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20 February 2019

Polish linen products to be available in Japan

Poland's linen clothing producer Lino has just shipped its first order to Japan. The company's expansion was possible thanks to the Tokyo-based PAIH trade office.

Lino is a Polish producer of linen clothing and textiles. According to its owner, Daria Wysocka-Zajul, only the Poles have been recipients of Lino's products so far. "We have a large group of regular customers who appreciate the high quality of workmanship and the ability to perform individual orders. However, we decided that it was time to present our offer to new clients, including foreign ones" - explains Daria Wysocka-Zajul. She admits that she contacted several PAIH trade offices, including the one in Tokyo. 

The owner Lino explains that the Japanese like flax very much. Furthermore, recycling is a great importance of both Lino's and the Japanese. This is due to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi lifestyle. "Therefore, after contacting ZBH Tokio we suggested sending some of our bestsellers" - says Daria Wysocka-Zajul. As a result, one of the Japanese companies, which PAIH experts contacted become interested in cooperation with the Polish producer. As she says, she liked her baskets for bread, sheets with an eraser, kitchen gloves, warmers for kettles, or kimono-type blouses. "The first small order is on its way to Japan. The market has a difficult but promising opinion. That is why we are looking forward to seeing the photo of our product on the site of one of the boutiques there" - says Daria Wysocka-Zajul. The Lino's owner also reveals that thanks to the employees of foreign offices, PAIH received a list of potential distributors, for example in South Korea and France. "We hope that these contacts will also prove fruitful" - he adds.

Eliza Klonowska-Siwak, head of the PAIH trade office in Tokyo, points out that according to the Central Statistical Office data, nearly 20% of Polish clothing and textiles exports to Asia is sent to Japan. In her opinion, high-quality linen, which in summer in a moist and hot Japanese climate works perfectly, is a great export product. "Flax, which has the natural properties of a breathable fabric, can also be an excellent replacement for the plastic from which, for example, decaying plastic disposable bags are produced for several years. It is also an excellent material for all kinds of food covers, such as bread, etc. in an increasingly focused on eco-themes and recycling of Japan" - explains Eliza Klonowska-Siwak. As she emphasizes, Japan has been a loyal recipient of Polish goose down for 40 years, used for the production of luxury quilts and winter and sports clothing. - The Polish 4F brand is also successful in this market, which has even its own store in Yokohama for a year - Eliza Klonowska-Siwak says.

Foreign Trade Office PAIH in Tokyo operates from March 1, 2018. So far, it has served over 500 inquiries of Polish companies from such sectors as: agri-food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical, IT / ICT, computer games, home furnishings, furniture, construction, and even energy.

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