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9 January 2018

Poland offers a stable environment for foreign investors - a research by PAIH, HSBC and Grant Thornton

Poland is a good place to invest: 92% of foreign investors, respondents of the 11th "Investment climate in Poland" survey, are satisfied with the decision to invest in Poland and would make this step again. The results show that their current assessment of conditions for investment in Poland has, basically, remained at a record, last year's level (3.7 points out of 5). The research was compiled by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) with the support of HSBC and Grant Thornton.

- It is crucial to run after ambitious projects, because they stimulate the growth of added value of the Polish economy. On yearly basis, advanced BSS FDIs and investments including R&D component have becoming increasingly relevant - Tomasz Pisula, head of PAIH argues. He adds that PAIH Foreign Trade Offices are “the eyes and ears” of the Agency’s regarding attracting the finest projects.

Attractive investment climate appeals to foreign companies that develop technological advancements and create jobs for high qualified staff in Poland. Majority of the investors (92%) who took part in the research, say they would do business in Poland again, if they were to make the investing decision once more. In addition, they state they would like to develop their Poland-based companies in 2018: 70% of them expect a growth in revenues, 56% consider hiring more people, and 48% of the respondents plan to increase their CAPEX. The investors’ satisfaction is confirmed by this year’s rate which stands at 3.7 points (out of 5) and is one of the highest in the survey’s history. What is worth noting is that the score is nearly equal to the last year’s peak totalling 3.72 points.

From left: Krzysztof Senger (PAIH), Przemysław Polaczek (Grant Thornton), Michał Owczarek ( HSBC) and Scott Solsberg (HSBC)

Stable macroeconomic environment alongside strong domestic demand (rated at 3.94 pts out of 5) and  favourable business environment (access to components was rated 3.89 points and cooperation with local government: 3.79 pts) is what, in particular, makes Poland attractive for foreign investors, the research read. As much as 64% respondents reckon that Poland offers good and very good environment for investing, and 30% argue it is average. More importantly, only 4% of surveyed firms expressed critical opinion about it. Economic stability was ranked the highest (4.01 pts) among 26 indicators which define the investment climate of Poland. The country has been developing steadily for years and remains to perform excellent. According to Eurostat, in Q3 2017, Poland’s economy grew by 5%, whereas the EU’s and the eurozone’s - by 2.5%.

Positive assessment of Poland’s investment climate means a good news for Polish companies - the foreign investors’ contractors. International business notices the improvement in the quality of services and the work effectiveness - Krzysztof Senger, vice-president of PAIH stresses.

Economic stability is the highest rated test parameter according to respondents of PAIH, Grant Thornton and HSBC research - Investment climate of Poland

Work effectiveness, organisational culture and loyalty made into the top highest ranked indicators and each of them scored 3.77 pts. Furthermore, the respondents appreciate the quality of Poland’s infrastructure (3.74 pts) which, in their opinion, has been improving quite fast.

The report was compiled based on a survey conducted among 76 foreign investors.


"Investment climate of Poland 2017" survey report


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