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25 October 2019

2nd British Polish IT Forum featuring Ireland

London, United Kingdom
Poland’s global reputation as a great place for doing tech is based on the quantity, intelligence and determination of its young people, who have the perfect skills in maths and problemsolving. Companies from around the world have set up IT hubs in Poland which are delivering outstanding results for them. And Poland does boast a great many of its own IT firms, large and medium-sized as well as impressive fast-growing start-ups.

British Polish IT Forum

This year's Forum will provide a broader focus on the cooperation with the British Isles by featuring Ireland, a long-term and trusted partner of Polish tech companies. Year by year, cooperation between the two countries continues to increase which results in many new investments and interesting projects.

The second edition of this event serves to highlight the benefits that mutual cooperation can bring in for British, Irish and Polish IT companies. Speakers from British and Irish firms with tech operations in Poland will explain why they chose to set up there, while Polish tech firms will showcase some large projects they have undertaken for UK and Irish clients in sectors such as AI, VR, Healthcare, Smart Cities, Imaging, Gaming, FinTech and Insurance.

As well as offering deep insights into why Poland is such a great place for discovering new solutions and resolving chronic issues, this event serves as an opportunity for senior managers from the IT industry of both countries to network. The event is designed to facilitate contact between British and Irish, and Polish IT business, making it easy to identify firms with the technologies you need to achieve your goals through the better use of tech.

This year the Forum will take place in the Google HQ at St. Pancras and will be followed by the Polish Tech Day, the traditional event (since 2015) for Polish start-ups which provides an opportunity to meet the representatives of the widest possible section of the tech industry from both countries.

2nd British Polish IT Forum featuring Ireland:

  • 08:00-14:30, Friday 25 October 2019
  • GOOGLE, Six Pancras Square, King’s Cross,
    London N1C 4AG, United Kingdom

Registratioon for the both events is available via the following link:


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