October 8th, 2009,
Number 143




Investors' guide "Investing in Poland 2010"

The guide “Investing in Poland 2010” was presented on October 7th on a conference organised in the PAIiIZ Information Centre. The publication was prepared by “Warsaw Business Journal” in co-operation with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and Poland-based bilateral chambers of commerce.

The guide offers an analysis of the Polish macroeconomic situation and the administrative organisation in Poland. In the publication readers will find information on all Polish regions, the 14 special economic zones and industrial technology parks together with useful contacts.

Conference devoted to the presentation of investors' guide “Investing in Poland 2010”. Panellists from the left: Jacob Brouwer, Peter Tærø Nielsen, Tomasz Urbańczyk, Roman Rewald, Martin Oxley, Blade Berry, Sławomir Majman and Andrew Kurth (Source: PAIiIZ)

A discussion panel held during the inaugurating conference was chaired by Andrew Kureth, editor-in-chief of the “Warsaw Business Journal”. Panellists agreed that it is the strategic location, the size of the country, Poland’s membership in the EU and its economic and political stability that constitute the bunch of the country' major advantages. Peter Tærø Nielsen, Chairman of the Skandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce emphasised that Poland indeed is the leading European economy as evinced by the most important economic indicators. Paradoxically due to the global economic downturn Poland could fully show its resistance to the global economic havoc. According to Tomasz Urbańczyk, Chairman of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce investors from Germany often opt for Poland as the first investment destination due to low failure risk. People constitute another important advantage of the country. In his description of Polish people Martin Oxley, Chief Executive Officer at the British Polish Chamber of Commerce emphasised such qualities as entrepreneurship, flexibility, qualifications and ambition. Jacob Brouwer, Member of the Management Board at the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce added that the Polish investment infrastructure and structural funds allocated to the country by the European Union also count among vital factors in foreign investors’ decision making process.

In turn Roman Rewald, Chairman of the American-Polish Chamber of Commerce indicated that despite the vast economic changes which have been taking place in Poland for the last years, there are still some development limiting barriers to overcome. Mr Rewald stressed the need to limit bureaucracy, streamline the decision and administration processes and reform Poland’s legal system. Blade Berry, editor-in-chief of the publication “Investing In Poland 2010” from “Warsaw Business Journal” focused on the need to improve Poland's on-line presence through the creation of multilanguage websites, quick reaction to investors’ inquires and easier access to data bases. Sławomir Majman, PAIiIZ President, emphasised that Poland needs to challenge the widespread stereotypical tendency which places Poland in the context of the Central and Eastern European countries. In fact, the country differs considerably from the CEE countries and should rather be seen primarily as a member of the European Union, what is especially important for Asian investors.  (PAIiIZ)

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The Minister of Economy, Waldemar Pawlak during his speech
at the Forum in Astana

Polish-Kazakh Economic Forum

The Forum took place in Kazakhstan’s capital city - Astana on October 2nd, 2009. The official opening of the Forum was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy - Waldemar Pawlak and Minister of Industry and Trade - Jerchat Iskalijew.

In his opening speech Minister Pawlak emphasised that the two countries do have a lot in common in the field of economy. Both countries continue with coal-based electric energy production - in Kazachstan it is 80% and in Poland 90% of the total energy produced. - We are interested in modernising the electrical power engineering and in developing new investment projects in the field - added Minister Pawlak. Moreover, the Minster emphasised that there is a wide range of possibilities to be exploited in the realm of technology and science and opportunities to establish contacts also through student exchange programmes. Minister Iskalijew also clearly signalled Kazakhstan’s openness to co-operation with Poland - We can share our knowledge and know-how through technology transfer schemes in the area of energy engineering as well as exchange rich experiences gained in the machine and oil industry. We are also interested in introducing Polish technologies, among others concerning farming, into our market. The Kazakh Minister informed also that his Ministry has been working on a package of acts which are designed to improve investment conditions for foreign entrepreneurs, including the so called “Investor’s passport”. - We want to eliminate all administrative obstacles which hamper investment process by the year 2030 - addend the Minister.

Polish and Kazakh Forum participants

Polish delegation consisted also of high ranking Polish government representatives and presidents of PAIiIZ and PARP. The official government delegates were accompanied by representatives of Polish business and science circles as well as Polish R&D centres - 63 companies in total. The forum enjoyed a good turnout also on the part of Kazakhstan-based companies (70 participants). During the Forum Polish and Kazakh businesspeople had the opportunity to participate in bilateral meetings. “Round tables” were organised to discuss issues connected with the construction sector, crude oil and gas, coal, food industry, equipment for road works, power engineering, railway transport and logistics, health care, higher education establishments and R&D centres, machine building and heavy industry and harbour infrastructure.

The Forum served as an opportunity to conclude three agreements: between the Confederation of Polish Employers and the Employers’ Confederation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Polish-Kazakh Trade and Industry Chamber and the Trade and Industry Chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and two companies - the Dressta and Awia. (PAIiIZ)

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Kzakh hostess during the opening of the exhibition in Astana (Source: PAIiIZ)

Polish jewellery design in Kazakhstan

The best samples of Polish jewellery designs have been showcased on an exhibition “Designed in Poland - Amber and Silver Time” which has been taking place between October 2nd and 12th in Astana. The exhibition was prepared by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency in co-operation with the Legnica Art Gallery.

The aim of the exhibition is to turn attention on the characteristics of the Polish gold design and to promote the Polish jewellery artworks among Kazakh visitors. All the presented works effectively combine amber and precious metals with modern design. Visitors were presented with an illustrated catalogue containing information on the displayed objects and their photos. There is also a possibility to take part in a contest for the most interesting objects of the exhibition and win a prize sponsored by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

The exhibition was officially opened by Waldemar Pawlak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Rapie Żoszybajew, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Kazachstan. The event was prepared by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and formed part of the Prime Minister’s official visit to a session of the Polish-Kazakh Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Co-operation in Astana. (PAIiIZ)


From the left: Rapie Żoszybajew - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Waldemar Pawlak - Minister of Economy, Sławomir Majman - PAIiIZ President and Monika Szpatowicz - curator of the exhibition (Source: PAIiIZ)

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Randstad: employers with no plans to shed jobs

A Randstad and TNS OBOP survey of employers’ plans shows that 84% of companies have no plans to reduce employment of steady workers and 90% do not consider slashing temporary jobs. On October 6th Randstad presented results of the latest research during a conference co-organised by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

The surveys' authors claim that symptoms of an economic upturn can already be clearly felt in Poland . The percentage of companies which do not consider axing the number of employees has been increasing  - a sign that labour market has been heading for stability. Usually it is the trends characteristic for temporary work that are the best indicators of general employment situation. - The percentage of companies which were not able to assess their temporary workers policies fell considerably from 22% to 5% - said Kajetan Słonina, Randstad’s Director General in Poland - In comparison with May 2009 the percentage of companies which do not think about changes in their temporary employment structure has risen substantially (from 62% to 80%). The number of companies which declare to maintain the current level of employment rose among companies which hire between 50 and 249 people (64% to 84%) - added Słonina.

From left: Katarzyna Furman - TNS OBOP, Kajetan Słonina - Randstad, Agata Mężyńska - PAIiIZ S.A. and Roma Głowacka - Randstad (Fot.: PAIiIZ)

Moreover, 89% of the surveyed companies do not plan to cut salaries. The majority (76%) wants to maintain the current level and 13% estimate that salaries should rise. Randstad and TNS OBOP investigated also in what mood are the entrepreneurs regarding the current economic situation in Poland. While 47% of the respondents is of the opinion that the crisis should end within the year, 23% think Poland has not been hit by the downturn. Falls also the number of people expecting recession and increases the percentage of those who believe in upcoming stagnation (58%) and economic growth (26%).

Despite all appearances the Polish labour market stays attractive for employers. - Latest Eurostat data shows the level of unemployment in Poland stays below the European average and labour costs, although higher than in the past, when taking into account the inflation indicator have not been overpriced. - emphasises Agata Mężyńska, Head of the PAIiIZ Economic Information Department.

The survey was conducted in September this year and covered 300 companies hiring more than 10 persons each. Former editions of the survey were run in February and May 2009 and in November 2008 . (Randstad/PAIiIZ)

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Conference "Structural Funds for investment - A chance for development of regions"

The conference served as an opportunity to discuss possibilities of obtaining financial suport from EU funds in the financial framework 2007-2013 ( Operational Programme - Innovative Economy, Infrastructure and Environment and Regional Operational Programmes). The meeting was held on October 2nd at the PAIiIZ Information Centre.

The conference was organised by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency in co-operation with the Ministry of Regional Development.

Conference chairmen from the left: Dariusz Witkowski, the Confederation of Polish Employers; Dobiesław Świerzawski, PAIiIZ and Jakub Moskal PARP (Source: PAIiIZ)

Discussion panel during the conference consisted of representatives from the Confederation of Polish Employers, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Ministry of Economy, the Institute for Oil and Renewable Energy, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and Mazowsze EU Programmes Implementation Unit.

The meeting served as an opportunity to discuss solutions for excessive bureaucracy, financial barriers, limited system flexibility, insufficient transparency of application procedures and the lack of clear procedure interpretation. All participants received the latest edition of a guide to operational programmes for 2007-2013 - “European funds for entrepreneurs” prepared by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the Ministry of Regional Development. (PAIiIZ)

To find out more visit (polish version): www.paiz.gov.pl/nowosci/?id_news=2230


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"Investment Opportunities in Lublin"

Adam Wasilewski, Mayor of the Lublin city and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency invite to a conference “Investment Opportunities in Lublin”.

The meeting will be held on October 20th, 2009 at PAIiIZ, 12 Bagatela Str., Warsaw.

Conference invitation and programme is available here.

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Italians invest in Kutno

Italian Lampre will construct a PLN 96 mln worth production facility manufacturing metal sheets for domestic appliances. The investment will be located in the Kutno-based sub zone of the Łódź Special Economic Zone. The new facility is expected to offer employment to 100 - 120 persons.

All necessary procedures connected with business activity permission were completed in September. The investor has been waiting for the permission to be officially handed over. The new factory will be constructed within the next two years.

Among Kutno's major attracting features there is the city's favourable location in the centre of Poland together with its good road and railway tracks. At the moment Lampre has been supplying a number of companies from Central Europe and transporting its goods from Italian Monza which undoubtedly results to be a costly and long-lasting process. Also the technical infrastructure available in the Kutno-based investment lots, which are equipped with all kind of utilities, played a role in the selection of the place. The city invested around PLN 15 mln in the zone’s technical infrastructure so far. Undoubtedly the fact that several other Italian companies also opted for Kutno influenced the investor’s decision - said Kutno’ s president Zbigniew Burzyński.

View of the Kutno sub zone in the Łódź SEZ (Source: UM Kutno)

Kutno has already been chosen by 14 other investors which means it is the second best, after Łódź, sub zone in terms of attracted investors. Jointly the investments’ value exceeded half a billion PLN and the declared employment should reach over 1000 by the year 2010. Thus far companies which have been operating in the sub zone offered employment to around 550 people.

Among those who opted for Kutno as an investment destination there are such companies as: Kofola (Czech Republic), DS. Smith (the UK), Fuji Seal (Japan), Sirmax (Italy), PolyOne (the USA), Libner Polska (France). There are also facilities which have currently been expanded e.g. factories owned by UMA Investments (Kellogg’s subsidiary USA) and PrintPack (USA). There is a group of investors who have been preparing to start construction of their facilities in the zone, among them, Tesalca (Spain), Profilpas (Italy), K-Flex (Italy) C. Hartwig (Poland) and Enginova (Spain). (UM Kutno)

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Polish food product export excess accounted for EUR 1.3 billion

Polish food product export excess accounted for EUR 1.3 mld and exceeded import after the first seven months of the year.

Last year’s balance in the same time of the year was positive but the excess accounted for EUR 0.7 mld. Should current economic tendencies stay unchanged, the excess for the whole 2009 may reach even EUR 2.6 mld, estimates the Ministry of Economy. The food and farming industries rank among the least crisis hit sectors. Despite the global downturn demand on Polish food continues high. (Dziennik Gazeta Prawna)

  • Exchange rates (as of 08.10.2009):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Vote for the best projects within the East Poland Development Programme

The best project run in the frame of the East Poland Development Programme will be selected in an internet contest organised by the Ministry of Regional Development. Votes can be cast till October 16th.

Internet users are entitled to one vote daily. In order to cast your vote visit www.przymierzsie.pl The best project will be promoted in a nationwide promotion campaign which will cover the biggest and most influential paper titles in Poland e.g. “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Newsweek”, “Polityka”, “Wprost”,“Przekrój”, and “Tele Tydzień”. Contest results will be published on the contest’s official website on October 17th.

The competition covers 113 projects from 5 Polish regions located in the Eastern part of the country which were put on the individual project list within the Operational Programme - East Poland Development (OP-EPD) and those which were selected in finance contest (as of September  27th, 2009). All the projects have been co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund in the frame of (OP-EPD). Among the projects there are undertakings run in the field of road construction and modernisation, tourism, urban transport, infrastructure development for local enterprise and local higher education establishments. To find out which project attracts most attention visit www.przymierzsie.pl. (www.przymierzsie.pl ,  Ministry of Regional Development)

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Investors' focus on Warsaw

Plans to invest? Warsaw’s the option - claim foreign investors surveyed by Cushman & Wakefield. The well-known global research company has just published its latest „European Cities Monitor 2009” report.

The Polish capital city classified first among the cities which in the upcoming five years may count on the highest amounts of new investors. While last year there were 28 companies which considered investing in Warsaw, this year the number rose to 36. Warsaw came before Moscow, which was winning the ranking for the last two years, and among others, Bucharest and Prague.

- We are pleased with the results as they show improvement in Warsaw’s image as a possible investment destination for the biggest investment projects - said Warsaw’s Deputy President Jarosław Kochaniak.

Warsaw has also classified on high 3rd position in terms of business climate created by government (here the best were Dublin and Geneva) and in respect of the value for office space in relation to its standards (Birmingham and Leeds came respectively first and second in the category).

In the overall ranking i.e. covering all the criteria (standard of living, quality of telecommunication services, location, accessibility and workers’ reputation, office space renting costs, etc.) Warsaw ranked on 23rd position, coming before Copenhagen, Vienna, Moscow and Athens. In this year's ranking again the best was London.

The underlying data was researched independently by Cushman & Wakefield. 500 senior executives from leading European companies gave their views on Europe’s leading business cities. (Gazeta Wyborcza / um.warszawa.pl)

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