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20 February 2020

Another Polish company enters the Hungarian market with PAIH’s help.

Grenton, the Polish producer of smart home solutions, has signed a contract with a Hungarian distributor. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) helped the company to finalize this contract. Previously, PAIH supported Grenton in their debut, on the Arabian Peninsula.

The European market for innovative building automation systems is growing rapidly. On the Old Continent, over 20 million homes are already equipped with this type of solution. Hungary is one of the most promising locations for this industry. According to estimates, from the portal, in 2020 almost 4% of Hungarian homes will be equipped with smart home systems. Four years later, this share is expected to reach 13.5%.The Polish company, Grenton smart home system, wants to take advantage of this situation.

We have been around for 10 years and  we have been operating abroad, for over two years. Even in the initial stage. we were able to enter the Lithuanian, Swedish, British and Turkish markets. Last year we decided to make our debut in Hungary - explains Natalia Zimny, Business Development Manager at Grenton.

She goes on to explain, for this purpose, the company contacted the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. - We already had experience of working with PAIH. A very good experience. Thanks to the support of PAIH’s employees, we have concluded a ground breaking agreement with a partner in Dubai and introduced our solution to the Saudi Arabian market - says Natalia Zimny.

PAIH helped Grenton by introducing them to reliable partners. We  developed a database of potential distributors for Grenton and checked their financial condition. We organized two training sessions for Grentons’s management. We also supported them in negotiations with partners on the spot - indicates Marcin Karaskiewicz, the  Hungarian market expert and head of the PAIH sales office in Budapest.

Thanks to the professional help of the Agency’s entire team, we set up a series of meetings and business presentations with local companies, which resulted in the selection of several, who were potentially willing to cooperate both as distributors or dealership - states Natalia Zimny from Grenton.

As a result, Grenton has finalized talks with Power Security Systems Ltd. and thus is entering the Hungarian market. Under the contract, the solutions offered by the Polish company will be installed in over 800 newly built apartments.

In response to market needs, we decided to find a partner offering innovative, high-quality products. The Polish company Grenton turned out to be such a partner. After a series of successful meetings, we decided to establish cooperation with them, as a result of which, we became the sole distributor of their solutions in Hungary - explains Tibor Szava, Technical Director at Power Security Systems Ltd.

Grenton joined the group of over 30 companies that entered the Hungarian market with the help of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Since the beginning of our operation, we have introduced to the Hungarian market mostly companies from the food and construction industries. We are now focusing on the medical sector, especially in the context of new tenders for the supply of equipment for Budapest hospitals. However we are still actively supporting our food sector companies. This year, we have already organized  of a national stand at the SIRHA fair in Hungexpo - sums up Marcin Karaskiewicz, a PAIH expert.

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