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16 November 2018

Proudly made in Poland!

Teamed up with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, The Union of Brewing Industry Employers - Polish Breweries presents the logo promoting Polish beer brands - “Proudly made in Poland”. The logo will mark beer exported and marketed by breweries overseas. To-date, Polish beer is sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. The logo has been designed to highlight the premium quality of beer made in our country.

“Proudly made in Poland” is a joint initiative of the Union of Brewing Industry Employers and its member breweries as well as the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. It’s main objective is to promote all-Polish beer brands and build the image of Poland as the country of origin of premium quality food products as well as a reliable and valuable business partner.

First breweries

The logo “Proudly made in Poland” communicates to consumers worldwide that beer it promotes has been made in Poland. Brewing traditions in Poland date back to the beginnings of our statehood, and in recent years, Poland has grown to become the third largest beer producer in Europe. “We have reason to be proud. Beer from Polish breweries is a product demonstrating the highest quality, made from fine Polish ingredients, drawing on the knowledge and experience of many generations of our brewers.” stresses Bartłomiej Morzycki, General Director of ZPPP Browary Polskie. The launch of the "Proudly made in Poland" project is a practical implementation of the objective formulated in the Strategy for Responsible Development which implies "implementation of a system for promotion of Polish food to ensure an increase in the share of Polish food products in trade with foreign markets, by increasing brand recognition and their competitiveness".

Tomasz Pisula, the President of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency stresses, “The "Proudly made in Poland" project of the brewing industry is the first initiative of this kind. I am convinced that it will provide an incentive for foreign expansion of other industries and food categories. We have excellent products demonstrating world-class quality and we should be proudly promoting them beyond our borders.”

The impact of beer exports is up

Ever since Poland’s accession to the European Union, our export (denominated in PLN) has grown by 344.3 per cent, after inflation adjustment. With high saturation of the Polish market, export becomes more important for beer producers than ever. In 2017, Poland exported more than 3.3 million hl of beer, what accounts for the annual volume of beer production in Croatia. Our main export destination are EU countries. For years, beer from Poland has been enjoyed by consumers from the US and Canada. Last year, Polish beer made inroads into new markets in Asia, Latin and Central America. Today, consumers from more than 80 countries may relish the flavour of Polish beer.

The “Proudly made in Poland” logo will be placed on beer brands from the leading domestic producers associated in ZPPP - Polish Breweries: Kompania Piwowarska, Carlsberg Polska and Żywiec Group. First batches of products sporting the “Proudly made in Poland” logo are already available on selected markets, including the UK.


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