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14 January 2018

„Indestructible” at Polish Heritage Night in Washington DC

Colonel Truman Smith once said that General Władysław Anders “embodies the indestructible spirit of the Polish nation”. General was a stout-hearted soldier, a charismatic commander, a distinguished statesman. “Indestructible” is a short movie that honours all ‘indestructible’ heroes who fought and still are fighting for the sake of their Homeland – Poland. Washington-based Polish Investment and Trade Agency’s trade office brought to life the idea of making the clip.

The story of Andres is told by Colonel Romuald Lipiński, who fought by Andres’s side in the Battle of Monte Cassino. The general’s daughter, Senator Anna Maria Anders also features in the 2-minutes long video. - We are honoured that the Agency could make the tribute to the heroic Polish soldiers of all times. Polish people are brave and stout-hearted, and, as a nation, we should be proud of these traits. I hope that the movie will be have a great audience, both abroad and in Poland - head of PAIH, Tomasz Pisula, says.

The movie was shot for Polish Heritage Night 2018 (January, 13) organised annually by NBA player, Marcin Gortat. “Indestructible” was screened at the event, which gathered thousands of Poles living in the US. Colonel Lipiński and Senator Anders also attended the Night.

"Indestructible" was produced under the patronage of: Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland Anna Maria Anders Senator, Secretary of State, Plenipotentiary for International Dialogue Adam Bielan Senator, Deputy Speaker of the Senate of Poland Tomasz Pisula CEO, Polish Investment & Trade Agency, PFR Group.

Marcin Gortat during the screening of #indestructible. (Source:



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