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11 April 2018

AHK business case survey: Poland is still attractive, but the employees are wanted.

In view of foreign companies surveyed under the 13th Business Journal of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AHK, Poland is a good place to invest - 1/3 of surveyed entrepreneurs (33.8%) assessed the outlook for the Polish economy in 2018 as better than last year. As many as 96.5% of respondents positively assess the business situation of their own enterprises, and 90% of them declare that if they were to make an investment decision once again, they would choose Poland again. At the same time, the labor market becomes a challenge.

Among the 21 factors of investment attractiveness used in the study, as in the previous years, membership in the European Union and qualifications of the employees are the factors best assesed by foreign companies operating in Poland. On the third place was the assessment of the quality of academic education, on the fourth - the productivity and motivation of employees. As the representatives of foreign capital in Poland convince, this last feature is considered as "deficit goods" in Western European countries, which puts high recommendations for employees in our country. The investors include in the investment advantages  also the quality and availability of sub-suppliers and the quality of infrastructure. In the middle of the rate there are conditions for research and development, access to public and EU subsidies.

It is clearly visible that factors related to the labor market are the most important component of Poland's assessment for investors. In the ranking of factors proving investment attractiveness, the position of the dual education system and the flexibility of labor law increased the most in relation to the previous year (by 6 positions and by 4 positions respectively). As emphasized by the representation of employers from foreign companies operating in Poland, the assessment and the expectations of companies towards the labor market are growing.

This trend can be seen in declarations regarding the creation of new jobs. Companies with foreign capital show willingness to hire new employees (45.4% say they will recruit new staff, and 48.8% want to keep employment at a similar level). At the same time you can hear the opinions that the availability of qualified employees is clearly decreasing (a decrease by five "eyelets" in the ranking of attractiveness factors).

Swiss companies report shortages in access to, for example , IT experts specialized in modeling and strategy. Counting on the flexibility of the employment market, the business invests itself in educating future staff. For example, German Simens launched a certification system for technical schools, courses and teachers in Poland.

As every year, AHK also conducted a ranking of investment attractiveness of Central and Eastern European countries. In 13th edition of Business Survey Poland defended the second place on the podium, just after Czech Republic. It is worth noting that declining differences in the assessment of countries from the top of the ranking, which at the same time shows the high position of Poland and the strong rivalry of the region's leaders.

The 13th edition of the Economic Questionnaire of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry was carried out in cooperation with thirteen bilateral chambers in Poland, associated in the International Group of Chambers of Commerce. The survey was attended by 300 foreign companies operating in Poland and a total of about 1,700 in Europe.

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