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4 January 2019

The Polish Business Club in Senegal has been launched

Foreign Trade Office in Dakar, headed by Leszek Biały, established an elite Club of Polish Business in Senegal. The aim of the Club will be to support both countries in the development of their mutual economic and trade relations.

The club is intended for Senegalese companies interested in trade and economic cooperation with Poland. The created group, through communication platforms such as: WhatsApp and mailing lists will be kept informed about the offers of Polish companies looking for business partners in Senegal. The entire structure is aimed at accelerating and facilitating Polish companies to find the right partner for cooperation.

The club will regularly publish short commercial information from Polish companies that will contact the PAIH office in Dakar to offer their products or services on the Senegalese market. This will allow quick access to interesting commercial offers prepared directly by Polish producers. Senegalese companies, for which offers will be interesting, will be asked to contact directly - then their full email address and contact details will be sent to their e-mail address. In addition, all participants who have provided their e-mail address will receive a monthly newsletter informing in a wider scope about PAIH office activities in Dakar.

See the first issue of the newsletter

Information exchange management will be moderated by the Club Coordinator, Alpha Djedju. The Polish Business Club in Senegal is the first step to create an Advisory Group of PAIH in Senegal.

Contact our team in Dakar:

Leszek Biały - Head of the office

+221 776 260 734

Karolina Pisarek - Expert de Bureau Dakar

+221 784 396 146

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza St. 50

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