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18 June 2018

PAIH launches the office in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv-based PAIH Trade Office has been launched to service clients on 18th of June.
• Trade turnover between Poland and Israel went up 10% r/r
• 36.7% of Polish exports to Israel is generated by the food sector
• Israeli companies are interested in outsourcing business processes and food production to Poland
Located in the Israeli business hub, the Agency’s branch is specialising in supporting Polish exporters, hunting for new investors in Israel and looking for business opportunities to match partners from both counties.
Izrael_rotator2From the left: Wojciech Fedko - PAIH executive VP; Bartłomiej Pawlak of Polish Development Found;
Polish Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology - Jadwiga Emilewicz, Israeli Deputy Minister of Finance - Rabbi Yitzhak Cohen
and head of PAIH Office in Israel - Zofia Nojszewska.
Office in Tel Aviv is a part of a global network of trade offices run by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) and implemented in 2017 within the Strategy of Responsible Development established by Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki. The network is being constantly developed. By now, there are over 40 offices worldwide, but by the end of 2018 the system will expanded to 70 foreign branches of PAIH.
“We are searching for any business opportunities for Polish companies and assisting them on every stage of projects they carry out in Israel,” Zofia Nojszewska, the head of the office, explains. “Companies are also offered support in issues regarding registration, acquisition of licences and certification of their products in Israel. We match Polish business with potential partners, importers and distributors in the Israeli market. Our goal is also to arrange B2B sessions and study visits for companies from both countries”, Nojszewska adds.
“It is high time the trade office in Tel Aviv was opened by the Polish government. The interest of Israeli market among Polish companies has been increasing since a while. So is among Israeli business. Therefore, we couldn’t wait any longer”,  Wojciech Fedko, Executive Vice President of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency who is responsible for the development of the trade offices network, says. As Fedko argues, Israel is said to have the biggest trade turnover with Poland among all Middle East countries. Last year, it went up by over 10%. “The Polish government would like to seize this opportunity in Israel”, says Mr. Fedko.
“The information about our plans had spread so fast that we had to start servicing two way traffic before we officially opened the trade office”, Fedko explains. “Within last few months PAIH branch in Tel Aviv has replied to over 300 inquiries of companies, including 50 sent by Israeli business”, Zofia Nojszewska says. In case of Polish business, the biggest traffic is generated by the food sector, that is responsible for 36% of Polish exports to Israel.  “The vast number of inquiries come also from Polish cosmetics producers”, she adds. As she explains, the industry is interested in the revision of the Israeli cosmetic law, that is supposed to came into force very soon.
The opening of the PAIH Trade Office in Tel Aviv was arranged as a one of the highlights of the Polish business mission attended by 70 national companies, mostly high-tech ones, headed by Polish Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Mrs. Jadwiga Emilewicz. On 19th of June the Polish Israeli Forum was held.
“Many Israeli companies are willing to run outsourcing processes in cooperation with Polish firms. The Forum that was attended by 200 Israeli companies was a great opportunity for Polish entrepreneurs to present their offer and establish business contacts with future clients in Israel”, Nojszewska says.  We are now building a business platform. It is a kind of Polish – Israeli high tech eco-system, that will ease the cooperation between VC founds, start-ups and R&D institutions from both, Poland and Israel, explains Ms. Nojszewska.

She also says that her office is working on several Israeli investment projects that are to be settled in Poland. One of them is a M&A deal. “I’m also servicing many queries of food produces from Israel that are interested in transferring the production to Poland. Israeli companies know that our country is one of the biggest producers
of premium quality food in the European Union”, she reports.
From now one the cooperation between both business parties will be much easier also due to signing the cooperation agreement between Polish Trade and Investment Agency and the Federation of Israeli Chamberof Commerce. Under the agreement both parties will establish economic cooperation, exchange information on market research, trade fairs and exhibitions, and trade missions as well as run projects leading to the promotion and the encouragement of trade between Poland and Israel. (PAIH)


Signing the cooperation agreement
between Polish Trade and Investment Agency and the Federation of Israeli Chamberof Commerce


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