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23 February 2018

Go China: intensive February - summary

February abounded in events devoted to the activities of Polish companies in China. The Go China team has prepared a series of export-investment seminars, whose speakers explained the nuances of doing business in the Far East country. Events enjoyed great interest of entrepreneurs, which gives prospects for intensification of the presence of domestic business on the local market.
China - the market of over one billion consumers has changed over recent years, experts emphasized. The demanding Chinese customers are willing to choose products of the highest quality, adapted to local flavors, but more often -  originating from Europe, including Poland. That is why the key to the success of sales in the local market is care for the appearance and packaging of products.

Speakers, including the head of the Shanghai-based PAIH trade office, Andrzej Juchniewicz, PhD,  were also sensitive to the issue of intellectual property protection in China. The biurocratic procedures may seem to be tedious and complicated, but in the perspective of the undesirable effects not taking care of them – brand stealing and the market exit. Registering the name of the company and product in Chinese is crucial. As the experts pointed out, it can be done by translating the pronunciation or the meaning - or by combining these methods.

In the seminar experts’ opinion, before entering China, one should contact specialized agencies – such as the PAIH trade office in Shanghai, come and make there your first business contacts. It is called 'guansi', according to the experts invited by the Agency, contacts are the foundation for building the business position in China. The most important is to check the credibility of the potential contractor, before the start of partnership, even if it looks incontestable.


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