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21 May 2019

Impact '19

Innovative technologies are constantly changing the world around us. AI-based solutions can be found in practically every industry. E-commerce and online payments are redefining the financial industry. he reduction of CO2 emissions, carsharing and smart-city services provided via 5G networks - all of these things stand to improve quality of life among residents in big cities. What’s next for the digital economy?

Impact 2019

Impact’19, which is coming up on the 21st and 22nd of May at the ICE Congress Centre in Krakow, will be a chance to meet international experts on topics related to the development of the digital economy. Startup community leaders, academics, entrepreneurs and public administrators will get together and discuss what the future holds for the digital economy in Poland and around the world.

2 days featuring over 250 speakers on 4 stages as well as a wealth of side activities. This year’s edition will host 6 thousand attendees - each of whom will have an opportunity to experience content divided into one of 8 thematic tracks:

  • fintech & e-commerce: the future of the financial industry, new business models based on omnichannel sales, next-generation POS, Internet of Things (IoT) and more.
  • applied AI: artificial intelligence has the power and potential to solve problems currently facing a wide range of industries. What are the best way to use and implement AI? How can it help establish a long-term competitive advantage? This is where you’ll find the answers to these and many more questions.
  • mobility rEVolution: revolutionary transportation technologies, electric powertrains, new business models, changing trends and the need for alternative power sources. The mobility rEVolution thematic track is the place to learn about the opportunities and challenges caused by intelligent mobility from both a business and consumer point of view.
  • digital state: the digitalization of various public services is a chance to increase the engagement and productivity of citizens as well as drive entrepreneurial thinking.
  • next health: how will biopharmaceuticals and the digital revolution impact the future of healthcare? The next health thematic track includes a discussions on gene therapy, the use of robotics in medicine and the influence of biotech innovations on agriculture.
  • space oddesey: discussion on space industry will include different perspectives: young innovators, investors, national and international Space Agencies and their role in the future of space exploration. We will also discuss power of Space tech: How artificial intelligence could create value for space?
  • science to business: cooperation between research institutes and the business community is one of the key driving forces of the economy. The "science to business" thematic track will be where we talk about the role that the world of science has to play in the innovation ecosystem.
  • digital industry: the fourth Industrial Revolution is about new opportunities for economic growth. It’s powered by i.e. IoT, the ability to store data in the cloud and artificial intelligence. This track is where innovation leaders around the world share their insight about the implementation of digital technologies in the world of industry.


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