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18 July 2019

US and China interested in the Polish yacht sector

"Nearly 95% of all yachts and boats produced in Poland are exported. The domestic industry has been enjoying an unflagging interest of foreign customers since 2009" - says Wojciech Nowicki, expert on yacht industry at the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). American and Chinese investors are particularly interested in the sector, therefore PAIH organized a study tour for them (18-20 July).

"Yachts and boats is a sector of the Polish domestic economy, which is recognized as a model of quality and innovation globally. Yachts from our shipyards are regularly awarded in prestigious industry competitions" - says Wojciech Nowicki, expert on yacht industry in PAIH.

Every year there are about 22 thousand yachts manufactured in Poland, which makes us the European production leader. "We are ahead of the countries strongly associated with the industry, such as Norway, the Netherlands or France" - says Nowicki. He adds that about 95 percent of production is exported, which means that yachts manufactured in Poland enjoy unchanged - growing since 2009 - high international recognition. "More and more shipyards with Polish capital are also being built, which without complexes fight for foreign customers at the world's most important trade fairs - and they do it successfully" - says the expert.

Investors from the USA and China are particularly interested in this sector. That is why PAIH organized for them a study tour for this year's edition of the Wind and Water Fair in Gdynia (18-20 July). The participants of the mission took part in events during which they got to know the potential of the Polish yacht industry.

The USA is an important export market, so it is worthwhile to strengthen the positive image of yachts and boats from Poland. China, on the other hand, has not yet been discovered enough in terms of the yacht sector - the first one who roots in the local market as a producer of high quality yachts will gain a lot - notes Wojciech Nowicki.

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