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22 February 2019

Modular bathrooms from the Polish company stormed Denmark

The order of the Danish partner for the delivery of 300 equipped modular bathrooms for residential construction, signed by Ready Bathroom, amounts to approximately 10 million DKK (6 million PLN). The acquired Ready Bathroom client, a company based in Bolesławiec, is one of the largest development companies in Denmark. Last year's Scandinavian Construction Network conference, in which PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Copenhagen invited the company to take part, eventually resulted in a contract.

The Kingdom of Denmark is not only an open market for innovation, where Polish products are well recognized, but also is called the Gateway to Scandinavia. Ready Bathroom, manufacturer of modular bathrooms (prefabrication) has been active on the Danish market since 2015. Thanks to the cooperation undertaken with the PAIH office in Copenhagen, commanded since May 2018 by Łukasz Szymaszek, the company is kept up to date on important events, conferences and trade fairs. Active participation at the local events supported by a substantive consulting of the PAIH sales office, including procedural requirements in Denmark, has become the key factor in gaining the right business contacts.

Denmark is a European leader in the use of prefabricated construction for the implementation of housing, hotels, student and senior housing projects for many decades. In end of 2017, Ready Bathroom purchased 90% of shares in a Danish company that has employees with several decades of experience in the industry. Thanks to the subsidiary, the Polish manufacturer has become an important supplier of modular bathrooms for the Danish market (sales of around 5,000 units a year).

                                              Ready Bathroom CEO

                                                                                       Ready Bathroom Board - Łukasz Załucki, Ján Grivalský

The company has many development plans. - From January 2019, we opened a representative office for the Benelux countries. In the second quarter of this year we will produce the first modular homes. This comprehensive solution will be promoted on the Polish market and - through our representative offices - in Denmark, Benelux and England. Additionally, for the needs of new sales markets, we plan to launch in the years 2021-2022 more plants in Lower Silesia (Lwówek and Bolesławiec districts). We have already signed an agreement with Special Economic Zone to support our new investments - says Łukasz Załucki, CEO of Ready Bathroom. The company has a production plant in Legnica with an area of 9,000 m2, employing, both in the production of the modular bathrooms and the in construction services, a total of 300 people.

- I believe that the report on the Danish construction market developed by ZBH in Copenhagen was a significant help in recognizing the market potential for the company. On my invitation, the company also took part in PAIH EXPO and shared its experience on the Danish market. On 30-31 October this year we plan to take part in a conference and fairs Building Green  in Copenhagen. I truly congratulate the Ready Bathroom and, of course, we declare our readiness for further, fruitful cooperation - comments Łukasz Szymaszek, head of the PAIH office in Denmark.

Foreign Trade Office PAIH in Copenhagen has been officially operating since May 2018. So far, it has served over 300 inquiries of Polish companies from such sectors as: health care (hospital infrastructure, telemedicine, senior care), agri-food industry (in particular organic food) and construction.

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