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22 January 2020

Polish-Japanese Business Sessions in Tokyo - a report

Cooperation in the field of direct investment, innovation in the energy sector and large infrastructure projects were the topics of the Polish-Japanese business sessions organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) on January 21 in Tokyo. Talks between 21 Polish and 25 Japanese companies were inaugurated by the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki together with Grażyna Ciurzyńska, acting President of PAIH.

Polish-Japanese Business Sessions in Tokyo - a report

During the opening of the investment session Grażyna Ciurzyńska, the acting President of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency pointed out that PAIH has invaluable experience in cooperating with Japanese investors.

We are extremely happy with the trust you place in our country and Polish employees on a daily basis. From here, I would like to thank all the investors who are with us on the Polish market. Especially, Toyota Motor, which has been building a friendly investment climate with us for 20 years, appreciates Polish experts by entrusting them with key management positions -  noted Grażyna Ciurzyńska. She went on to add - We appreciate the contribution of Japanese business to the development of the Polish economy and we look forward to even more dynamic cooperation.

In turn, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized that Poland, as one of two countries in the world, has for 30 years, been developing without a recession. In Poland, we have created conditions for investors that are described by research companies as some of the best in the world - he continued.

During this session, the President of Toshiba Carrier Corporation Toru Kubo announced that they will open the first production and distribution plant in Europe in 2020, which will be located in Gniezno. Its cost will exceed PLN 100 million.

An important goal of the Polish-Japanese session, was to explore the possibility of establishing cooperation in the field of infrastructure projects which will be needed for the construction of the Solidarity Transport Hub Poland (the new airport and railway hub to be built near Łódź). During talks on this subject, the head of the government emphasized that Poland is in a phase of huge infrastructure investments. In the next few years, there will be no larger construction site in Europe, for roads, railways and airports than Poland - Morawiecki said in relation to the investments related to the construction of the Central Communication Port (CPK) in Poland. In response, the Polish side heard the declaration of the deputy head of the Japanese Ministry of Infrastructure Naoki Fujii about his country's readiness to cooperate with Poland in implementing the CPK.

E-mobility, clean coal and hydrogen technologies were at the heart of the talks in the energy session. The Prime Minister emphasized that Poland has an unusual energy mix, but he treats this as an opportunity.

Japan is the most advanced country in the world in the field of energy conversion from coal to gas, maybe this technology is an area in which we will cooperate - said the head of the Polish government, and described cooperation in the field of energy as strategic.

In turn, Hiroshi Kajiyama, Minister of the Economy and Industry, said that Japan is strongly associated with the Polish economy.

The sessions on energy and infrastructure ended with individual talks, during which Polish and Japanese partners were able to discuss in detail  areas of potential cooperation. These Polish-Japanese Business Sessions were the economic component of the visit of the Prime Minister of Poland and his delegation to Japan, organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).

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