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27 November 2020

New Logistics and Distribution Center being created in Eastern Poland

The Spanish company CACESA - which along with i.e. Iberia and British Airway is a member of IAG Group - plans to open a logistics and distribution center in Eastern Poland. Based in Małaszewicze and featuring customs services, the center will utilize its access to the Silk Route.

This investment is being carried out with the help of the PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Madrid and is estimated to handle as many as 3 million e-commerce packages - destined for EU markets - in its first year of operation. In the years that follow that volume is expected to increase to 33M and top out at 60M in its fifth year of operation.

The Polish location of CACESA will handle the amounts of goods being imported from China. During its first 3 years of operation the center plans to employee 35 and ultimately hire a total of 60 people.

We’re extremely happy that the project which we started last year hasn’t become one of the casualties of COVID-19. Out of several countries considered by this Spanish company, it was Poland that turned out to be the most attractive location. Considering the bright outlook as far as development of the e-commerce industry around the world is concerned, we’re sure that this isn’t the last investment of its kind in our country - says Grzegorz Słomkowski, executive vice president of Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

CACESA (Compania Auxiliar al Cargo Express SA) is a Spanish company that belongs to the IAG group of airlines - also encompassing British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Level and Vueling. CACESA was the first company to, back in 2009, begin flying packages from China to Latin American and by way of the European Union through its Madrid-based center. Since that time the company has transported millions of packages for its Chinese clients and - in so doing - connected three continents.

In 2015 Cacesa decided to develop its range of services and tools supporting the e-commerce supply chain - it launched a new distribution channel between China, Spain and Brazil. The following year it began to import products from China to Spain on a mass scale and, last year, it started a first-ever international subsidiary located at Liege airport (Belgium). As it turns out, it times of an unexpected boom on the e-commerce market caused by the current pandemic, over 70 million packages will travel through the center in Belgium and Spain by the end of 2020.

We chose Poland for our a long term investment due to the potential of the Polish economy and the strategic location of Poland in Eastern Europe - says Rodrigo Peñas Blázquez, Comercial and Operations Director of CACESA.

The Polish center in Małaszewicze will be the second CESSA location specializing in servicing packages traveling by train. Aside from the investment in Małaszewicze, CACESA plans to open a second office at Warsaw’s Frederick Chopin Airport that will handle e-commerce shipments traveling by air.

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