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16 April 2018

How to achieve success in economic contacts with Ukraine - summary of the seminar

In recent years, the Ukrainian government has carried out numerous tax reforms, took action on the fight against corruption and introduced an electronic judiciary. Everything to attract as many foreign investments as possible. Kiev especially counts on investors in the field of modernization of railways, ports, maritime infrastructure and airports. The fact that Ukraine is an attractive destination for investors from Poland persuaded the speakers during a seminar organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

- Before starting the expansion into the Ukrainian market, it is necessary to familiarize with the agreements concluded between Poland and Ukraine. The ones regarding double taxation and labor law are particularly important - argued Tatyana Koryakina. Extremely important factors shaping Polish-Ukrainian relations are cultural aspects that allow a better understanding of the business partner.

Also, companies should remember about the verification of a business partner in local company registers. Only a reliable partner is an opportunity for success in Ukraine - the speakers said. There are already a thousand Polish companies operating in Ukraine. In recent years, many legal changes have been introduced, which made it possible to adapt to EU regulations, changing the way companies are registered or abolishing the requirement to have a work permit for representation.

Karol Kubica, head of the Foreign Trade Office of PAIH in Kiev, said that the most important sectors for foreign investments in Ukraine are: agriculture, medicine and pharmacy, infrastructure, IT sector, machine building and weapon production, as well as light industry. - A special small and medium business expresses its willingness to cooperate, and also looks for the possibility of selling its products in Ukraine. ZBH in Kiev is fully prepared for service and assistance in this expansion, for which we cordially invite - he concluded.

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