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11 June 2019

Warsaw Humanitarian Expo 2019

Warsaw - Nadarzyn
The International Exhibition and Congress Center - PTAK WARSAW EXPO has the pleasure of inviting you to participate in an extraordinary event "WARSAW HUMANITARIAN EXPO" which will take place on June 11-13, 2019. This event received the Honorary Patronage of the

President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda and is co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The exhibition consists of three pillars:

  • the International Exhibition of Humanitarian Aid and Development Assistance,
  • Responsible Business in Humanitarian Emergencies Conference,
  • Warsaw Procurement Forum.

This is a unique and trailblazing initiative in Central and Eastern Europe.

There are many issues related to humanitarian aid. Firstly, humanitarian aid is an important part of a countries’ and international organizations’ global policy. Some of these issues include; diminishing the effects of military conflicts, natural disasters and reducing their destructive impact on the suffering group of people whom have been first handedly impacted. The main goal of humanitarian aid is to deliver aid in the most effective and timely way possible to affect areas. Therefore, reducing loss amongst the population to as little as possible.

To achieve our goal, we plan to engage companies who produce food, medical supplies, rescue equipment, and transportation means to help with an aid. We plan to reach out to companies in the UN and the European Union. EXPO is organized to serve this purpose. The EXPO is designed to enable these types of companies to establish direct contacts with representatives of UN agencies. UN agencies which we are targeting include: Humanitarian Aid Coordination Office, High Commissioner for Refugees, World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, as well as the UN Procurement Department.

We will also host representatives of the Red Cross International Committee, Polish and international nongovernmental organizations, e.g. CARE International; Save the Children; Médecins sans Frontières International, PAH (Polish Humanitarian Action), PCK (Polish Red Cross), Caritas etc., as well as high-rank representatives of public administration. This fair gives all the participants a unique opportunity to join the demanding sector of humanitarian aid and development assistance. Due to the rapid climate change resulting in natural disasters, military conflicts and migration, the need for assistance activities is systematically and rapidly growing. Ecological development of areas, countries and continents affected by various disasters are vital issues for the most developed countries around the world.

WHE is an opportunity especially for the manufacturing and other sectors to commence multilateral cooperation. It will be a chance to begin working together in the field of humanitarian aid - a very important part of business ethics.

WARSAW HUMANITARIAN EXPO has been divided into 6 thematic zones:

  1. Logistics and Communication - the latest communication technologies as well as logistics services and means of transport
  2. Medical - products from the area of medical evacuation, disease prevention, decontamination and medical prophylaxis
  3. Refugees - tents, shelters, residential containers, water purification and purification systems, reconstruction services for buildings and technical infrastructure
  4. Security - individual and collective security systems, systems for detecting and eliminating unexploded ordnance
  5. Food - food production, seeds, fertilization systems and crop cultivation
  6. Agencies - dedicated to aid organizations and government agencies as well as universities

The conferences and seminars will enable B2B and B2G meetings of producers and procurers to take place at the same time.

We cordially invite you to participate in the fair and present your product offer. We believe that the opportunity to present this offer dedicated to the humanitarian aid sector will provide you with various business and ethical benefits.

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