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Almost half of the region’s area - 48 % - is woodland, there are about 500 lakes, many castles, palaces and manor houses; which are often hidden away in remote places and which even today are outstandingly beautiful. A particularly interesting historical object can be found at Kożuchów, which has the longest defensive walls in Europe. The Lubuski Voivodship lays on Poland’s western border with Germany, east of the Odra River. The towns have favourable locations, particularly for developing economic cooperation with Germany (14 border crossings). A characteristic economic feature is the presence of industrial plants in small towns, villages and even in the countryside, as is the fact that 94% of economic entities operate in the private sector.

The Lubusz region has historically belonged to various nation states. The region has been a crossroads, influenced by the Polish, German and Czech cultures. Today it is famous due to the Polish-German International Friendship Rally and the Four Wheel Drive Car Championships. The voivodship’s structure, the numerous forests and the relatively sparse population compared to the rest of the nation, means that it’s the ideal place to organize and stage spectacular events and sports. The extensive rivers and lakes make it perfect for water sports and recreation, while Aeroklub Lubuski provides ideal facilities for flying. Cycling enthusiasts have access to many bike trails, which have been created as a result of EU assistance.

The location on the East-West axis is the driving force for the region’s future development.

Investment opportunities

  • The well developer road and rail network, many order crossings (road, railway and river check points) enable the swift transfer of goods,
  • Close proximity to the large Western EU markets,
  • Many institutions and firms to actively support business and economic cooperation with neighboring countries,
  • Dynamic growth in the private sector,
  • A large number of companies that are partially owned by foreign capital, when compared to other regions,
  • The possibility of obtaining gas from local suppliers and also from international gas pipelines,
  • An unspoilt environment, favourable to the development of tourism and agro-tourist enterprises.

Timber industry

A favourable climate, the necessary raw material, a well developed technical infrastructure relating to the wood industry (many saw mills and furniture factories), and a well established post war tradition has meant that this sector of industry has become the region’s calling card.

Large reserves of experienced personnel in wood working, carpentry and upholsterers, many sub-contractors making furniture and wood based products in this sector, has led to the steady growth of the industry and the presence of many foreign companies.

The electrical industry

There are many trained workers, relatively low wages compared to the rest of the nation and a large number of vehicle part and component manufacturers, which has resulted in the region being a favourable place for the electronics sector’s development.

Another crucial factor is the support available from the region’s local authorities and general business institutions for this sector.

Food processing

The voivodship has several positive natural qualities related to the agricultural industry. These conditions supported by the well developed transport and communications infrastructure and the attractive supply outlet, has meant that the region has become increasingly attractive to investors from the food industry.

The well established agricultural traditions, supported by a well developed and cheap supply of labour has led to a rapid development of the food industry in recent years.

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