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30 August 2019

APART opens the first store in Spain with the support of PAIH

PAIH Trade Office located in Madrid has assisted APART, a leading Polish jewelry manufacturer, to open the first store in Spain.

Poland is the world's largest producer of Baltic amber jewelry. It is also among the European leaders in the production of silver jewelry. In 2018, we sold goods of this type abroad for 713.8 million PLN. The main recipients of Polish jewelry were Thailand, Germany and Italy. Spain was also in the top ten of the list, to which we exported jewelry for nearly 12.6 million PLN.

- The Spanish jewelry sector is extremely competitive and dominated by native companies. It is hard to enter the market and stand out. On the other hand, it is very fragmented - the three largest brands have a 20% share in it - notes Wojciech Łopatkiewicz, head of the Trade Office in Madrid.

Creating the own network outside Poland is among the main business targets for the brand's expansion. APART is present in Poland and the Czech Republic. The market that the company targeted in 2018 was Spain. Contacting the PAIH office in Madrid was one of the first steps took in this process. Thanks to the support of PAIH, APART will enter Spanish market almost a year after establishing cooperation.

This is the first investment of APART in Spain. At our request, the PAIH Trade Office did a reconnaissance of the local market, winning the initial business contacts for us. Employees of the office presented our brand as a reliable business partner and promoted our activities in Spain regarding the construction of stationary channels within our own network. We highly value the professionalism, commitment, high quality services and experience of PAIH experts. Without their help, it would be more difficult for us to implement our plans for the local market - says Piotr Rączyński, President of the Board of APART.
Spain Trade Office's cooperation with APART has been going on since October last year. Office experts helped them find the right location for the first store.

PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Madrid began operations in Q2 2018. Since then, it supported over 370 companies, mostly from the food, cosmetics, furniture and interior design industries.

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