June 5th, 2014,
 Issue 385


Optimism grows among employers
The economic growth is a main driver of the optimism among Polish entrepreneurs. It also impacts on the improvement of the situation on the Polish labour market. The number of companies that declare the will to increase the level of employment has grown by 30% year on year. Those are the main outcomes of the recent Randstad’s and TNS’ survey.

The latest edition of the quarterly "Plans of Employers" survey show that 37% of businessmen predicts the economic growth during the incoming second part of the year. Meanwhile, a year ago only 14% of respondents expected the growth of the national economy.

The positive economic trends are reflected in the economy condition of companies. The survey shows that 62% of responders assess the company’s current financial situation as good or very good. Only 7% of surveyed companies describe their financial situation as bad or very bad.

At the beginning of summer one can also expect the positive trends in terms of employment market. After the impressive great increase of new job creation at the beginning of the year, now up 26% of the 1,000 surveyed entrepreneurs confirmed their will to hire new employees during the next six months. It is the second quarter in the row with the growing rate of planned employment and one of the highest in the past four years. Comparing to the same period of the last year, it has increase by 1/3. Among the companies that declare the increase of employment, the majority comes from: industrial sector and construction sector (28% each), as well as real estate and business services providers (27% each).

Since the beginning of the year, every third company has increased salaries of its employees - it is about 1/3 more than last year. However, plans for the incoming months are more reticent - in the summer and autumn only 19% of employers plan to increase salaries.

Facts confirming the positive trends in the Polish employment market were presented by minister Kosiniak - Kamysz. Since January, the unemployment went down by 1.5% reaching 12,5%, whereas the number of unemployed decreased below 2 million. Minister predicts that the unemployment should be less than 12%. (PAIiIZ/Randstad)

Perspectives for the Eastern Poland Macro-region
For the fourth time, Kielce held the Eastern Poland Macro Region Forum - the region where due to PAIiIZ support €1.415 billion has been invested during last ten years.

While opening the Forum, PAIiIZ deputy president Bożena Czaja summarised the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme 2009-2014. During the past decade - she said - PAIiIZ supported 484 investment projects. 45 of them were located in five provinces of Eastern Poland. The total value of these projects reached €1.415 billion and the number of new jobs created due to them was 8055. Until recently 320 companies took part in the programme and benefited from it by the significance increase of exports. Moreover, 200 of them declare the will to further increase of employment.

PAIiIZ members of the Boar while welcoming Jerzy Buzek oraz Günter Verheugen (source: COI Świętokrzystkie)

During the Forum participants discussed issues related to the new EU perspective for 2014-2020 and to the future of such industries as: the food, machine - metal and real estate sectors. Participation in the Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland Programme allowed regions to the development of clusters - including the Aviation Valley in Subcarpathian region and lingerie sector in Podlaskie. Former EU Commissioner Günter Verheugen, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Economy Andrzej Dycha and PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman present at the event summed up 10 years of Poland in the European Union. As Mr Majman argued, the decade of the presence in the EU has helped Poland to build a modern society, influenced the civilization progress and has contributed to the amazing technological improvement.

4th Forum of Eastern Poland gathered 250 participants. The event is co-financed by the European Union.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140603/perspectives_for_the_eastern_poland_macro-region(PAIiIZ)


Five new investments
Kraków Technology Park issued next permits to conduct business in Kraków Special Economic Zone. In total, companies plant to invest PLN 46 m and create 39 new jobs.

This is the second investment permit for PROTECH. Under the investment the company plans to spend PLN 20 m to build a warehouse, buy a machine park and create 2 new jobs.

Two companies - Frapol and Allpro will invest in Niepołomice subzone. They both will build production halls and equip them with modern machinery. Frapol plans to spend about PLN 15m, and will create 10 new jobs. Allpro plans to invest PLN 6 m and hire 12 new employees.

Unimetal Recycling specialising in recovery of precious metals to use them in the process of production of automotive catalytic converters, will invest PLN 3m and create 10 new jobs. Under the investment of Strobos a new plant of warning lamps will be built. The investment costs have been estimated at PLN 2 m. The company will employ five new employees.

Since the beginning of the year, Kraków Technology Park issued 14 permits to conduct business. (PAIiIZ)

New investments in EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN
In EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN Special Economic Zone in Tarnobrzeg investors will launch projects worth in total about PLN 200m. They also plant to create 80 new jobs. The Industrial Development Agency issued five new business permits.

ATI ZKM Forging and ALSECO together will invest PLN 159m and employ at least 60 people. ATI ZKM Forging will modernise and expand its production line of chassis’ components, aviation engines and locomotive diesel engines. On the other hand, ALSECO will build a metal foundries plant in the zone.

By investing PLN 24m, Marma Plast will build a production hall and warehouse facility and modernise the existing buildings. The company also plants to employ 10 people.

Alumetal Poland and Danpol Danielak will invest about PLN 13.5m and create 6 new jobs. Alumetal Poland will launch the production of master alloys while Danpol Danielak will produce plastic caps for pharmaceutical industry and other clients. (ARP)

Six investors in the Łódź SEZ
Six companies will provide investment projects in Łódź SEZ worth in total PLN 102.5m. Together they will create 105 new jobs.

For the second time, SFB Polska received a permit to conduct business. This time the company will spend PLN 5m to buy an equipment for the newly built production hall and warehouse. New research laboratory will be also opened there. 10 new employees will find a job there. The second investor - Meyer Tool IGT will produce the turbines and components for the aerospace industry there. The investment costs are estimated at PLN 20.6m. 30 new workers will be employed there. In Subzone Radom Logistyka 24 will offer its logistic services supplying Inter Cars in Warsaw with spare parts for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The investment will costs PLN 1.5m. Due to that at least 10 new employees will be hired.

CEDROB operating in the meat processing industry will provide the investment project worth PLN 40m and will hire 30 new employees. For the second time Grupa Paradyż - one of the leading Polish produces of ceramic floor tiles and porcelain stoneware will to invest in the zone. The company declared the will to spend over PLN 25 and to recruit at least 10 new employees. Kapela - the producer of innovating LED lighting systems will invest PLN 4.5m and employ at least 20 new employees. (ŁSEZ)

Warmia and Mazury SEZ gets bigger
On 3 June, the Council of Ministers adopted a regulation expanding the area of the Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone. More than 30 hectares of land will be included to the zone and three new investments will be provided there. In total, new investors will spend PLN 435m and create 360 new jobs.

The largest dairy cooperative in Poland - MLEKPOL plans to establish milk and whey processing plant in Mragowo and implement new technologies there. The company will spend PLN 130m, and will employ 90 people. On the other hand POLMLEK operating in the same sector as MLEKPOL, is preparing to invest PLN 150m in Lidzbark and hire 70 new employees. The company plans to purchase the most modern technological production lines for drying whey. The third investor - ILS that is a part of the Inter Cars group - one of the leaders of car components’ supplier, plans to create a modern, logistics centre that will provide the Group's logistics operations in Poland and Europe. To do that the company is planning to invest PLN 155m and employ 200 people. (www.premier.gov.pl)

Three new investments in Wałbrzyska SEZ
Nearly PLN 185m will be invested and 98 new jobs will be created by three companies in Wałbrzyska SEZ.

Polish company Vasco Doors will build a production hall and equip it with the production lines for door frames and furniture components manufacturing. The value of investments will reach

PLN 10m. 8 jobs will be created by Vasco Doors. The second investor, Libra will spend PLN 15 m and create 10 new jobs. Under the investment the company plants to build new production facilities. The third company, Umicore Autocat Poland will build a catalytic converters plant. Belgian company will create 80 new jobs. The investment will costs PLN 160m. (WSSE “Invest-Park”)

New investment in Starachowice SEZ
CERRAD will invest PLN 70m in Starachowice SEZ for the development of the company’s plan and the creation of 10 new jobs.

The project is dedicated to the expansion of a ceramic tiles production. The project should be completed by 2018. (Starachowice SEZ)

Subzone Starachowice (source: Starachowice SEZ)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


On 10-11 June, the National Stadium will held the IT Future Fair Expo

During the event, 100 exhibitors from Poland and Europe will present their innovative technologies of software and hardware solutions.

Participation in the event is free.

Innovative Group is the organiser of the Expo. PAIiIZ took patronage over the event.

More information: www.itfuture.pl. (Innovative Group)

2nd Waterways Expo 2014
2nd Inland Shipping and Water Management International Exhibition and Conference will be held on 10-12 June 2014 in Bydgoszcz. The event is an excellent platform for exchanging information, presenting solutions and key competences for the proper completion of investment projects.

The event consists of panel discussions and exhibition. Representatives of such public institutions as the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime has been invited to the Waterways Expo.

More information: www.waterways.ztw.pl. (ZTW)

Manufacturing Excellence Awards

Between 10 and 11 June, the InterContinental Hotel will held the Manufacturing Excellence Awards & Strategy Summit. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

During this year’s Excellence Awards gala, prizes will be given in five categories: production innovation; plant management; Information Technologies (IT) for Manufacturing; Sustainability and Environment; Business and Science.

For more information visit: www.ManufacturingAwards.eu. (Europaproperty)

How to participate in the World Bank tenders?
PAIiIZ and the World Bank in collaboration with the Polish Confederation Leviatan organise workshops for experts representing consulting companies. The meeting will be held on 23 June in PAIiIZ.

The meeting is dedicated to professionals and consultants representing financial advisory sector with the fluent knowledge of English as well as advanced in providing projects co-financed by the EU founds, who are interested in the expansion to foreign markets through participation in projects financed by the World Bank.

Applications will be accepted until June 15 at www.paiz.gov.pl/seminarium_PSLO.

The programme is available on: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140623/jak_uczestniczyc_w_przetargach_banku_swiatowego. (PAIiIZ)

Polish-Dutch Economic Forum
On 25 June, on the occasion of the official visit of his Majesty King Wilhelm Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Maxima, the National Stadium in Warsaw will host Polish-Dutch Economic Forum. Participation in the event has been confirmed by president of Poland Bronisław Komorowski.

The official visit of the king will be accompanied by a business delegation representing energy, agriculture, logistic and water management sectors. After the plenary session B2B meetings between Polish and Dutch entrepreneurs will be held. The Forum is organised by Ministry of Economy, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Nederlands and PAIiIZ.

The registrations to the forum until 18 June by www.paiz.gov.pl/Polska-Holandia.

Media acreditiation is available until 23 June by www.paiz.gov.pl/Holandia_media.


Unemployment goes down
According to the latest Eurostat data, the unemployment rate in the euro zone in April 2014 reached 11.7% and was 0,3% lower than in April 2013.

In April, the unemployment rate in EU reached 10.4% whereas in the same period of 2013 it was 10.9%. In comparison, in Poland the unemployment rate was estimated at the level of r 9.7% in April 2014 compared to 10.6% in April 2013. (Eurostat)

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