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30 November 2017

A run of good luck for food sector in Hungary

Food sector from 安i皻okrzyskie met during the mission with the representatives of Hungarian retail chains. Economic mission of the 安i皻okrzyskie voivodship was executed within the project of the region’s promotion "安i皻okrzyskie - difficult to pronounce, easy to do in business". The PAIH trade office in Budapest intensively participated in the organization of meetings, using its experience and local contact database.

Recent successes of such Polish brands as AGI and Milko, which thanks to the participation in the autumn campaign "Polish Days" in the Hungarian commercial chains, have started the first orders processing directed to Hungary, confirm that consumers in Hungary are still curious about new flavors and business remains open to long-term cooperation. The Foreign Trade Office in Budapest helps Polish entrepreneurs in the foreign expansion. Hungary, due to the small distance from Poland, continues to be an attractive direction for international scaling of business operations, especially recommended to the companies in the SME sector, who are still afraid of non-EU markets’ entry, but want to reach a wider range of consumers.

12 food companies took part in the November meetings organized by PAIH. The delegation of businessmen from 安i皻okrzyskie region had the chance to speak in person with the Polish Ambassador to Hungary, Jerzy Snopek and take part in a B2B session with COOP and Auchan retail network purchasing managers as well as with the CBA Prima network provider (the visit took place at Nyerthus Kft headquarters). In the stores of the last of the mentioned commercial chains, first Polish food products promoted thanks to the PAIH activity in Hungary, will appear shortly.

-Participants of the mission expressed great satisfaction with the professionalism in the selection of partners for business talks and comprehensive servicing of the meetings by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency - said Grzegorz Orawiec, director of the Regional Policy Department of the Marshal's Office of the 安i皻okrzyskie Voivodship. - We already know directly from the companies that for some of them, meetings can bring tangible results - summarized ZBH's networking, the manager of the PAIH office in Budapest, Marcin Karaskiewicz.

Currently, the promotion of food products with the Polish label is continuated, this time in five Hungarian Real stores. Another promotion is planned for the pre-Christmas period in the five largest CBA Prima stores in Budapest.




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