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12 February 2020

Polish protective masks will go to China

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) helped Miamed to obtain an order for protective masks in China. The Polish manufacturer of dermocosmetics and protective masks is planning further expansion.

China, which until recently was the main exporter of protective masks, is now struggling with limited access to these products. - Due to the current epidemiological situation in China, we are observing a greater interest in buying masks, gloves and disposable protective clothing. We also get information about a high demand for machines for the production of this type of article - says Andrzej Juchniewicz, head of the PAIH office in Shanghai.

As Andrzej Juchniewicz points out, one of the companies that responded to this demand is a Polish company. Miamed is a producer of dermocosmetics and a distributor of specialized, safe and high-quality masks. PAIH offices in Shanghai and Chengdu introduced the Polish company to our contacts, which led to a contract being signed for over 16,000. masks.

- We helped in price negotiations, informed about cultural conditions and also prepared the necessary export documentation - says Juchniewicz. He explains also that the masks have the highest safety certificate (FFP3) thanks to a HEPA filter.

- Miamed masks are consist of a  filter and an exhalation valve. They are an effective protective barrier against even the smallest particles – such as viruses or bacteria. Air inhaled from the environment passes through a five-layer filtering material, where it is cleaned of harmful particles. Exhaled air is, in turn, removed through the valve and partly through the body of the mask  - explains Anna Madejska, Miamed’s Sales Director.

Cooperation with PAIH, gives above all, a sense of security during trade negotiations. The agency’s employees act as a liaison, give support and guidance - emphasizes Anna Madejska. A representative of the Polish company reveals that Miamed intends to widen its expansion  - Entering China was a big step towards export. We are now conducting talks in Asia, Europe and Saudi Arabia -she adds.

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