June 2nd, 2017,
 Issue 540


Inter Cars invests PLN 200m to expand global business
One of the biggest distributors of automotive parts in Europe and the tenth in the world, Poland-based Inter Cars, opened a logistic centre in Zakroczym. The investment, which is worth PLN 200m is expected to increase exports of Polish automotive products offered by the company in global markets.

PAIH Deputy President: Polish business landscape is matured and ready to compete in the global market and to look far beyond the horizon for new business opportunities.

The new Inter Cars’ site in Zakroczym is one of the most innovative fulfilment centres in Poland. Employing of 200 people and implementing new technical solution will allow the company to send 130 million of automotive products outside Poland, yearly. Half of the components offered by Inter Cars was designed and manufactured in Poland.

“Inter Cars shares its global plans with Polish partners. It proves that when acting together, Polish companies can be more effective, especially outside Poland”, said Wojciech Fedko, PAIH Executive Vice President responsible for supporting foreign expansion of Polish companies.

The new Inter Cars’ site in Zakroczym will allow the company to send 130 million of automotive products outside Poland, yearly.

More information: www.paih.gov.pl/20170531/Inter_Cars_invests_PLN_200M_to_expand_global_business

Guardian with the next investment in Poland
American glass producer Guardian Industries decided to invest in Poland with PAIH support, once again. This time, the company will open a BSS centre in Katowice. The opening ceremony of the Katowice office was held on 29 May.

The BSS centre will support the float glass branch of Guardian’s business in Europe. Initially, the company plans to employ 60 people. “Guardian Glass is one of the biggest investment project supported by PAIH from the US, in 2017”, said Krzysztof Senger, Executive Vice President of PAIH during the opening ceremony. “According to the Agency data, it might be really good year for American investors in Poland”, Senger added.

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More information: www.paih.gov.pl/20170529/Guardian_with_next_investment_in_Poland

Nidec is open while Japanese investment are growing
Japanese producer of car parts, Nidec has just opened a production site in the Niepołomice Investment Zone. PAIH has supported the implementation of the project.

Under the €40m-worth investment, 30 new jobs have been created. The opening ceremony of the site that was hosted by the owner of the company, Mr Shigenobu Nagamori, gathered local authorities and representatives of the Japanese embassy in Poland.

Nidec is an example of a recent new wave of Japanese investment projects that Poland is now experiencing. Currently, PAIH is supporting 13 FDI from Japan with a total value of €768 m. It is the increase of a value by over €600m, year on year. Due to that, Japan overtook Germany and now holds the second position - just after the US - regarding the value of FDI from a particular country. If all ongoing Japanese investment will be completed in Poland, one can expect the creation on over 4,000 new jobs, in the country.

Nidec Group specializes and handles motor application products based on "everything that spins and moves," centring around a motor business. (PAIH)


Qingdao meetings
Between 22-24 June, the city of Qingdao (Shantung province) invites companies for the Chinese and Foreign Technical Cooperation and Procurement Negotiation Meeting.

The meeting will be arranged by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China as well as by CCPIT and the Qingdao City Hall. Under the event, B2B sessions will be held with Chinese companies representing such sectors as: IT, textile, pharmacy, automotive and food.

More information: malgorzata.zawisza@paih.gov.pl and wojciech.piwowarski@paih.gov.pl

The economic section of the Polish Embassy in Thailand and PAIH invite all to the matchmaking session with the delegation of the Thai business. The meeting will be held on 13 June, in PAIH (Bagatela 12, Warsaw) and starts at 1:30 pm.

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To join the even, please register using the on-line form on https://goo.gl/forms/uwGQMJSkSxBJjjnG2 or call +22 40 40 340. The registration is open by 9 June.

Szczecin: The logistics-friendly city!
City of Szczecin, Szczecin Metropolis Development Agency and Bluevine Consulting invite you to the conference entitled "Szczecin: The logistics-friendly city”, which will be held on 6 June 2017 in the Science and Technology Park of Szczecin.

The conference is dedicated to all parties interested in information regarding the new sites for logistics and production in Szczecin.

Participation in the event is free of charge, but prior registration is required at http://bluevine.pl/en/konferencja/szczecin-the-logistics-friendly-city

Estonia - the number one on the economic freedom list
PAIH took the patronage over the economic forum dedicated to the trade and investment opportunities in Estonia.

During the meeting, one will learn about the import and export potentials of Estonia, as well as its e-business and e-presidency programmes established in this country. Experts will also speak about the law and tax environment in Estonia.

More information: www.forumestonia.legalmoneyreport.com

6th China Homelife Show and China Machinex
Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn invites all to join 6th China Homelife Show and China Machinex what will be held between 6-8 June in Nadarzyn, close to Warsaw.

During this year's event, organizers will host 1,200 exhibitors from China. At least 60,000 products from various branches: clothing-textiles, furniture, furnishings, electronics, lighting and construction, will be presented at the show. The China Homelife Show will be accompanied by the China Machinex, where Chinese companies will present new  solutions in the machinery, energy and tools industries. For companies from Poland and China a match-making zone will be arranged with free helpdesk translators.

More information: www.chinahomelife.com.pl

Tajwan Trade Mission in Kraków. Join the meeting
Taiwan Trade Centre Warsaw (TAITRA) together with Industrial and Trade Chamber in Kraków, invite you to take part in the trade meetings with the group of 26 companies from Taiwan who will look for new business partners in Poland.

Taiwan is famous from innovations and good quality of highly engineered products. Companies operating in Poland what will join the meeting will be provided with information about business opportunities in Taiwan. The delegation of Taiwan business will be represented by sectors as: machinery, textiles, tools, gifts, electronics, chemistry, IT and automotive.

More information about the delegation is available on http://mission.taiwantrade.com.tw/East Europe („Taiwan Exhibitors” chapter),

The meeting will take place in Qubus Hotel (Kraków) on 13 June and starts at 9:00 am. The access to the meeting is free of charge.

To attend to the meeting, please contact: Dorota Kuziów (dorota@ttcw.it.pl), 22 370 52 10. (TTCW)

AutoEvent 2017
Join this year’s AutoEvent to take part in the largest conference of the automotive sector in Poland and CEE. The event has been arranged since 2005, by the Polish Chamber of the Automotive Industry.

The two-day conference attracts an average of 250 participants from sectors such as car manufacturing, parts and components, materials and prefabricated elements, machinery, equipment and tools, robotics and automation, logistics, software for industrial applications and business financing.

The AutoEvent 2017 will be held between 20-22 June in OSSA Congress & SPA in Rawa Mazowiecka, in Poland. More information: www.autoevent.pl

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