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14 December 2017

Regional investment attractiveness

Masovian remains the most attractive Polish province in term of investment, such regions as Lower Silesia, Silesia, Lesser Poland and Pomerania were also recognized by Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) as very appealing to foreign investors. – The research’s results are in line with our business operations - this year, we have presented potential investors largest number of investment offers based in Lesser Poland, Lower Silesia and Greater Poland, whereas Masovian noted the highest growth in the number of offers - 180% (y/y) followed by Silesia - 110% (y/y) – PAIH vice-president Krzysztof Senger points out.

The “Regional investment attractiveness” report was ordered by PAIH and developed by SGH. It describes the 16 Polish regions regarding their readiness to host investors and shows the internal differentiation of every region of the country. According to the paper attractiveness of a province is closely related to the degree of its economic development, hence the authors distinguished the following regions: Masovian Lower Silesia and Silesia, Lesser Poland and Pomerania – Masovian province has been recording the highest attractiveness indicators for all kinds of industry and service investment for six years – professor Hanna Godlewska-Majkowsa, the chief of the research team, stresses.

The report reads that all provinces have so called engines of economic development – such as big cities or former province capitals. Industry facilities and tourism centres are also attractive, according to the paper. Furthermore, the researchers reckon that sub-special economic zones are essential for building investment attractiveness on the local level, especially when the business landscape includes industrial and technology parks. In line with the report, the SEZ beneficial influence is visible in Lower Silesia province which is equipped with the best developed network of investments locations for both industry and business service sector. – The regional differentiation of investment attractiveness can be consider as a strength. We have recorded increasing number of clusters and hubs. Nevertheless, we have to keep in mind that improving the local attractiveness is crucial for finding potential investors – vice-president K. Senger argues.

Polish Investment and Trade Agency has observing the regional investment attractiveness for years. The report developed by SGH contains data collected from the PAIH local partners, consequently, the research is very reliable source of information about Poland’s investment potential.

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