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16 November 2021

Live, Work and Invest in Poland

Through the Live, Work, and Invest in Europe series, the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines has continued to connect European countries with the Philippines. Along the exciting journey, ECCP traveled with various C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and academicians who actively participated in the events. Following the series' success, the ECCP continues the informative session by virtually transporting you to Poland.

Live, Work and Invest in Poland

Poland has ranked high among Central and Eastern European countries in terms of investment attractiveness for several years. The Polish economy has been steadily growing since 1991, a feat that sets it apart from the rest of the EU. Stable economic growth, strong internal demand, accessibility to major European markets, access to highly qualified professionals, and ever-improving infrastructure are among Poland's core characteristics, which constantly attract foreign investors. Aside from its strong position as a business-friendly place, Poland is a great option as a work destination because of its low costs of living and available jobs in a range of fields, as well as one of the top international student destinations which provides an enriching cultural experience to incoming students worldwide

The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines in partnership with the Polish Investment & Trade Agency​ and Embassy of Poland in the Philippines, will provide you with the available opportunities waiting for you in Poland, as well as to walk you through the process of investing, trading, working, or studying in the country.

This webinar specifically aims to:

  • Increase awareness on the available opportunities for businesses and individuals interested to explore Poland
  • Provide the latest updates and process on trading and investing
  • Promote creation of Investment and business partnerships with Philippines and Poland
  • Provide opportunity to gain confidence in trading and investing

More information:

LWI Poland

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza St. 50

00-025 Warsaw

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