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19 February 2018

Indian high-tech sector interested in Polish biotechnology sector

India’s city of Bangalore has hosted the country’s major pharma and biotechnology trade fair – India Pharma 2018. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency had arranged a national stand dedicated to promoting Polish producers. The fair showed a great interest of Indian high-tech companies in the Polish pharmaceutical industry.
Polish pharma sector is the largest in the Central Europe and sixth in the European Union. In 2016, Polish drugs production was worth PLN 30bn, whereas the exports was valued at approx. PLN 11bn. (an increase of PLN 5bn within six years). Over a half of the volume is sold to the so called old UE.

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing sectors in Poland. In the coming years further dynamic growth of the domestic biotechnological market is expected, largely thanks to innovative research projects carried out by the Polish biotech companies and academic institutions, as well as by the inflow of foreign investment into biotech sector. Key reasons why Poland attracts investors is availability of highly qualified professionals and competitive labour costs - Poland records 4.000 biotechnology graduates on yearly basis – Wojciech Chatys, Project Manager with the PAIH Economic Promotion Department, argued during a press conference organised at the fair. He added that the Agency have completed six pharma-related investment projects so far, valued at EUR 132.7m. Furthermore, according to FDI Markets, as many as 60 projects have been carried out.

Polish drugs sold to India are worth only EUR 0.4m, hence, there’s a lot to gain – Chatys stressed. – We have been noticing a huge interest of India-based innovative companies in cooperating with the Polish firms representing pharma and biotechnology sector. We are convinced that Polish companies will make the best of this opportunity – professor Tadeusz Pietrucha, a member of the Polish National Development Council said.

PAIH had arranged the stand at India Pharma 2018 in line with the project of promoting Polish nine perspective sectors called “Brand”. The project is co-funded by the EU.


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