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3 September 2020

Polish tools in American hypermarkets

The Polish company Comensal will soon have its tools on the shelves of 350 stores in 15 American states. - This contract is the proof of a real increase in the exports of companies from Poland to the US - says Grażyna Ciurzyńska, interim President of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), which supported the Polish manufacturer in its debut on the American market.

The Central Statistical Office (GUS), informed that Polish export of goods to the US in the first half of the year, amounted to EUR 3.5 billion, that is an increase of by 2.3% yoy. During the same period of time, the United States was also the most popular direction for expansion for entrepreneurs cooperating with PAIH. The greatest interest in entering or strengthening their presence on this market was shown by companies from the following industries: construction, agricultural/food, IT, cosmetics, furniture and clothing. - A change in the supply chain to the United States began even before the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why, since the beginning of this year, we have undertaken intensive activities aimed at presenting the products of Polish manufacturers to large retail chains and distributors - emphasizes Grażyna Ciurzyńska, interim President of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

One such company was Comensal, which has been producing construction tools for almost 30 years. The company products are present on most European markets, and soon, with the help of PAIH, it will enter the United States market. The agency led negotiations with the leading DIY store chain in the US. Comensal tools will appear on shelves of 350 stores in 15 states. The first delivery will include two containers with a value of over USD 70,000. That is over PLN 300,000.

Winning a contract on the American market is a breakthrough for our operations abroad. This year, we really wanted to expand our portfolio to include customers from outside Europe . We were afraid that the global pandemic and local, difficult financial and legal conditions would frustrate our plans. Fortunately, we had a trusted partner on our side - the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. I hope that their experts will also help us in the implementation of subsequent projects - emphasizes Wiktoria Skopiak, Comensal's Export Director.

- Poland’s exports of construction and interior finishing materials have taken advantage of the current situation on the American market, where construction/DIY hypermarket chains ended the second quarter of this year with record results. Due to the epidemic, the money normally spent by Americans on, going out to restaurants, vacations and large seasonal clothing purchases, disappeared from the spending list this year. At the top of that list appeared, renovations and modernization of houses as well as beautifying gardens. This is also, largely due to, the change to working from home which will probably apply, only next year. We expect this trend in sales may, to a large extent, be maintained also after the pandemic is brought under control - says Bartosz Szajda, PAIH’s Office Manager in Washington.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency

The agency is working on the next debuts of Polish companies on the American market. Among them there are, among others, the manufacturers of - doors and windows, metal roofs, parquet floors, garden and car accessories, devices for precise measurements and finishing products for kitchens and bathrooms. Their production process takes place entirely in Poland, so companies will be able to fulfill all orders without interruption. This is key from the point of view of the requirements of American importers, for whom, apart from an attractive price, it is primarily important to ensure the safe continuity of supplies. A situation in which empty shelves appear in hypermarkets, due to, disruptions in order fulfillment is a very high cost, which American retail chains must avoid at in the current situation.

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