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PAIH EXPO 2018 - The First Support Forum for Polish Business Abroad

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

To meet the needs and aspirations of Polish business, PAIH EXPO 2018 - The First Trade & Invest Forum will take place in Warsaw on 25 October 2018. The network of international representative offices of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency is crystallising now, to form a key element of the new model of internationalisation of Polish business, and to provide one of the pillars of the Responsible Development Strategy.

Not only is 2018 a special year to commemorate Poland regaining its independence, but it is also a time when the government's economic policy puts a special focus on the promotion of our country and Polish products or services abroad. Being entrusted with the mission of creating a kind of new corps of economic diplomacy, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency has been working intensively for over a year on building a network of Foreign Trade Offices located across six continents. Pulling on the strength of the synergy of international teams of managers and experts, the Agency creates a new, better quality of customized support for Polish entrepreneurs who have the courage to expand and conquer increasingly distant, but emerging markets.

The general theme of the PAIH EXPO, planned for autumn this year and designed to combine exhibition and educational functions, will be to provide the fullest possible overview of the publicly offered services (especially those of the Foreign Trade Offices of the Agency) addressed to Polish companies in terms of supporting their business activity and implementing projects on foreign markets, in particular - on non-European markets. The young economy needs an in depth and multidimensional education of enterprises on the subject of safe foreign expansion, as well as the introduction of practical knowledge regarding how to conduct business in various, culturally diverse regions of the world.

The target group of the project are Polish small and medium-sized companies which plan to or have already been pursuing foreign expansion. The event will focus on the following core issues: information about the market and priority industries, establishing business relations, identifying potential partners, identifying barriers to entry in various markets, business culture in the target market, available support instruments.

Being an unprecedented event, the Forum aims to fill an educational gap with regard to the administrative tools supporting foreign expansion that are available to Polish business community. In addition to providing solid and up-to-date knowledge, and opening the possibility of sharing good practices, exchanging ideas and gaining contacts, PAIH EXPO has the ambition to become a permanent fixture in the calendar of Polish entrepreneurs and to achieve the status of the most important Polish foreign trade event.

Twelve thematic pavilions, designed in accordance with the geographical key, will ensure that each region of the world will be professionally presented by our local trade office experts, with focus on the key issues for each region. Additionally, there will be a pavilion dedicated to investors, where our employees will advise on the PAIH service package for investors. The form of workshop work should result in obtaining practical and comprehensive knowledge as regards conducting business operations in strictly defined markets. For each of the presented directions three sectoral reports will be delivered during the Forum, describing the characteristics of the sectors with the greatest growth potential in a given country or region, together with a cross-sectional market guide.

In the evening, a networking session will be held, to provide a prologue to intensive, workshop-type subject-focussed sessions that will end with the PAIH EXPO Night with a performance by a music star. It is planned that the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will attend the official ceremonies accompanying the event.

To make the project aesthetically pleasing and to emphasize the innovative side of the Polish economy, the distinguished guests of PAIH EXPO 2018 will be able to admire a modern show in the form of a 3D multimedia mapping with the use of attractive architecture.

PAIH EXPO is a pioneering investment and trade event in Poland, which guarantees:

  • 12 thematic pavilions covering regions across the world
  • Availability of experts from 56 Trade Offices from all continents
  • A pavilion designated for investors
  • 56 practical workshops
  • 168 sector reports and 56 market guides
  • An evening networking session - PAIH EXPO Night
  • Participation free of charge

REGISTRATION for the event

The event is organized in cooperation with the Polish Development Fund (PFR) Group.

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