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1 June 2019

Report "Photovoltaic Market in Poland 2019"

The Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) announces the preparation of the 7th edition of the report "Photovoltaic Market in Poland '2019". The report is created on the basis of IEO own analyzes, external data, e.g. the Energy Regulatory Office and the Ministry of Investment and Development, as well as on the basis of a direct research into the photovoltaic market based on data provided by producers and contractors for PV installations. The honorary patronage over the report was taken by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, the National Center for Research and Development and the Polish Bank Association.

Promising trends

Until now, the prosumer segment has been the main segment of the development of photovoltaics in Poland, but since the first RES auction for solar installations in December 2016 and subsequent ones in 2017 and 2018, the image of the PV industry has changed. Since 2017, the growth rate of power in solar farms has significantly increased, which has become much higher than in the already solidified prosumer segment. The result will be the dominance of solar farms implemented in the auction system from 2019 (until June 2019, projects from the second auction should be implemented). However, it can not ignore the fact that prosumer installations are very important segment of the RES market, which until now has been developed mainly thanks to the Regional Operational Programs (RPO). In the previous report "Photovoltaic Market in Poland '2018" IEO estimated that 189 MW of new installations will be created under the ROP. Apart from traditional prosumers of energy, business prosumers, so-called commercial. Considering the high prices of electricity and the forecasted continuous increase in energy prices, in particular for the consumer sector on the most expensive C tariff, this is a very prospective investment market.

IEO estimates that as a result of three conducted auctions, in which 990 projects won jointly, up to the second quarter of 2020 installations with a total capacity of nearly 0.9 GW should be created. There are also more and more prosumer installations that are approaching the 300 MW installed capacity.

All development segments of the photovoltaic industry in one report

Taking into account the needs and market changes, the scope of this year's edition of the report will focus mainly on the farms of photovoltaic (basically auction market RES) and the individual prosumers and business (commercial) prosumers, but also will include the inherent technology market (equipment manufacturers), services (installation contractors, installation companies and EPC) and financing (banks, funds).


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