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23 November 2017

Conference: Clusters in the Visegrad Group - Challenges of the Future

On behalf of Polish Clusters Employers' Association which represents nearly 40 Polish clusters and cluster initiatives consociating more than 2000 companies representing innovative industries from all over Poland, we invite you to work with us and participate at the Clusters in the Visegrad Group ¬Challenges of the Future conference which will take place on November 23rd-24th 2017, in Brenna near Bielsko Bia³a and Czechowice Dziedzice.
Meeting for clusters representatives from the Visegrad Group countries is the first meeting of cluster organizations of the Visegrád Group in terms of a project Clusters in the Visegrad Group - Challenges of the Future  executed by the Polish Clusters Employers' Association, and supported by the International Visegrád Fund with its headquarters in Bratislava. During the first conference, planned for November of this year, we intend to face the problems related to the functioning of clusters in the V4 region, by organizing a meeting which is going to create a space for exchanging experiences, solving problems, and creating a network of people engaged in the activity of clusters in the countries of the Visegrád Group (V4).

The meeting, which is going to take place in Poland, will constitute a chance to present partners from the Visegrád Group with the experiences of Polish cluster which are an effect of the cooperation between the representatives of Polish academics and support received from the public administration, local governments, but also central administration and institutions supporting business and academics.

A key subject of the discussions and presentations will be, among other things, the close cooperation between entities from the V4 region and innovativeness in clusters (research-development cooperation as well as an efficient technology transfer within the clusters), because in our opinion companies operating in clusters possess much broader capabilities to create innovations than their equivalents from outside cluster structures.

Information concerning the event and an Initial program for the 24th of November 2017 are available at:

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza St. 50

00-025 Warsaw

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