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30 December 2018

Bohr Technologies among the global quantum leaders

Microsoft announced the partnership with world’s leading start-up telents in quantum technology. Among this group of fourteen global leaders there is a Polish company, Bohr Technologies.

Building and deploying scalable quantum computers will require a community of dedicated partners to advance quantum computing, develop practical applications, and build the quantum workforce of the future, Microsoft annnounced. As the company stated, it has joined forces with organizations that develop quantum technologies all over the globe. Among the community there are: Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), and Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL), as well as our strategic research partnerships with institutions including Purdue University, UC Santa Barbara, the University of Copenhagen, TU Delft, and the University of Sydney.

The global computing leader, Microsoft decided to expand the collaboration and include startups that are driving the quantum industry forward. It is worth stressing that Bohr Technologies is the only Polish company included in Microsoft’s quantum project.

The list of other startups joining the community includes: 1QBit, Cambridge Quantum Computing, Entropica Labs, GTN, OTI Lumionics, ProteinQure, QC Ware, Qulab, QxBranch, Riverlane Research, Solid State AI, Strangeworks, and Zapata Computing.


The new member will have the ability to consult directly with Microsoft’s top researchers, scientists, and engineers working in quantum computing, along with gaining deeper access to the company’s advanced quantum software, tools, and libraries such as the Quantum Development Kit (QDK). Their participation extends to membership in Microsoft for Startups, an exclusive program that provides qualified startups with access to Microsoft technologies, including free Azure cloud, and dedicated go-to-market resources to help them sell alongside our global sales teams and partner channel. These collaborations will be crucial in building the emerging quantum economy and developing a skilled quantum workforce. They represent an important step in our mission to deliver a robust, scalable quantum computer that will take on the toughest challenges we collectively face as a society.

Bohr Technologies is supported by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency that helps the startup to expand it’s business in USA, Canada, Singapore, Israel and other fast developing markets. (Microsoft/ PAIH)


Bohr Technologies during its acceleration program in Creative Destruction Lab in Canada.
In summer 2018 PAIH has supported the comapny in opening the office in Toronto. 

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