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About usThe Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) supports both the foreign expansion of Polish business and the inflow of FDI into Poland. We also aim to boost the Polish exports. Supporting entrepreneurs, the Agency assists in overcoming administrative and legal procedures related to specific projects as well as helps to develop legal solutions, find a suitable location, reliable partners and suppliers.

The Agency implements pro-export projects such as the Polish Tech Bridges dedicated to expansion of innovative Small and Medium-Sized enterprises. We actively work with leading Polish sectors regarding foreign expansion and offer support for Polish companies on the developing markets. PAIH is also responsible for the promotion of Poland at the incoming World Exposition EXPO Dubai 2020.

To offer a direct assistance for business on site, PAIH has established a system of international support all over the world. The PAIH Foreign Trade Offices comprise a global, constantly expanding network of the Agency's divisions responsible for providing support for Polish exporters and investors who look for the new opportunities overseas. PAIH Foreign Trade Offices are focused on distant markets of rapid growth that represent the greatest potential for Polish companies. The offices have also been designed to attract foreign investors and assist them on their way to set business in Poland.

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

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