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21 December 2017

The best investment websites of Polish local authorities

Bobolice, Miłomłyn and Zamość are the municipalities awarded by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency for providing the most investor-friendly websites. The award also went to Opolskie province as the best region in communicating to investors via webpage. 
The survey of International Economic Development Council shows that 67% of business key players recognise websites as a source of a basic information in the process of business decision making. In case of investor relations, internet content should be considered as source of data regarding the advantages of doing business in a selected location. Moreover, sometimes a webpage is even the first contact of the foreign company with Poland and its regions.
Due to the crucial importance of the internet - especially in the initial phase of the investment project - the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) monitors the quality of the content of websites provided by local administration that are dedicated to investors interested in establishing the investment project in a chosen regions.

Basing on the questions that are frequently asked by foreign companies willing to do business in Poland, PAIH has defined several types of information required by investors that should be included in business websites run by local authorities. Those are: the exact location of an investment site, land specification, existing infrastructure, transport links, access to local business environment and technology parks as well as the most developed business specialities of the region.
To help local administration in running the most investor-friendly webpages, PAIH has created the standard of a website. Local authorities that decide to implement the PAIH standard are then assessed by the Agency. After conforming to a PAIH standard (at least 85% of compliance with the standard) the local municipality can obtain the PAIH website certificate. 
The most important advantage of gaining the certificate is a permission for the local authorities to put theirs offer to Generator Ofert Inwestycyjnych -  the newly established base of investment sites in Poland run by PAIH. Currently, Generator is tested in Warmia and Mazury and will be implemented allover Poland this year.

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