pisula explains.

PAIH data confirm a revival in investments. The Agency currently runs 185 investment projects worth EUR 4.9 bn, which lead to the creation of 56,727 new jobs in the future. In 2017, the Agency has already completed 30 investments worth a total of EUR 349 m, thanks to which 6,653 new jobs will be created in Poland. Both, in terms of the value and new jobs creation, current results are better than those achieved in the same period of last year. That might be a preview of a very successful year for investments.

fDi Intelligence is a specialist division from The Financial Times providing industry leading insight and analysis on crossborder expansion and investments. Rzeczpospolita daily is an unique Polish partner of the publication. (PAIH)

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